Best Pacha Mama E Liquids

by Theo Wilson
Pach Mama E Liquids By Charlies Chalk Dust

Pach Mama E Liquids By Charlies Chalk Dust

An offshoot of the industry-leading Charlie’s Chalk Dust brand of e liquids, Pacha Mama has grown to be a firm favourite amongst vape fans. Their CEO has stated that they started producing their own e liquid for one reason: to create a refreshing all-day vape experience that would stop them returning to cigarettes.

The name Pacha Mama comes from an ancient Incan fertility goddess, and is usually translated as Mother Earth or Mother Nature. It makes sense, then, that this brand focuses on delivering e liquid inspired by nature’s bounty. Whether you’re a sub ohm fiend looking for the biggest clouds, or prefer a more discreet experience with a real nicotine kick, Pacha Mama have a range of shortfill e liquid and nicotine salts in mouth watering flavours that are sure to send your spirits soaring.

With a range of fresh flavours, overflowing with delicious and exotic blends of fruit, Pacha Mama serves up some of the best vape juice on the market for all those seeking a refreshing all-day vape, inspired by some of the most glorious flavours Mother Earth has to offer.

Best Pacha Mama Flavour E Liquids 

While we may want our vaping experience to be cloudy, the process of picking out an e liquid should be anything but. Whether you prefer a shortfill or a nic salt, our handy list will take you through some of the best e liquid flavours Pacha Mama has to offer, in order to help you find your next favourite vape juice. We’ll also offer suggestions as to which vape kits will help you make the most of your Pacha Mama e liquid experience.

With their recognisable branding and unique approach to crafting vape juice, it’s no surprise that Pacha Mama have become a firm favourite among serious vape fans. Offering up classic go-to fruit flavours such as strawberry, watermelon and mango, Pacha Mama adds in a little extra pizzazz from exotic treats such as guava, jackfruit, papaya and dragonfruit. With many of their flavours containing a menthol kick, these succulent soothers will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Plus, you’ll never be stuck with a decision between format and flavour, as every flavour in the Pacha Mama nic salt range is also available as a shortfill e liquid.

So, choose your path and let the crisp and clean mouth-watering medleys of exotic fruits from Pacha Mama transport you to the highest peaks of vape excellence.

10. Ice Pink Mango Shortfill

This shortfill is an ideal way to start off our list, combining as it does all the hallmarks of the Pacha Mama approach to e liquids; fresh, fruity, and with a hint of exotic mystery.

Ice Pink Mango Shortfill is a breath of fresh air, redolent of the majestic Andes mountains that inspired the Pacha Mama brand. Vaping this e liquid, you are greeted upfront by the mouthwatering flavour of gently sweet, ripe mango, immediately followed by a titillating burst of secret pink fruit.

Ice Pink Mango carries you up through a mountain of flavour, bringing you to its apex with a crisp exhale of cooling menthol, leaving you refreshed and invigorated. As anyone who’s stood atop a mountain will tell you, you get a great view of the clouds. And with Pacha Mama Ice Pink Mango Shortfill, there’s plenty of clouds to enjoy.

With a high-VG ratio of 70VG:30PG, you’ll get dense, majestic plumes of vapour, borne aloft by waves of succulent fruit and cooling mint, leaving you floating in a state of refreshed satisfaction.

As with all shortfill e liquids, Ice Pink Mango has a nicotine content of 0mg, allowing you to scale this mountain of flavour at your own pace. The bottle has space for a nicotine shot of your choosing, so you can mix to your preference and always enjoy heaps of rich flavour.


9. Strawberry Jubilee Shortfill

Spark your inner fires and feel them glow. A bountiful blend of the best of rich, red fruits, Strawberry Jubilee Shortfill delivers achingly beautiful summer sweetness tied off with a cooling minty twist.

Ripe and ruby-red, this shortfill e liquid pairs the perennial summer favourites of luscious, melt-in-your-mouth strawberries with the crisp succulence and bright sweetness of Jubilee Watermelons.

