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Vape pods have quickly become one of the most popular choices across the entire vaping market, thanks to their versatility and practicality. An absolutely indispensable partner to pod vape kits, vape pods are an excellent alternative to the traditional vape tank, trading customisation for a far more streamlined and user-friendly experience.

Looking for great UK vape deals on vape pods? Whether you prefer to choose your own vape juice with a refillable vape pod, or get straight to it with a prefilled vape pod, you’re sure to find something to your taste among our huge range of vape pods here at myCigara. Our online checkout is speedy and secure, and will have your vape delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Vape Pods UK Vape Deals

If you’re looking for fantastic UK vape deals on a range of vape pods, you’ve come to the right place! myCigara is your one-stop vape shop, and we have a massive range of vape pods to choose between, from prefilled vape pods for brands like Juul, Vype and Elf Bar, to replacement vape pods and refillable vape pods from hardware heavyweights such as Innokin, Uwell, and Voopoo. If you’re a fan of prefilled pods then don’t miss our mix & match multibuy bundles, including 4 for £20 on Vuse, 2 for £20 on Juul, and 4 for £25 on Elf Bar! Ordering online with myCigara couldn’t be easier; check out in just a couple of clicks, and choose from a selection of secure payment methods, including Klarna and LayBuy. Then simply take your pick of DPD next-day delivery or Royal Mail 48-hour shipping, and your fully tracked parcel will be sent from our warehouse to your doorstep lightning quick.

Vape Pods FAQs

1. What is a vape pod?

A vape pod is simply a streamlined type of vape tank, designed to offer a simpler alternative to traditional vape tanks. Vape pods differ from standard vape tanks in a number of ways; they use a magnetic “click-in” connection rather than a screw-type connection; they are constructed from plastic or polycarbonate rather than glass; they have a built-in mouthpiece rather than a separate mouthpiece.

Many vape pods also come with in-built coils, which means you don’t have to worry about difficult coil swaps; you simply replace your vape pod with a fresh one when the time comes. Some vape pods, known as prefilled pods, even come already filled with e-liquid, so you won’t even have to fill or refill them — simply swap them once empty.

2. How long do vape pods last?

Vape pods last a varying amount of time, depending on several factors. There are two ways of looking at this question: how long do vape pods last before you need to refill them? And, how long do vape pods last before they need to be replaced?

For the first version of this question: all vape pods sold in the UK should be TPD-compliant, which means they have a maximum volume of 2ml. Depending on your vape kit, vaping style, and choice of e-liquid, a 2ml vape pod should be good for around 500 puffs. On average, 500 puffs lasts most vapers around 2-5 days; heavy users may use up their puffs quicker, while casual users will find 500 puffs lasts them easily over a week.

For the second version of the question, how long do vape pods last before needing to be replaced: As soon as you notice any decrease in performance, such as poor flavour, reduced vapour, or weak/dry vape hits, you will need to consider replacing your vape pods. In theory, if you have a vape pod with replacement coils, you can simply swap the coils and continue to use the vape pod for a long time. Most vape pods, however, have in-built coils which cannot be replaced. In most cases, it’s the coil rather than the pod that needs to be replaced.

A good rule of thumb is to replace your vape pods at least once a month, regardless of how much you vape. However, if you are a heavy vape user, you may well need to replace your vape pods as often as every week.

3. Do pod vapes have nicotine?

Pod vapes only have nicotine to that extent that they contain an e-liquid which itself contains nicotine. More properly: all prefilled pods have nicotine, yes, as they are prefilled with nicotine-containing e-liquid. (Specifically nic salts with a 20mg nicotine content.)

For replacement/refillable vape pods: Refillable pods are sold empty, so they will only have nicotine once you fill them with e-liquid. In theory, you can enjoy them totally free of nicotine if you use a nicotine-free shortfill eliquid. However, most customers tend to prefer 50/50 starter liquids and nic salts in their vape pods, and these do contain nicotine.

4. Which are the best vape pods?

The best vape pods will depend on what kind of vaper you are, and what type of vaping experience you’re looking for. If you’re a beginner who’s new to vaping, you’ll want to try a prefilled vape pod from the likes of Elf Bar, Vuse, or Juul. These are sold ready to use; simply pop them into their matched device and you’re good to go. Beyond that, you can’t really go wrong with any of our refillable vape pods; with stock from hardware giants such as Innokin, Voopoo, Geekvape, and Uwell, you’ll want to see which device and features matter most you, and pick the appropriate vape pod from there.

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