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Ju-ICED shortfill liquids are sure to add a pep to your step throughout the day. This brand is designed to complement fruit flavours with an icy cold exhale. The menthol element in each bottle brings together complex sweet sensations to create a layered vape experience. Complete with a 70VG/30PG composition, JU:ICED has become a fan-favourite vape juice brand cloud chasers everywhere. Its high VG ratio makes each e liquid perfect for high wattage devices, like sub ohm vape kits. If you are looking for a vape liquid that pairs the refreshing taste of menthol with immense vapour production, look no further than Ju-ICED.

What makes Ju-ICED e liquid products unique?

Ju-ICED comes with a menthol burst that is unlike that of any other brand on the market, and it does not compromise on cloud density. That is why it produces the best e liquids for sub ohm vapers. Despite only offering a small selection of products, each bottle is tailor-made to produce flavour sensations that are hard to ignore. Ju-ICED’s have even revamped the iconic Heisenberg e liquid flavour to suit cooler preferences with an emphasis on the signature ice cold exhale.

Who do we recommend Ju-ICED e liquid products for?

Ju-ICED vape liquid products appeal to people who want to customise their vape experience. Given that this range of flavours comes in shortfill bottles, there is a world of customisable options available to vapers who prefer sweet sensations.

Shortfill bottles contain an e liquid of your choice alongside additional space for your preferred nic shot. When you choose JU:ICED products, there will always be 10mls of room for your nic shot. With the variety of different nicotine strengths available for purchase from our online vape shop, you are sure to find your ideal vape hit.

Are Ju-ICED e liquid products high VG?

Ju-ICED vape liquid benefits from a high VG composition. Vegetable glycerin is one half of the mixture (the other half of which is propylene glycol) that creates different qualities in each e liquid. Complete with a 70VG/30PG composition, all the e liquids in the Ju-ICED range have a thick, viscous nature. They also promote the production of dense cloud vaper whilst maintaining a smooth throat hit. Since vegetable glycerin has a lower allergen risk than propylene glycol, high VG products are universally preferred.

Ju-ICED vape liquid at myCigara

Our online vape shop would be incomplete without Ju-ICED. Do not be fooled by the small selection of products available in this range. Each bottle is jam-packed full of flavour and, most importantly, a cool menthol breeze. Menthol vape juice products are ideal for people who want to experience a revitalising vape hit throughout the course of their day. What’s more, the sweet and summery fruit sensations inside JU-ICED products remind us of days spent on the beach.

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