Feel the tension dissipate from your body as you inhale this gorgeous serving of the season’s finest fruits, and enjoy mouth-watering natural sweetness that will have your tastebuds dancing with delight.

This fructose frenzy steers clear of becoming cloying, however. Throughout the inhale, the rich sweetness of strawberry and watermelon is sharpened and crispened by a minty base layer of menthol that lingers on the exhale, serving up ultimate refreshment that will keep you cool and clear for all-day vaping.

Strawberry Jubilee Shortfill is totally nicotine-free, putting you in full control of your vaping experience. We offer a range of nic shots from 11mg up to 20 mg, just add them to the shortfill bottle, shake it up and you’re good to go. No matter which strength you prefer, with the high-vg blend of Pacha Mama Strawberry Jubilee, you’re guaranteed a smooth vape full of delicious all-day flavour.


8. Peach Papaya Coconut Shortfill

Inspired by the natural beauty of our planet, Pacha Mama don’t just create vaping experiences that will put your head in the clouds, they’re equally adept at bringing you down to sea-level.

Peach Papaya Coconut Shortfill is beachfront bliss, bottled. One draw of this vape juice will have you feeling the warmest, whitest sand between your toes as a cool ocean breeze surrounds you, soothing your soul.

Feel a warming glow envelop your body as you fire up this tropical vape juice, and let waves of fruity flavour roll over your tongue.

First up is a mouthwatering blast of lush peach, dripping with rich juiciness, immediately followed by tingly, bittersweet papaya, creating a gorgeous contrast as refreshing as a gentle breeze in the hot sun.

Lastly, a cooling course of creamy coconut brings you gently back to shore, its gently aromatic sweetness serving as an enervating endnote to the tropical trip taken with every hit of this e liquid.

Whether you want roaring waves or serene surf, this Pacha Mama vape juice puts you in firm control of the ride. Peach Papaya Coconut Shortfill contains 0mg of nicotine, with space in the bottle for you to add a nic shot of your choosing. However high you want to ride, this 70PG blend ensures bold flavours and big clouds.


7. The Mint Leaf Shortfill

Pacha Mama know how to keep things fresh. With The Mint Leaf Shortfill, they’ve whipped up a cooling concoction that’s sure to beat the heat; a fresh take on fresh flavours.

This zingy fruit salad of an e liquid is a guaranteed greenlight for any vape fan looking for a reviving e liquid that they can rely on to carry them through the day.

Firing up this shortfill, you get a full-on fresco of natural sweetness to tantalise your tastebuds and curb your cravings.

The star player here is luscious, tender honeydew melon, shored up by a vibrant blend of zesty kiwi and gently sweet mixed berries.

This cooling cocktail is all underpinned by the sharp and crisp sweetness of mint leaf to make this e liquid a breath of fresh air, ideal for anyone wanting a refreshing all-day vape.

As with all shortfill e liquid from Pacha Mama, The Mint Leaf has 0mg nicotine, allowing you to spike it to taste with our range of nicotine shots.

No matter how much of a kick you want, with a 70:30 VG:PG blend, this Pacha Mama e liquid always delivers rich flavours and massive clouds.


6. Strawberry Watermelon Nic Salt

As well as luscious shortfill e liquid, Pacha Mama know their way around nicotine salts Strawberry Watermelon Nic Salt brings together two fruit flavours that vape fans simply can’t get enough of. Here, Pacha Mama showcase their skill of bringing human craftsmanship to bear in paying tribute to nature’s finest flavours.

Vivaciously pulsing with deep red colour, two of the most adored and sought after fruit flavours come together in perfect harmony for an e liquid experience bound to elate and enervate. Crisp and cooling watermelon plays lightly over the palate in tandem with bright, luscious, succulent ripe strawberries, for a vibrant vape that’s gently sweet and gloriously soothing.

Strawberry Watermelon Nic Salt is a great choice for vape fans looking for a vape experience that’s unshowy and to the point. Nic salts provide more discreet clouds than shortfill e liquid, while delivering instantaneous nicotine satisfaction and satisfying throat hits bursting with flavour.

