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Refills & Pod Cartridges

Refills & Pod Cartridges


We know that the vaping industry changes fast. We’ve got nine years of experience behind us, working with vaping giants like Vype and JUUL to provide the best quality pods and refills to our customers. Trust us, pods will change the way you vape—for the better.

This new, modern style of vaping can be quite intimidating, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. We stock the most reliable and intuitive products, so whether you’ve recently quit smoking or you’ve been vaping for years, pods will guarantee a simple yet flavoursome experience.


Pods, Refills and Cartridges

The creation of pod kits, pods and refills means there has never been a more thrilling time to be a vaper. Vape companies are pushing their creative limits and designing unique products to heighten the experience of all customers.However, in all this excitement, it’s quite easy to forget what vape product does what or which pod is which. It’s not just customers forgetting either; terminology is also slipping the minds of vape designers, but we’re here to clear it all up in just a few short lines.

Pods and cartridges are not the same thing, though they are often used interchangeably. Whilst cartridges refers to the container itself, ‘pod’ is simply the abbreviated term for a ‘prefilled pod’. This means that whilst a cartridge can be thought of as the empty shell, which is then filled with liquid, coils and wicking material, the pod already has these components built in.

Now we know how pods and cartridges differ, we can look at how pods and refills are different. Pods come with everything you need to vape straight away and are bought in packs and replaced once they run out. However, replacement refillable pods (or ‘refills’, for short) offer a more customisable experience. Refills also contain coils and wicking materials, however, you add your own e Liquid to them. They also have a slightly longer lifespan than pods because they can be refilled multiple times before being disposed of. In order to further separate the two different kinds of pod, devices are named differently depending on which type of pod they contain.

What is the Difference between Open and Closed Pod Systems?

Whether you choose a prefilled pod or refillable replacement pod, you will always need a pod system, the device into which you insert your chosen pod. As your pods already contain coils and wicking material, the only part you may need to add is your vape juice—simply connect your pod into the battery and start vaping. Many pod kits possess the same features, making these portable wonders a brilliant middle ground between starter kits and vape mods; the only thing that makes them different is what pod you insert.

If you’re vaping with prefilled pods, your kit is called a closed pod system, simply because the pod itself is enclosed and has everything you need to vape straight away. They’re virtually leakproof as you don’t have to load up your e Liquid or fiddle with any small parts.

If you insert a refillable replacement pod into your kit, your system is known as open pod. This is because you can insert your own pod creations into it, allowing you to experiment with nicotine strength and discover a flavoursome variety of liquids that you must add yourself.

What is a Prefilled Pod?

Prefilled pods are simple and stress-free; these little round components already contain a delicious e Liquid and your chosen nicotine strength—everything you need to start vaping straight away. Simply pop one into a pod system kit and enjoy. Once your pod is empty of vape juice, you can’t refill it. Instead, you must dispose of it responsibly; whilst some pod brands are recyclable but others, like JUUL, aren’t so it’s important to check your packaging and bin the pod safely. 

Who Can Use a Prefilled Pod?

Whilst anybody can use a prefilled pod, we think newer vapers will love the hassle-free nature of prefilled pods. They’re normally equipped with Plus Ohm coils, so you’re always guaranteed crisp flavours and they’re brilliant for more accident-prone customers as not only is each pod sturdy, but you don’t have to insert any e Juice; this means you won’t make a mess and risk losing any small parts. If you don’t know your way around a vape kit, you don’t have to worry, there’s no coil cleaning or tank maintenance for you—simply vape and throw away (responsibly).

Additionally, as the nicotine strength is measured out and the vape juice is chosen for you, you know exactly what you’re getting with every vape. Like myCigara, firm customer favourite Vype always put their customers first, providing exquisite flavour at tempting prices. First launched in 2013, they really know their stuff and have dominated the market with their delicious, prefilled pods. In fact, this year, their ePod won Product of the Year for the second year running, so why not give one of their tantalising packs a go?

How Long do Prefilled Pods Last?

The lifespan of prefilled pods very much depends on the vaper and brand of pod; the same pod given to a veteran vaper may last longer than the one given to a recent smoker, or vice versa. On average, one pod will give you 200-350 puffs; there’s a large difference there because pods have different e Liquid measurements, for example, whilst Vype’s pods have a 2ml capacity, JUUL pods hold 0.7ml. Neither is worse than the other, in fact, it’s all personal preference. As pods are often sold in packs of 4, many vapers aren’t perturbed as they know they have other pods to insert and some customers find that knowing their pod contains a small amount of vape juice means they’re less reliant on it, allowing them to work more efficiently towards a smoke-free life. 

What is a Refillable Replacement Pod?

Like a prefilled pod, a refillable replacement pod contains almost everything you need to vape: it’s got its own coils and wicking material—you just have to add your own e Liquid, choose your nicotine strength and pop it into a pod kit. Whilst they may not be as easy as prefilled pods, they offer you the unique chance to focus on flavour and vapour; instead of worrying about maintenance and cleaning, you can experiment with unique tastes time and time again. Whilst you can refill your pod with whatever juice you choose, your pod will need replacing after a few uses so dispose of the old pod safely and simply click in another to experience the ultimate, customisable vape.

Who Can Use a Refillable Replacement Pod?

Although anyone can purchase a pod kit and vape a refillable replacement pod, we recommend them to more adventurous vapers; whilst many brands like Innokin create bottom-fill pods for easy insertion, refillable replacement pods work best for customers who feel comfortable loading up their e Liquids and managing their nicotine consumption. Furthermore, it’s possible to purchase Sub Ohm pods, allowing more freedom for vapers who have mastered the basics. want to experiment with their style and get to know their vape kit.

How Long do Refillable Replacement Pods Last?

Refillable replacement pods last 3-5 days, although this depends on the vaping habits of the customer and the liquid capacity of each pod. To average these estimations, if your pod lasted 4 days, you could get around 1080 puffs of pure satisfaction before having to replace it. Signs that your pod needs replacing include a sudden loss of flavour, less vapour production or dreaded dry hits but because refillable replacement pods come in packs, once you finish one pod, you can easily pop in another, meaning they’re fantastic value for money.

Can You Refill Pods?

As we know, there are two different types of pod: prefilled pods, that come filled with e Liquid and are ready to go and refillable replacement pods, which are kitted up, but require your own vape juice. However, this distinction makes it easier to answer the question.

Pods often come from e Liquid companies themselves and are filled because the company want you to use their e Juices; the only way you’ll get that pod again is by buying another, meaning they’re not refillable.

However, refills are made by world-class vaping designers like Vaporesso and SMOK, who want to help you find the right product, or their product, to contain whatever e Juice you choose. The contents are not as important as the component itself; vape companies want you to be able to place your trust in their product and tailor your preferences as much as possible, therefore, you can refill it multiple times before you dispose of it and purchase another. So, to clarify, you can refill refillable replacement pods, but not prefilled pods.

Pods and Refills at myCigara

We’re passionate about the difference that vaping makes to peoples’ lives and want to support our customers in any way possible. That’s why we stock the most exciting pods and refills to cater for any vaper, whatever their preference. We know that we’ve got the perfect device for you; explore our innovative brands and look over our pages to find the perfect pod or refill for you.

We’re here to help you towards a smoke-free life so if you have any questions about these modern, yet instinctive kits, like ‘are Vype pods refillable?’, ‘how many times can I refill a JUUL pod?’ or a query about pod system kits, check out our brilliant blog posts. If you need to chat to us, please message us or find your closest myCigara store. Come on, you can do this.