Vype is now Vuse

by Theo Wilson

Are Vype and Vuse the Same?

Fans of the Vype brand may have noticed a gradual reduction in the availability of Vype products on the market. However, there’s no cause for concern. In some parts of the world, the brand’s parent company, British American Tobacco (BAT), have always marketed products we know as Vype as Vuse.

The key thing to note is that Vype and Vuse are interchangeable. In order to better serve customers and avoid confusion, BAT are bringing both brand names together globally under the single trading name Vuse.

What Happened to Vype?

In some regions, such as North America, this brand has always been sold under the name Vuse. Whereas in the UK and parts of Europe, the same products were marketed under the name Vype. As of early 2021, BAT will be making this transition over the course of the coming year, aiming by the end of 2021 to be marketing these products solely under the name Vuse, all across the world.

Is Vuse compatible with Vype?

In short: yes. all products will stay the same and merely be marketed under this global name. so, for example, a customer in the UK who vapes with a Vype ePod will be able to purchase and use ePod cartridges marketed as Vuse with their same device. As part of the transition, Vuse Vape will be introducing new product ranges; as these will be separate products, they will not be compatible with older Vype ranges.

A concern for Vype fans may be that their favourite device or e liquids will become unavailable to them because of this transition. Rest assured, you will still be able to enjoy the same quality vaping experience you have come to know and love. Since both Vype and Vuse products are technically the same products, simply under different names, each are both fully compatible with each other.

So, if you already own a Vype device, you will be able to continue using it with the new pods and cartridges released under the Vuse name. Of course, the compatibility will be across the same products, i.e. the ePod and the ePen. Just as a Vype ePod cartridge won’t work with the Vype ePen, for example, nor will it work with a Vuse ePen, but it will be fully compatible with a Vuse ePod.

Vuse ePod Compatibility

As time goes on, the Vype ePod vape pen will transition to become the Vuse ePod. Again, it will be the same device we’re all used to, merely with a different name.

Q. Can I use Vype ePod cartridges with a Vuse ePod, or vice versa?

A: Yes. All pods, cartridges and vape kits under the Vuse name will retain compatibility with their Vuse counterparts.

There will be no issues in either using Vuse cartridges with a Vype ePod, or using Vype cartridges with a Vuse ePod. For all intents and purposes, both the pods and the vape kits will remain the same at a technical level.

Vuse ePen Compatibility

As with the ePod, the smooth transition and intergenerational compatibility between Vype and Vuse will hold true for the ePen 3.

Both the Vype ePen 3 pods and the Vype ePen 3 vape pen itself will remain functionally the same, and merely receive the same rebranding as the rest of the Vype range.

Q. Can I use Vype ePen 3 products with Vuse products and vice versa?

A. Yes. As with the ePod range of products, ePen products will retain compatibility across the Vype and Vuse names.

So a Vype ePen 3 will be able to use Vuse ePen pods, and Vype ePen 3 pods will fit a Vuse ePen.

Vuse Pods and Cartridges

Q. Can I use Vype pods and cartridges with a Vuse device, or vice versa?

A. Yes. As with the devices themselves, the prefilled pods and cartridges in the Vype range will remain technically the same as they transition to the Vuse name.

So, Vype ePen pods will become Vuse ePen pods, and will continue to work with any ePen devices, whether those devices are branded as Vuse or Vype.

Likewise, Vype ePod cartridges will become Vuse ePod cartridges and work with both the Vype ePod and the Vuse ePod devices.

Vuse and Vype at myCigara

Here at myCigara, we stock both the Vype ePod and ePen 3 devices, as well as a wide range of Vype pods and cartridges. If you’re curious to learn more about the Vype/Vuse family of products, we have an in-depth blog covering everything about the brand.

We also have a post comparing the ePod and the ePen, a handy breakdown of some of their top flavours. As the transition rolls out, we will begin to stock more and more products under the Vuse name. Rest assured that, as a customer, you will still be able to enjoy from Vuse the same quality vaping experience you’ve come to expect from the Vype name, as well as being able to continue to use Vype products with their Vuse counterparts.

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