Introducing JUUL 2

by Jemma Wolfe
Reviewing the Juul2 Pod Vape Kit

Reviewing the Juul2 Pod Vape Kit

JUUL made their vaping debut back in 2015, bursting onto the scene with their flagship pod kit that changed the world of vaping as we know it. By pioneering the sleek, user-friendly, portable, and affordable style we see so often now, Juul quickly became a household name as new and advanced users alike favoured the seamless plug-and-play design and the ability to charge their device while on the go.

Fast forward to 2022, Juul are back and better than ever to revolutionise the way we vape yet again with their all-new Juul2 device. Sporting the same sleek style as its predecessor but with a whole host of upgrades and additional features, the Juul2 is on track to live up to the popularity of the former model.

Ready to find out more about the latest Juul device? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our blog is here to provide a full breakdown of the Juul2 device, covering its key features and how it works, as well as taking a look at how it compares to its predecessor. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

What is JUUL2?

What is JUUL2?

Juul2 is the latest pod device from established hardware brand, Juul. This draw-activated, pocket-sized device keeps vaping simple, sporting a completely buttonless design and prefilled pod compatibility, this straightforward piece of kit makes a great vape starter kit for beginners and those trying to quit smoking.

Boasting a wide array of new and improved upgrades, the Juul2 delivers the same smooth satisfaction we’ve come to expect from Juul, but with enhanced battery power, larger e-liquid capacity, and unique smartphone connectivity. If you’re a fan of MTL vaping and looking for a compact, portable device to keep your cravings at bay while on the move, look no further than the Juul2 device.

What Is the Difference Between Juul and Juul2?

What Is the Difference Between Juul and Juul2?

As mentioned above, the Juul2 bears many of the same hallmarks of the original Juul device that users have come to know and love, but while these two devices may appear fairly similar at first glance, the Juul2 comes packed with a handful of new and innovative features to provide a wholly unique vaping experience.

Among the most impressive advancements is the improved battery power. The Juul2 battery is 20% larger than the original model, allowing users to enjoy consistent vaping power for longer, without needing to stop and recharge. The 350mAh internal battery delivers plenty of power to keep the average user satisfied for up to a whole day.

Much like the first Juul device, the Juul2 is compatible with prefilled pods to provide an effortless experience without having to worry about messy refills and fiddly coil swaps. However, the new Juul2 pods are brimming with 70% more eliquid per pod, allowing users to vape for longer before needing to replace their current pod. Plus, Juul2 pods are available in 6 delicious flavour profiles as opposed to the original model’s 4 flavour options, giving the user more variety to help them find their new go-to flavour.

Perhaps one of the most ingenious Juul2 feature upgrades is its innovative smartphone compatibility. The Juul2 comes with access to a corresponding app which users can download from the App or Google Play store. Once installed, users have access to a whole array of data, including their usage patterns and current battery and e-liquid levels. The Juul app even allows users to track their Juul2 device, so even if you misplace it while on the go or on a big night out, the pinpoint location technology will reunite you with your device in no time.

How Long Do Juul2 Pods Last?

How Long Do Juul2 Pods Last?

The Juul2 device is compatible with the all-new range of Juul2 pods. While these pods contain 70% more e-liquid than the previous Juul pods, the lifespan of each pod will largely depend on your individual usage.

Each Juul2 pod contains 1.2ml of e-liquid at a satisfying 18mg nicotine strength. This amount of e-liquid is often enough to last a typical vaper up to 2-3 days of use, or 200-300 puffs. However, it’s important to note that the exact puff count will depend on your individual vaping style. As a general rule, those who favour long, deep drags over short and rapid draws can expect to need to replace their Juul2 pod more often.

Can You Use Juul Pods in Juul2?

Can You Use Juul Pods in Juul2?

No, the Juul2 device is only compatible with Juul2 pods, so you won’t be able to original Juul pods in your Juul2 device. As outlined above, Juul2 pods differ greatly from the first-generation of Juul pods and feature new and unique design features that allow it to operate seamlessly, so users should never attempt to attach an original Juul pod to their Juul2 device.

Juul2 Pod Flavours

Juul2 Pod Flavours

When it comes to flavour options, it’s clear that Juul have listened to their fans and decided to include a larger variety of flavours for their newest device. No longer limited to just 4 flavour profiles, Juul have introduced 6 brand new pod flavours for their Juul 2 kit, giving users more freedom when finding their new favourite taste.

Nevertheless, Juul seem to have stuck with their usual theme of Tobacco and Menthol flavour profiles for their new Juul2 pods. While some profiles feature fruit and menthol notes and others are fully-fledged mint and tobacco profiles, the Juul pod flavour selection is aimed towards fans of traditional flavours. To get a full understanding of all the flavours, check out my Juul2 Flavour Guide review for a detailed overview. Here’s a quick breakdown of the Juul2 pod flavours on offer:

Ruby Menthol (Berry and Menthol)
Summer Menthol (Tropical Fruit and Menthol)
Autumn Tobacco (Mellow and Tangy)
Virginia Tobacco (Sweet and Toasted)
Crisp Menthol (Cool Green Mint)
Polar Menthol (Bold and Icy)

What Comes in A Juul 2 Starter Kit?

What Comes in A Juul 2 Starter Kit?

If you’re ready to get your hands on the new Juul2 e-cigarette but don’t know where to begin; fear not, the Juul 2 starter kit has got you covered.

Our Juul 2 starter kit comes with everything you need to get started. Not only will you get the new Juul2 device, but you’ll also get the magnetic Juul2 charging dock, and 2 packs of Juul2 pods so you’re ready to get straight to vaping right away!

Juul2 at myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We believe that offering customers viable alternatives to smoking cigarettes, including pod vape kits from brands such as Juul, helps bring us that much closer to achieving our goal.

If you’re just getting started on your quit smoking journey and want to find out more about the smoking cessation aids out there, be sure to check out our New to Vaping blog to learn how an e-cigarette could be the perfect tool to help you ditch the cigs for good.

We take pride in ensuring that all of our customers have a great first experience when looking for the best e-cigarette for them, so don't hesitate to contact us if you require further advice. Or, head down to your local myCigara store, where our helpful and experienced staff will gladly assist you.

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