Elf Bar Review 2022

by Theo Wilson
Elf Bar 600 Disposable Vapes: Reviewed

Elf Bar 600 Disposable Vapes: Reviewed

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Product Features
  • Ergonomics & Design
  • Flavours
  • Ranges
  • Comparative
  • Verdict
  • Elf Bar at myCigara

Our Elf Bar review is here to guide you through one of the hottest disposable vapes out there. Elf Bar is a relative newcomer to the disposable vape scene, indeed to vaping in general; unlike their main competitors, they didn’t start out as either a vape kit or e-liquid brand. And yet, they’ve wasted no time in proving their mettle in a crowded market. Elf Bar have expanded their range within their short lifetime; it now encompasses a variety of disposables as well as pod vape kits and vape pods. This review however, will focus on their flagship disposable vape for the EU and UK markets, the Elf Bar 600. In many ways, the Elf Bar 600 has set the standard for disposable vapes in general.We’ll take you through all of its key aspects —features, design, and flavours —in order to help you decide whether this is the right e-cigarette to help you along your quit smoking journey.

Elf Bar Features

The Elf Bar 600 bears many of the hallmarks that vape fans have come to appreciate in any good disposable vape, key among these being convenience. The Elf Bar comes completely ready to use, right from its packaging. Its tank is already filled, and its battery already charged; not only does it require no initial setup, but you’ll never need to refill or recharge it.

● Draw-activated
● ~600 puffs
● 2ml of nic salts
● 20mg nicotine strength
● 550mAh battery

Like many of its peers, the Elf Bar 600has seamless, button-free operation. Simply put the device to your lips and inhale to activate it, and it will automatically switch off when not in use —so no risk of accidentally switching your vape on nor needlessly draining the battery.

As with all other disposable vapes on the UK/EU markets, the Elf Bar 600is fully TPD-compliant, holding in its tank 2ml of nic salts at a nicotine strength of 20mg. In combination with its 550mAh internal battery, each device will deliver approximately 600 puffs (which is about 30 cigarettes’ worth).

Now that we’re clued in to the inside of the Elf Bar 600, let’s cast our glance toward its outside.

Elf Bar Ergonomics & Design

The design of the Elf Bar is a fairly conventional one in the world of disposable vapes, the now-classic cylindrical shape. If this design doesn’t immediately stand out from the crowd, that is simply because Elf Bar did it first. They popularised this now-ubiquitous design, and other brands followed suit. After all, a disposable e-cigarette is primarily designed to help smokers quit smoking, thus it stands to reason that it would be similar in shape to a cigarette (albeit it larger in size).

● Cylindrical
● 130mm x ø22mm
● Duckbill-style mouthpiece
● Matte, textured exterior
● Separate body and mouthpiece

As is common for many disposable vapes,the Elf Bar consists of a main body (containing its battery, tank, and coil), with a separate mouthpiece affixed at the top —in the case, an ergonomic “duckbill”-style mouthpiece, designed to deliver richer flavour and a more comfortable inhale.

What does help the design of the Elf Bar stand out, however, is its finish. Whilst the actual body of the device is simple black plastic, this is encased in a textured material which provides a reassuringly grippy, premium feel. This outer material comes in a range of colours —typically bold and bright —depending on the device’s given flavour; rather than being glossy and plasticky, it's given a matte finish, keeping things understated and sleekly stylish.

On that note regarding colours, let’s now have a look at the Elf Bar flavours available.

Elf Bar Flavours

As mentioned, the Elf Bar comes in a range of bold colours, the simple reason for this being that it comes in a range of bold flavours. There’s something of a summertime æsthetic to the brand, represented by these warm pastel colours and flavours, and also by the sense of freedom inherent in a disposable vape; that invitation to set out and explore the world unencumbered. The Elf Bar 600 is currently available in 26 flavours of disposable e-cigarette, all falling somewhere within these 4 main categories:

● Summer fruits
● Soft drinks
● Desserts
● Menthol infusions

There’s much to enjoy here for anyone with a sweet tooth, and a variety of tempting tastes for fruit fans. On the other hand, if you prefer your sweet and bright tones tempered slightly by a cooling minty exhale for maximum refreshment, Elf Barhave a multitude of “Ice” flavours that are sure to reinvigorate. Customers seeking Tobacco or pure Menthol profiles will want to look elsewhere, however, as Elf Baronly offer the aforementioned sweet or fruity styles.

