Collection: SKE Crystal 4in1 Pods

Here you’ll find our full range of SKE Crystal 4in1 pods, compatible with the new SKE Crystal 4 in 1 pod kit— Choose from 16 great flavours!

SKE Crystal 4In1 Prefilled Pods

These SKE pods are designed to be paired with the all-new SKE Crystal 4 in 1 pod kit to provide an authentic mouth-to-lung experience that’s ideal for beginners and those trying to quit smoking. With 16 different blends to choose from and the ability to seamlessly swap between flavours, this SKE vape provides a customisable yet user-friendly experience. 

Key Features

SKE 4 in 1 Key Features

This SKE pod kit can accommodate up to four different pods at any one time, giving you the freedom to switch between blends effortlessly in an instant.

The SKE Crystal pods are tailor-made for those new to vaping, offering a user-friendly mouth-to-lung experience that's easy to grasp, ensuring a smooth transition into the world of vaping.

With the capacity to deliver up to 600 potent puffs per pod and 2400 puffs per box, these SKE prefilled pods ensure you enjoy lasting satisfaction with every use.

Featuring a balanced 50PG/50VG nic salt composition, these pods strike the perfect harmony between flavour and smooth throat hits, guaranteeing a satisfying vaping experience with every inhale.

Frequently Asked Questions - SKE 4in1 Pods FAQs

1. How Long Do SKE 4 in 1 Pods Last?

Each of these SKE pods is prefilled with 2ml of nic salt e-liquid which serves up to 600 puffs per vape pod. However, as your SKE 4 in 1 pod kit can hold 4 SKE Crystal pods at one time, you can enjoy up to 2400 puffs before having to swap pods.

2. Are SKE Pods Refillable?

No, these SKE Crystal 4 in 1 pods are not refillable. They arrive pre-filled with nic salts and when empty they cannot be refilled. Instead, you can dispose of the vape pod responsibly and replace it with another.

3. How Much Nicotine Is In SKE Crystal 4 in 1?

Each of these SKE Crystal pods is prefilled with a nic salt e-liquid formula that contains a 20mg nicotine concentration. This level is considered high strength, making this SKE Crystal vape ideal for those trying to quit smoking and fans of disposable vapes wanting to try a more sustainable alternative.

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