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Check out our full range of Gold Bar vape products here, including Gold Bar disposable vapes and the all-new Gold Bar Reload Pod Kit!

Gold Bar Vape

Gold Bar are best known for their eye-catching range of disposable vapes, which feature a dazzling metallic gold exterior to provide a luxurious experience. Now, they've raised the bar even higher with the launch of their debut pod kit, the Gold Bar Reload.

This Gold Bar pod kit allows you to experience the same lavish design and feel of their iconic disposables, now in a reusable format thanks to prefilled pods. Here’s a quick rundown of the full range of Gold Bar products currently available: 


Gold Bar disposables are ready to use right out of the box and arrive pre-packed with 2ml of potent nic salts. Complete with a stunning gold exterior and compact pen-style shape, a Gold Bar disposable is perfect for beginner vape fans in search of an eye-catching MTL vape.

Pod Kits

Branching out from their disposable vape range, Gold Bar have recently released their first-ever pod kit. The Gold Bar Reload looks and feels just like a Gold Bar disposable, but it’s fully reusable and can be recharged for a longer-lasting Gold Bar experience.

Prefilled Pods

Gold Bar pods are fully compatible with the new Gold Bar Reload Pod Kit. Each Gold Bar pod arrives ready-filled with 2ml of nic salt e-liquid and they’re available in 10 delicious Gold Bar flavours.

Nic Salts

Gold Bar nic salts allow you to enjoy the full Gold Bar experience in your very own refillable vape kit. These nic salts are available in 19 different Gold Bar flavours and two nicotine strength options.

Frequently Asked Questions: Gold Bar FAQs

1. Who Makes Gold Bar Vapes?

Gold Bar vapes are manufactured by Vape Gold, a brand that has garnered attention for its luxurious range of eye-catching vape products. While the exact details about Vape Gold remain somewhat mysterious, there are rumors suggesting that the brand is based in the UAE.

2. What is a Gold Bar Vape?

A Gold Bar vape refers to a vape product created by Vape Gold. The flagship product in this range is the Gold Bar disposable vape, which is characterised by its dazzling metallic gold exterior. 

3. Are Gold Bar Vapes Legal?

Yes, Gold Bar vapes are legal in the UK as they are fully compliant with current TPD regulations and are subject to regulation.

4. Where To Buy Gold Bar

You can shop the full range of Gold Bar Vape products here at myCigara, including the brand new Gold Bar Reload Pod Kit and the full range of compatible Reload pods. 

Shopping online with us is a breeze- simply add your products to your cart and checkout in just a couple of clicks. Sit back, relax, and enjoy fully-tracked Royal Mail delivery or DPD next-day shipping right to your door. 

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