To make the most of this nicotine salt, try pairing it with the popular Smok Nord 4 Pod Kit. Sleek yet powerful, with an ergonomic duck-bill mouthpiece and quick-charge capabilities, this kit can be relied upon to deliver vape satisfaction whenever you need it most. Clean and bright, the refreshing sweetness of Pacha Mama Strawberry Watermelon Nic Salt truly is a shining example of the glory of the natural world.


5. Mango Pitaya Pineapple Shortfill

A truly tropical taste sensation, Mango Pitaya Pineapple Shortfill is as close as you can get to bottled sunlight. With layers of rich, exotic fruity flavour, this full-bodied fruit fiesta is sure to turn grey skies to blue and bask your being in balmy sun-speckled warmth.

Inhale this e liquid and feel waves of gently tingling natural sugariness envelop and caress your tastebuds. Lush mango, simultaneously soft and sweet, sets the tone for a bright tropical dance across your tongue, followed by the unique and exotic saporific thrill of pitaya, also known as dragonfruit.

This fresh and fragrant dyad leads the way for the final featured player.

Mango Pitaya Pineapple Shortfill from Pacha Mama is completely nicotine-free, letting you enjoy this delicious dance of tropical tastes at your own tempo. Spike this high-VG shortfill e liquid with the nicotine shots of your choosing, or simply enjoy its rich flavours and mesmerising plumes of vapour as they are.

An ideal dance partner for this vape juice is the Voopoo Drag X Plus pod kit. Combining the power of a sub ohm mod with a pod kit’s ease of use, the Drag X Plus features smart chipset technology for fast firing, smooth output and reliable performance. That way, you’re ensured a vaping experience that’s as easy-breezy as this e liquid.


4. Honeydew Melon Nic Salt

Pacha Mama are always striving to create vape juice flavours that pay glowing tribute to the freshest flavours mother earth has to offer. Honeydew Melon nic salt achieves precisely this. Few flavours are as satisfying and uplifting as ripe honeydew melon.

At its peak, it is simultaneously crisp and gentle, sugary and tangy, mellow and mouthwatering. Dripping with juicy sweetness, it’s no surprise this fruit makes for a fantastically vibrant vape juice. Brought to you in nicotine salt form by Pacha Mama, you get a full-bodied e liquid extravaganza that will have your tastebuds trembling with delight.

This full-bodied flavour is bolstered by full-bodied, richly satisfying throat hits courtesy of the nic salt formula. This 50VG/50PG blend gives you a maximum of taste, whilst keeping clouds in cool moderation. Faster-acting than shortfill e liquid, nicotine salts provide immediate satisfaction, effectively curbing cravings whilst delivering saporific satisfaction that’s sure to set you smiling.

Make the most of Pacha Mama Honeydew Melon nic salt with the Aspire Nautilus GT vape kit. Convenient, clean and cool-running, this lower-voltage device is ideal for enjoying higher-PG e liquids. Featuring short circuit protection, auto-cutoff and a handy OLED screen for keeping track of all your vital stats, this kit takes all the hassle out of vaping, leaving you with pure enjoyment. 


3. Strawberry Guava Jackfruit Shortfill

A true summer stunner, this shortfill e liquid from Pacha Mama is a wicked medley of vivacious fruits guaranteed to inject some serious sunshine into your day.

In crafting their e liquids, Pacha Mama seek out the fruitiest favourites, and spice things up with taste twists that are a little more rare and exotic. This succulent shortfill hits you upfront with a blast of strawberries, rich, ripe and ruby-red, all full of luscious sweetness. As your spirits soar on this wave of berry bliss, in slides the tender, lush tangy twist of succulent guava, tempering the sweetness with a light tartness.

As sweet and sour intertwine tantalisingly across your tongue, this shortfill ups the game with a hit of jackfruit. Mild, almost creamy and uniquely aromatic, the jackfruit rounds off this flavour fiesta for an e liquid experience that’s fresh and fragrant, for an uplifting and enervating all-day vape.

