Are Prefilled Pods Set To Replace Disposables?

by Jemma Wolfe

By Jemma Wolfe
Published: 08-12-23 

Prefilled Pods vs. Disposable Vapes: A Game-Changing Shift?
Prefilled Pods vs. Disposable Vapes: A Game-Changing Shift?

Prefilled Pods vs. Disposable Vapes: A Game-Changing Shift?

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What are Prefilled Pods?
  • How are Prefilled Pods Different to Disposable Vapes?
  • Why Should I Use Prefilled Pods?
  • Are There Any Downsides to Prefilled Pods?
  • Are Disposable Vapes Being Banned?
  • Will Prefilled Pods Replace Disposables?
  • Prefilled Pods at myCigara
  • Recommended Reads

In the evolving world of vaping, disposable vapes have been a steadfast companion for many, myself included. These pocket-sized devices played a crucial role in helping millions of users kick their smoking habit thanks to their simplicity and convenience.

Despite the positive role disposables have played in many people's lives, they still find themselves under the harsh spotlight of negative press and media scrutiny—criticism that isn't always unwarranted, especially when it concerns the environment. It’s no secret that disposable vapes pose a huge environmental risk, and their single-use nature leads to five million of them being discarded weekly in the UK.

Even though manufacturers are beginning to take more responsibility and disposable vape recycling schemes are becoming more accessible, environmental concerns continue to loom larger, and with talks of the government contemplating an outright ban, it’s time to start exploring alternatives.

Enter prefilled pods – a sustainable alternative that promises the same convenience as disposables, but with only a fraction of the waste.

What are Prefilled Pods?

As the name suggests, prefilled pods are a type of vape pod that arrive pre-filled with e-liquid.

Prefilled pods work by being paired with a prefilled pod kit, such as the Elf Bar Elfa Pro or the SKE Crystal Plus. Each brand of prefilled pod kit creates its own range of prefilled pods that are compatible with its device. Prefilled pods are non-refillable, meaning once they’re empty they must be disposed of and replaced with another.

These vape pods also tend to contain the same amount of e-liquid as disposable vapes, and the rechargeable nature of prefilled pod kits ensures that no vape juice is wasted.

How are Prefilled Pods Different to Disposable Vapes?

Prefilled pod kits serve as a great middle-ground for users who aren’t quite ready to tackle the maintenance required with a refillable pod kit, but want a longer-lasting and more sustainable alternative to disposable vapes.

Prefilled pods provide an experience that’s very similar to a disposable vape, but unlike disposables, the devices themselves can be used again and again rather than being disposed of every time. I recently weighed up the pros and cons of disposables and prefilled pods in my blog: Disposables Vs Pod Vapes.

So if you’re interested in seeing a side-by-side comparison of how they stack up, be sure to check it out.

Why Should I Use Prefilled Pods?

We’re currently witnessing a paradigm shift within the vaping industry, where prefilled pods and pod kits are quickly becoming fan favourites among beginners and experienced users alike. But why make the switch from disposable vapes to prefilled pods? Let’s take a look at some of the compelling reasons behind the rising popularity of prefilled pod kits.

Environmental Impact

When comparing the environmental impact of prefilled pods with disposable vapes, prefilled pods take the lead by a landslide.

Unlike their disposable counterparts that contribute to mounting electronic waste, prefilled pods champion a more eco-friendly approach. The reusable nature of prefilled pod devices means they can be used over and over again. While prefilled pods do generate some waste, as the pods themselves aren’t refillable and need to be disposed of once empty, the amount is minimal when compared to disposable vapes, which involve tossing away a lithium battery and plastic casing every time.

If you’re dedicated to doing as little harm to the planet as possible throughout your vaping journey, refillable pod kits are the best choice for keeping waste at a minimum. But if you require a simpler device that requires less maintenance, using prefilled pods is still a whole lot more sustainable than using disposable vapes.

Lower Cost

Although prefilled pod kits and compatible pods have a slightly higher upfront cost than disposables, they’re actually more cost-effective in the long run.

