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Pacha Mama started with a simple goal: to create refreshing e-liquid that could be enjoyed all day, every day. Thus it comes as no surprise that this brand offers up some of the best e-liquid on the market when it comes to fresh flavours that highlight the inherent beauty and vibrancy of the natural world or a nic salt, the Pacha Mama range of vape juice brings bountiful fruit mixtures, absolutely bursting with juicy flavours designed to drench your day in delicious waves of colourful e-liquid excellence. These mouthwatering medleys feature timeless favourite flavours such as strawberry, apple, and mango, but mix things up with the addition of such exotic enticements as dragonfruit, jackfruit and papaya. Ramping up the refreshment, they also have a range of cooling ice flavours, guaranteed to beat the heat.

Who do we recommend Pacha Mama for?

We know that vape fans love fruit-flavoured e liquids, and we know that Pacha Mama excel in precisely that field. So it follows that any vape fan looking for a next-level fruity flavour sensation will love Pacha Mama. From mouthwateringly luscious blends such as Strawberry Jubilee, spiked with soothing menthol, to the creamy smoothness of Peach Papaya Coconut, Pacha Mama is a veritable highlight reel of some of mother nature’s most tantalising tastes.

An added bonus with this brand is that you’ll never have to compromise between flavour and form, as each Pacha Mama nic salt is also available as a shortfill e-liquid. So no matter your preferred vaping style, you’ll always have an option for enjoying your next favourite vape juice flavour.

What composition are Pacha Mama e-liquids?

Pacha Mama offer their range of fruits fiestas in two formats, nic salts or shortfill e-liquids. Nicotine salts from Pacha Mama have a balanced 50VG:50PG ratio, meaning you get a full-flavoured vaping experience, with a more discreet and moderate level of vapour production. Designed for mouth-to-lung style vaping, nic salts provide satisfying throat hits and a faster uptake of nicotine than other e-liquid equivalents.

Shortfill e-liquid is the go-to for more advanced vapers who know what they want, and like to tinker with their setup. With a high-VG composition of 70VG:30PG, these e liquids provide a rich flavour experience and, crucially, unparalleled vapour production. Aimed at direct-to-lung vaping, shortfill e-liquid allows you to take larger hits, providing both massive flavour and massive clouds. These e-liquids come with a nicotine content of 0 mg and can easily be enjoyed as such, or you can easily spike your vape experience with nicotine shots tailored to your preferred strength.

What makes Pacha Mama unique?

Pacha Mama takes its name, typically translated as Mother Earth, from an ancient Incan goddess of nature and fertility. Whilst many brands focus on bottling delicious man-made sweet treats, Pacha Mama is inspired by the natural beauty of our home planet, and all the fresh flavours it has to offer.

Although other brands also offer fruit-flavoured e-liquids, Pacha Mama aims to take vape fans on an exotic journey through exciting, mysterious worlds. Drawing on fan favourites such as mango, watermelon and apple, they twist in tantalising touches not often seen in the vaping world. Offering vibrant new flavours such as passionfruit, acai and starfruit, Pacha Mama are your trusty tour guide as you scale mountains of mouthwatering flavour, emerging at the peaks of vape juice excellence with a clear mind and soul.

Pacha Mama at myCigara

Our full range of e-liquid from Pacha Mama runs to nearly 30 products, dispersed across a mix of nic salts and shortfill. As mentioned, every Pacha Mama nic salt flavour is also available as a shortfill, so you’ll never have to be torn between products again.

To complement shortfill e-liquid from Pacha Mama, we offer a range of nicotine shots in strengths up to 20mg, so you can tailor your vape experience just the way you like it, and get a real kick with every hit.

We exist to make the UK smoke-free. That’s why we try our best to help customers make the best and most informed decisions when it comes to e-liquids. If you’re keen to know more about Pacha Mama, check out our deep dive into their top ten flavours.

Recommended Products

With their broad range of fruity nic salts and shortfill e-liquid, we believe Pacha Mama produce a range of flavours guaranteed to entice all fans. 

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