Vape Dinner Lady

by Theo Wilson
Everything You Need to Know About Vape Dinner Lady E Liquid

Vape Dinner Lady: Everything You Need to Know

With a reputation that spans across 97 countries, it is no wonder that Dinner Lady is a vape industry giant. By taking a quality-first approach, Dinner Lady has amassed millions of fans who have been the driving force behind the brand’s expansion. Backed by an overwhelmingly positive response to their initial desserts range, Dinner Lady branched out and created starter liquids, nic salts, 50:50 vape juice, shortfills, and even disposable pens.

Dinner Lady’s team have worked tirelessly to create vape liquid products in every flavour imaginable. Whether you prefer a smooth and satisfying tobacco taste, an ice-cold refresh, or a blast from the past with classic candy sensations, Dinner Lady has got you covered.

With rapid expansion comes swift innovation. In the last five years, Dinner Lady’s team have had to maintain the quality of their products whilst tackling all the growing pains that come with developing a new brand.  

Brian Watts has worked in the vape industry for twelve years and has been brand ambassador for Vape Dinner Lady. In this article, he gives us the inside scoop on everything there is to know about building a vape industry giant.  

Vape Dinner Lady History

Vape Dinner Lady History

Beginner vapers might be surprised to learn that Dinner Lady launched their first product in 2016. Despite being a relatively new brand, Dinner Lady has already carved out a place for itself alongside other vape industry titans.

The name of the brand sets it apart from all others and harks back to days spent on the playground. ‘With Dinner Lady it is about taking you back to when you were a kid,’ Brian says. ‘The dinner lady was the woman that was out in the playground, fed you, and picked you up if you banged your knee.

So how do e-liquids tie in? Brian says that the brand ‘is in-keeping with that school Dinners theme and the idea of taking you back in time and evoking nostalgic feelings.

Dinner Lady’s first batch of vape juice products certainly fit the bill. Maple Waffle, Rice Pudding and Jam, Strawberry Custard, and Lemon Tart were the first vape flavours Dinner Lady launched in the UK, and they all transport the taste of a classic British school dessert into a handy bottle.  

Lemon Tart became the standout sensation in Dinner Lady’s first range and is now synonymous with the brand.  Never ones to miss a beat and encouraged by the success of their first best-seller, the team at Dinner Lady launched headfirst into the world of vaping and created several new theme-oriented ranges including Tuck Shop, Ice, Summer Holidays, and Drinks.

Vape Dinner Lady Goals

Vape Dinner Lady Goals

Looking from the outside in, there seems to be no stopping Dinner Lady. With a pinpoint focus on branding, a whole catalogue of delicious vape liquid flavours, and a fanbase that could rival some of the most popular vape brands, it is reasonable to wonder what the Dinner Lady team will aim for next.

The answer, it seems, is even higher. For Brian, the next step for Dinner Lady is to be

The first name on anyone’s lips when they think ‘what e liquid should I use?

Given the brand’s rapid success so far, we cannot wait to see how it expands in the next five years.

What sets Vape Dinner Lady apart from the competition?

What sets Vape Dinner Lady apart from the competition?

The short answer is ‘the detail.

The long answer is much more interesting. Brian is quick to say that ‘our marketing team is one of the best in the industry, if not the best’, and this sentiment is apparent in their branding.

Everything about Dinner Lady, whether it be products or banners or social media announcements, function as interlinking parts of a much larger strategy.

This big picture approach is rolled out across all creative work. Brian explains that whilst other brands might not put much thought into a single banner, the team at Dinner Lady give serious consideration to all marketing materials.

Dinner Lady’s graphic designers are given the time and creative freedom they need to not just get the job done, but to do it well.

Everything needs to work towards an overall theme, which sets Dinner Lady apart from brands that create generic ranges.  

A prime example of Dinner Lady’s detailed-oriented approach is Sun Tan Mango e liquid from the Summer Holidays range.

It took an entire year for this single flavour to pass through the creative conceptualisation, taste tests, and feedback stages, which just goes to show that the team always favour quality over quantity.

How does Dinner Lady ensure that they produce high-quality products?

How does Dinner Lady ensure that they produce high-quality products?

Dinner Lady e liquids are renowned for their premium quality taste. With so many products and several different ranges, it is no surprise that the team work hard to maintain a consistent standard across all their e-liquids.

There are hundreds of small ways that Dinner Lady prioritises quality. Brian attributes the brand’s reputation to the fact that the team ‘do not scrimp on components.’ Whenever the team face a choice between a higher-quality, more expensive e liquid flavouring and a cheaper alternative, they will always choose to maintain their high standards.

Dinner Lady is constantly evolving, and one of their main influences is customer feedback. Brian encourages vapers to email with feedback, suggestions, or problems. Every message that Dinner Lady receives ‘becomes part of the process of refining each product’ and influences future growth.

How does Dinner Lady come up with vape flavours?

How does Dinner Lady come up with vape flavours?