For a deeper dive, make sure to check out our full Elf Bar Flavours Guide. If you want to cut to the chase, we’ve also got a rundown of the Top 5 Elf Bar Flavours for your reading pleasure.

So, now that we’ve taken you through all the salient points, it’s time to sum up our Elf Bar review.

Elf Bar Disposable Vape Ranges

As Elf Bar have been major players in the vape scene for many years now, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that the Elf Bar 600 is far from their only disposable vape range. Some honourable mentions include the Elf Bar NC600, T600, CR500, MC600 and Lost Mary, just to name a few.

While their signature Elf Bar 600 device still remains their best-selling and most iconic disposable to date, the success of some of their later products, such as the Lost Mary, are already on track to surpass the popularity of their flagship device, in turn becoming a sister brand in its own right.

Although there are many Elf Bar ranges to choose from, many of the key intrinsic features remain the same across the board. Most of their devices can be enjoyed for up to 600 puffs andare available in a range of well-known Elf Bar flavours. However, the real differences start to appear when you look at the design choices.

The Lost Mary is by far their smallest device, making it ideal for those seeking the most compact vape possible, whereas the T600 boasts a unique filter-tip for an authentic cig-a-like experience. So when choosing which Elf Bar vape is right for you, taking the ergonomics and design into account is crucial.

Elf Bar Disposable Vape Market Comparison

To better understand the success of the Elf Bar 600 device, it’s important to take a look at where the brand sits in the wider vape market as a whole; and needless to say, Elf Bar are totally dominating it. When it comes down to popularity and prevalence, no other brand comes close to reaching the same heights as Elf Bar, as they are the market-leading disposable vape brand by a landslide. Thanks to their prolificity and sheer number of different vape ranges, Elf Bar have managed to establish themselves as the best-selling vape brand and have quickly become a household name all across the globe.

While Elf Bar are still doing a great job at holding onto the title of Best Disposable Vape Brand, they do have a handful of worthy competitors creeping up the ranks. Brands such as Dinner Lady are rapidly gaining traction among the vape community thanks to their great variety of unique flavours to rival Elf Bar’s collection. Plus, some newer brands are surfacing with original concepts that we’ve never seen before, most notably, Vozol.

This brand focuses on a greener approach to vaping by providing disposables that are made from recycled materials. This seems like a smart solution to the problems disposables pose to the environment and could well be the future of the industry, sowe can only hope that larger brands like Elf Bar will also adopt these practices in the future.

Elf Bar Verdict

The Elf Bar 600 has set the gold standard for disposable vapes. It absolutely nails the basics, and has been industry leader in popularising what has now become the go-to design for disposable ecigs.

There are fancier options available, but these of course come at a higher price tag. If the continued wildfire popularity of this brand is anything to go by, they’re surely doing something right.

As with all other disposable vapes on the UK/EU markets, the Elf Bar 600 is fully TPD-compliant, holding in its tank 2ml of nic salts at a nicotine strength of 20mg. In combination with its 550mAh internal battery, each device will deliver approximately 600 puffs (which is about 30 cigarettes’ worth).

In offering a wide range of flavours and a robust and reliable puff count, all wrapped in a stylish packaging that both looks and feels great in your hand, Elf Bar have won over heaps of new and old vape fans alike, and we don’t envision this trend ending anytime soon.


Elf Bar at myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We believe that by offering our customers viable alternatives —such as a disposable e-cigarette from Elf Bar—we can move closer to achieving that goal.

Both user-friendly and affordable, disposable vapes are an excellent way to start your quit smoking journey on the right foot. To make things even easier (not to mention cheaper), you can now stock up on Elf Bar 10-packs, or mix and match with our 5-for-£20 deal.

If you’re not yet sure whether an Elf Bar is right for you, why not take a look at our blog on the best quit smoking disposable vapes, which aims to help you match the right vape to your lifestyle. Alternatively, see how it stacks up against one of its main competitors, the Geek Bar.

We’re constantly striving to make sure our customers have a positive initial experience with vaping. So if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Likewise, if you prefer to chat in-person, head over to your nearest myCigara vape shop, where our expert staff will be waiting to assist you.