Puff Bar VS Geek Bar

by Theo Wilson
Beco Puff Bar and Geek Bar Disposables — Comparison Review

Beco Puff Bar and Geek Bar Disposables — Comparison Review

The Beco Bar Puff Bar is one of the most established, long-running disposable vape brands, whilst Geek Bar is arguably the current leading product in the disposable e-cig market. Both giants in their own right, these two devices fall on fairly opposite ends of the spectrum. As such, each tends to fit more within a certain user group. So how do you know which disposable is right for you?

This guide will give you a straightforward, yet full, side-by-side comparison of all key aspects of the Geek Bar and the Puff Bar; technical features and ergonomics, flavour and performance. Both of these disposable devices deliver a similar experience; using high-strength nic salts, you can expect smooth throat hits and crisp clear flavour with every puff, designed to dish out fast-acting, long-lasting nicotine satisfaction.

Despite this, we all have our own preferences and personal checklists when it comes to finding the right disposable e-cigarette. So read on, and we’ll do our best to help you decide which disposable vape is best for you.

  • 1.3ml capacity
  • 20mg strength
  • Approx. 300 puffs

Beco Bar vs Geek Bar Features Comparison

The Beco Bar and the Geek Bar both share the same inherent features common to all disposable vapes, with a strong commitment to convenience, portability and user-friendliness. Discreet and unobtrusive, they come ready to use; already filled and charged, requiring no setup, they’re designed for hassle-free vaping on the go.

You’ll notice that on a technical level, although both devices have an equal nicotine strength, the Geek Bar is otherwise slightly beefier than the Beco Puff Bar, having a larger e-liquid capacity and thus a higher puff count. Bear in mind that puff count is an estimate and will vary depending on your vaping style (i.e. longer, deeper drags results in a lower number of puffs), but it’s a fairly reliable indicator.

Although the higher puff range of the Geek Bar may signal a clear-cut “winner,” a lower puff range has its benefits. Newer users looking to quit smoking may prefer the Beco Bar; fewer puffs means you can cycle through flavours more quickly, allowing you to test the range until you find the flavour that works best for you.

Beyond the technical stats, of equal importance if not more so is how a device looks and feels when you hold it in your hand.

  • 2ml capacity
  • 20mg strength
  • Approx. 575 puffs
  • Rectangular shape
  • 97 x 15 x 6mm
  • Uniform shape, no taper
  • Seamless unibody build
  • Matte exterior

Disposable E-Cig Ergonomics

The most immediate distinction between the two is their size. The larger of the two, the Geek Bar is more than twice as thick as the Puff Bar in addition to being taller and wider by 8mm. Although the body of the Geek Bar is given in rectangular dimensions, it does in fact have slightly rounded edges, whereas the Beco Puff Bar has a fully squared shape.

Combined with its smaller dimensions, this gives the Puff Bar a sleeker, flatter feel. Unlike some other disposables, both of these devices feature a unibody build; that is, the mouthpiece and battery compartment are seamlessly connected into a single piece.

The difference is that the Geek Bar tapers down from its widest point toward a slimmer mouthpiece, where the Puff Bar maintains uniform dimensions throughout. The look and feel of the devices' respective bodies stand in stark contrast. More understated and discreet, the Puff Bar has a classic matte exterior, while the Geek Bar opts for a flashier glossy exterior.

In terms of look, size and feel, the Puff Bar is certainly the more understated vape pen, which is great if you value discretion and portability. On the other hand, if you’re after a disposable that’s a little more showy and bulky, the Geek Bar would be the better option. Of course, there’s an argument to be made that all the features and ergonomics of disposable vapes play second fiddle to a major facet: namely, flavour.

  • Rectangular shape
  • 105 x 23 x 14mm
  • Tapered mouthpiece
  • Seamless unibody build
  • Glossy exterior

Beco Bar vs Geek Bar flavour comparison

A disposable vape with an eye-catching design, reliable battery and solid puff count is all well and good, but it’s practically worthless if you don’t enjoy the flavour it produces. Luckily, both Geek Bar and Puff Bar have a good variety of flavours available that are sure to cater to most tastes —you’ll find an in-depth look at the top 5 flavours in the respective blogs for Geek Bar and Puff Bar.

Admittedly, the Puff Bar has a slightly smaller range, but can certainly be said to exemplify a “quality over quantity” approach. The Beco Bar range is noted for having particularly clear, well-defined flavours; mellow yet full-bodied, they’re crisp without ever becoming overly sweet or rich. Covering flavours such as cooling blends of mint and fruit, as well as classic tobacco and menthol, they’re ideal for anyone who prizes a smooth vape experience.

By contrast, Geek Bar is known for slightly sweeter, more vivid flavours. No doubt legions of sweet-toothed vapers have played a hand in making this the leading disposable vape. Vibrant and eclectic, Geek Bar also have many a fruity favourite in their range, but often as part of an overall candy or soda profile, providing vapes that are sure to curb cravings for both sweets and nicotine in one fell swoop.

Overall, for a sweeter, more intense flavour you’ll want to go with Geek Bar. If you prefer a more clean, defined flavour, opt for a Beco Puff Bar. Now that you have an idea of what flavours to expect, we can examine how these devices perform.

Disposable Vape Performance

As noted in the intro to this blog, both the Geek Bar and the Puff Bar deliver essentially the same experience. Each is filled with nic salts at a strength of 20mg, mixed to a 50VG:50PG composition ratio, so the e-liquid aspect needn’t really be a deciding factor.

We touched on the puff count earlier; one of the deciding factors in the puff count is battery strength. The Geek Bar uses a 500mAh battery, which —in combination with the 2ml of nic salts—gives you around 575 puffs.

By contrast, the battery of the Puff Bar is 280mAh paired with 1.3ml of nic salts, for around 300 puffs. As such, the Geek Bar is the longer lasting of the two disposables, but with a price tag to match, while the more affordable Beco Bar has a comparatively low output.

Given this, which device works best for you depends on

a) your budget, and
b) how heavily you vape.

 Having now looked at every angle, from technical specs and ergonomics, through to flavour and performance, it’s time to deliver the verdict.

Geek vs Puff Bar Which is Better?

As disposable vapes, both the Geek Bar and the Beco Bar deliver essentially the same experience; smooth and straightforward satisfaction in a portable package. However, technical differences set the two apart.

We would say that the key points of convergence are flavour and puff count, and how these two intersect; Geek Bar delivers a more intense flavour experience, and for more puffs, where the Puff Bar has a shorter lifespan and a more mellow flavour.

What this boils down to, in our professional estimation, is that each device will be better suited to two different groups. If you’re a regular vape user who already knows what flavours you like, and you want a longer-lasting backup device, you would be best served by the Geek Bar.

On the other hand, if you’re new to vaping, and are looking for a particularly discreet device to help you quit smoking, you’ll find lots to love about the Beco Bar. Its lower price point and puff count mean you don’t have to make as much of a commitment, and allows you to more frequently cycle through devices until you find a flavour that works for you.

Puff Bar and Geek Bar at myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We believe that offering our customers an alternative in the form of vape kits, such as a disposable e-cigarette from Geek Bar or Beco Bar,brings us closer to our goal.

Both healthier and more affordable than traditional tobacco products, a disposable vape is a great first step in your journey to quit smoking.

If you’re not yet sure if either of these devices sound right for you, why not take a look at our other comparison blogs, such as Geek Bar vs Elf Bar and Dinner Lady vs Nasty AirFix as well as our Geek Bar & Puff Bar Reviews. If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you or alternatively drop into your nearest myCigara branch for an informal chat with our friendly, expert staff.