Deciding on new vape flavours is no mean feat. Rather than focusing on individual sensations, the team always seek to create ‘a rounded range of flavours’ that link to a cohesive theme and complement each other.

Far from being a brand that throws together similar sounding vape juice flavours and ties them together with a generic concept, Vape Dinner Lady makes sure that their flavours serve a purpose. Brian notes that there is a simple idea behind each range that is designed to evoke fond memories. One of Dinner Lady’s most successful ranges, Summer Holidays, can be traced back to a simple question posed by a member of the leadership team, ‘what sort of drinks would you have on your summer holidays?’

Once the creative teams have brainstormed some ideas, the flavour development experts try out different compositions and ingredients to ‘get the balance of flavours just right.’ In some cases, ‘the idea sounds better than the actual product’, and the list of viable e-liquids is pared down. The team are also careful to remove any products that have similar flavour profiles to existing products.

Any stand out e liquid flavours?

Any stand out e liquid flavours?

Having seen each range hit the market in real-time, Brian is keen to dispel the idea that Dinner Lady can be summed up by one or two vape flavours. When it comes to Dinner Lady’s expansive catalogue, ‘there tends to be a standout flavour in each range.’

Purple Rain tops the charts from the Fruits range. Inspired by the taste of a classic cocktail, this e liquid is designed for vapers who want a taste sensation. Summer sweet raspberries are blended with sharp blueberries to create a fruit medley, and a burst of zesty lemons brings all the intricate flavours together on the exhale.

It is no surprise that Lemon Tart e liquid is the most loved dessert flavour. Vapers from all over the world love this product because it creates a slice of bliss and delivers a satisfying vape hit time after time.  Each inhale unveils a delightful buttery biscuit base followed by a creamy meringue topping and zesty citrus accents.

Dinner Lady’s Sweets range has a whole host of fan-favourite e-liquids. Bubble Trouble stands out amongst the rest because it accentuates the nostalgic notes inherent in Dinner Lady products. Vapers love the light and fun flavour of bubblegum, which is complemented by refreshing menthol overtones.

When it comes to disposables, Banana Ice has had overwhelmingly positive feedback. This flavour combines the rich and creamy taste of bananas with an ice-cold menthol blast. It is just one of the nine flavours available in Dinner Lady’s new Vape Pen 2 range.

Smooth Tobacco 'tends to be a nice well-rounded tobacco flavour for people who are just starting to move over from smoking to vaping,’ Brian says. By layering together sweet and woody flavours, Dinner Lady has created a rich, full-bodied vape that never fails to deliver.

What was the inspiration behind the Tuck Shop range?

What was the inspiration behind the Tuck Shop range?

Tuck Shop, now known as Sweets, is inspired by the desire to give vapers a blast from the past. This range uses classic flavours to recreate strong associations. ‘There was a tuck shop in every school, whether it was a young lad selling sweets out of his rucksack or an actual shop,’ Brian says. ‘Like the Dinner Lady brand name, the idea is to bring back images and feelings of nostalgia when people vape with Tuck Shop e-liquids.

What is in the future for Vape Dinner Lady?

With such a successful past, it is reasonable to wonder what lies ahead for Dinner Lady. The team have recently released the Disposable Vape Pen 2, which has seen immediate success. This range is more expansive than their original disposable kit collection, and it comes complete with nine vape flavours to choose from.

So, can we expect to see more hardware in Dinner Lady’s future?

Brian is keen to keep the team’s latest projects under wraps but assures us that ‘Dinner Lady never rests on its laurels.’ He goes on to say that ‘until something is done or is about to be released, we tend not to tell people about it… that helps us because people never know when to expect something from Dinner Lady or even what to expect from Dinner Lady.

What is your favourite thing about working for Dinner Lady?

Brian has been with Dinner Lady from the beginning and knows first-hand how the company has overcome hurdles and responded to overnight success. Despite this, he does not have to think for long about his favourite part of working at the company. No two days are the same,he says.Working for a company like Dinner Lady makes every day exciting.

Any final thoughts?

Dinner Lady’s whirlwind success has taken the vape industry by storm. The team has dealt with constant growth and expansion, and in doing so has earned their reputation for being a creative, modern brand. Along the way, they have overcome the notion that their small brand, which initially started with four dessert flavoured e-liquids, would not succeed in the competitive vape industry.

For a while, people thought that Dinner Lady was just a one-trick pony,’ Brian says. ‘A lot of people said that Dinner Lady was just Lemon Tart and that we’d never get past it.’ Time has proven the critics wrong. Dinner Lady has gone on to sell vape juice in 97 countries and has won the title of Best Vape Juice Brand four out of the five times they competed. Knowing all this, it is hard to argue when Brian says that ‘the future for Dinner Lady is explosive.

Where to buy Dinner Lady vape juice?

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We are the first port of call for vapers all over the country who want to experience the latest Dinner Lady e liquids and hardware devices. The newest Vape Pen 2 has just hit out shelves and is perfect for vapers who are always on-the-go. If your searching for the best flavours then head over to our Top 10 Dinner Lady flavour countdown to see which profile made the cut.

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