This is because you will be only replacing the vape pod— not the entire device— each time, which translates to considerable savings over time. Consider the typical cost of a disposable vape is £5 and contains 2ml of e-liquid. Now, for £5-6, you can pick up a pack of 2 prefilled pods, giving you a total of 4ml of e-liquid.

This essentially means you’re getting double the puffs for the same amount of money. Even though prefilled pod kits might cost slightly more initially, many of these are available for less than £10, so they quickly pay for themselves in just a few uses.

More Freedom

When using a prefilled pod kit, you’re never limited to just one flavour at a time.

Their plug-and-play nature allows you to swap pod flavours effortlessly whenever you please, without waiting for the current pod to be empty. You’ll also find that many popular disposable vape flavours are available in a prefilled pod format.

For example, Elfa PRO pods can be found in a huge array of fan-favourite Elf Bar disposable vape flavours, allowing for a smooth transition from disposables to the more sustainable Elfa PRO pod vape.


While prefilled pod kits and prefilled pods do involve a few extra steps than disposable vapes, they’re still incredibly easy to use. Switching from a disposable vape to something more long-lasting may seem daunting at first, especially for a total beginner. But as most prefilled pod kits are made by popular disposable vape brands, keeping things convenient and straightforward is their speciality.

Are There Any Downsides to Prefilled Pods?

Every type of vape comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages, and prefilled pods are no exception. One notable downside I noticed when making the switch from disposables to prefilled pods is the lack of availability when compared to disposable vapes.

You can pick up a disposable vape in almost every corner shop or supermarket across the country, but shopping for prefilled pods is a little trickier and often requires a visit to a designated vape store, depending on the brand and device you’re using.

You also have to consider the regular recharging involved with a pod vape, something that disposable vape users don’t have to worry about. However, when you weigh the inconvenience of recharging against the savings and the positive environmental impact, it becomes a small trade-off.

Are Disposable Vapes Being Banned?

Although there have been reports in recent months of the UK Government considering a disposable vape ban, nothing is set in stone and disposable vapes are still widely and legally available to buy and sell.

Talks of a nationwide disposable vape ban were sparked by concerns for the environment as well as underage vaping. While it’s illegal to sell disposable vapes to anyone under the age of 18, studies have shown that underage vaping is on the rise UK, seemingly as a result of black market sellers and the sale of non-TPD regulated products. Will the Government actually ban disposable vapes?

The truth is, we don’t know. Either way, it’s a good idea to start thinking about alternatives, such as prefilled pod kits and refillable pod systems.

Will Prefilled Pods Replace Disposables?

While we don’t have the power to see the future, we can certainly make predictions— and given the current climate surrounding disposable vapes, it’s entirely possible that prefilled pod kits could soon replace disposable vapes, or at least be just as popular.

The conversation around disposable vapes is really heating up at the moment, and despite how much of a helping hand they’ve played in helping users quit smoking over the years, it could soon be time to say goodbye. Thankfully, there’s already a perfect alternative lined up to take their place, in the form of prefilled pods.

As more and more people come to terms with how damaging disposables can be to the environment, and just how expensive they can be in the long run, we expect to see a huge shift and a dramatic rise in the popularity of prefilled pod kits.

So, if you’re a disposable vape user and haven’t yet considered what life might look like without them around, it’s probably time to do so.

Prefilled Pods at myCigara

We exist to make the UK smoke-free. We believe that by offering high-quality products such as pod kits and prefilled pods, we’re that much closer to achieving our goal.

If you’ve never considered prefilled pods before and want to find out more about what they are and how they work, head over to our handy guide: What are Pod Cartridges? to find out more. Alternatively, if you’re still weighing up your options and want to explore all of your options, our How To Choose A Vape Kit guide provides a full rundown of every type of device to help you choose the right one to suit your needs.

Feel free to reach out and contact us anytime and we’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction as well as answer any burning questions you may have. Alternatively, head down to your local myCigara store where our expert staff is ready to help you.

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