This vivacious vape juice boasts a 70:30 VG:PG blend, meaning you’ll get waves of delicious, full-bodied flavour and plumes of dense, aromatic vapour. Enjoy it as is, or kick it up a notch with our range of nicotine shots.
Get your flavour adventure fired up with the Vaporesso Forz Tx80. Sleek and sturdy, this sub ohm kit is dustproof, shockproof and waterproof, so it’s performance-ready whenever you need it.


2. Icy Mango Nic Salt

Pacha Mama understand that everyone needs time to step back and replenish their spirits, to allow themselves a moment to refresh. With Icy Mango nic salt, peak refreshment is available whenever you need it, always ready to soothe your soul and lift your spirits.

Ripe, luscious and juicy, it elegantly balances the most mouthwatering sweetness with gentle tanginess for a bright, enervating taste sensation time and time again.

Here, it’s been expertly spiked to maximum levels of soothing refreshment with a tingly, cooling base layer of menthol, running minty fresh throughout the inhale. Exhale, and the mintiness lingers, leaving you invigorated and enervated, refreshed and revived.

As well as offering peak refreshment, Icy Mango nic salt offers ultimate nicotine satisfaction. The fast-acting nicotine salt formula provides immediate relief, and its 50/50 VG/PG composition ensures plenty of cleansing, cooling flavour alongside subtle clouds and satisfying throat hits.

Taking time to refresh and recharge shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why we recommend pairing Pacha Mama Icy Mango nic salt with the Uwell Caliburn pod kit. Sleek, subtle, and super-safe, the Caliburn is designed for use with high-PG e liquids. It offers you a stress-free full-flavour vaping experience that’s all taste, no trouble.


1. Fuji Apple, Strawberry, Nectarine Shortfill

One of the most popular e liquids from Pacha Mama, this shortfill showcases all of this brand’s best qualities: a delicious, refreshing mix of the fullest flavours culled from mother earth, bottled as a smooth all-day vape that you won’t want to put down.

Inhaling this vape juice, feel your senses come alive as the bright flavours of crisp Fuji apples glide across your palate. This brightness is then infused with the rich redness and lush sweetness of ripe strawberries, followed by the juicy tang of nectarine, dripping with vibrant, mouthwatering juicy goodness.

With a high VG ratio of 70VG:30PG, this shortfill e liquid from Pacha Mama oozes rich flavour with every draw, and surrounds you with the densest, most fragrant plumes of vibrant vapour. Nicotine-free, it’s delicious vaped just the way it is, but can easily pack an extra punch by the addition of one of our range of nic shots.

This truly vivacious vape juice deserves to be enjoyed properly. To maximise your vaping enjoyment, we recommend pairing Fuji Apple/Strawberry/Nectarine shortfill with the Voopoo Drag 3 mod pod kit.

A dual battery mod kit, crowned by a pod tank, the Drag 3 deftly weds power and practicality for an enviable vape experience. With multiple firing modes, a state-of-the-art chipset, and a whopping 177W max output, this kit ensures flavour and vapour that’s truly next-level.


Pacha Mama E Liquids at myCigara

Here at myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. Proudly stocking a brand such as Pacha Mama goes a long way to achieving that goal.

Our full range of Pacha Mama e liquids contains nearly 30 nic salts and shortfill e liquid. To help you make the most of your sub ohm vaping experience, we’re offering free nicotine shots alongside our Pacha Mama shortfill, and we have a full range of nic shots in strengths up to 20mg.

Plus, now you can easily top up and get more bang for your buck thanks to our bundles, where you can grab 2 shortfill for £25, or 3 nic salts for just £12. To make the deal even sweeter, we offer absolutely free shipping on all orders to the UK mainland.

If you like the sound of these fruity e liquids from Pacha Mama and want to discover similar flavours that we stock, check out this deep-dive into the top 10 flavours from the award-winning Dinner Lady brand.

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