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Logic Prefilled Pods

Logic Prefilled Pods


Logic maintains its dedicated fan base by producing variations on their slimline, easy-to-use, and stylish Compact Classic kit. This unobtrusive device is draw-activated and features a smart LED light indicator. Fans of this minimalistic design will be pleased to find that the Logic Compact Intense Kit stays true to the brand’s focus on ergonomic designs and intense flavour profiles. We stock a variety of Logic e liquids to suit every vaper. Browse through our selection to discover flavours like spearmint, berry ripple, chai latte, and many more flavours made with you in mind.


What is Logic known for?

Vapers from all over the UK recognise Logic for their signature Logic Compact and Logic Compact Intense devices and accompanying pods. By focusing on flavour and a simplistic design instead of updating their devices with a slew of complicated modern features, Logic has amassed a large following of dedicated followers. Once they established themselves in the UK market with pod devices and magnetic click-in pod refills, Logic focused on creating a range of e liquid flavours that deliver unforgettable flavour sensations.  

Who do we recommend Logic for?

Logic exists in a niche in the market that appeals to beginner, intermediary, and advanced vapers. The Logic Compact and Logic Compact Intense’s easy-to-use systems and slimline designs make this brand ideal for people who want to experience all the flavourful vape innovations that the industry has to offer without handling a clunky, obtrusive device.  Logic devices and pods suit busy professionals who need to vape on-the-go as well as individuals who prefer a device that is easy concealed. Their prefilled pod range comes in 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg options, which offers a wide selection of suitable nicotine strengths for different vaping tastes.

How long do Logic Compact Pods last?

Do not be fooled by the slim stature of the Logic Compact vape pods. Each one of these refills contains approximately 320 puffs. Of course, the exact amount of vapes in each pod depends on your personal vaping style. If you prefer a longer, more pronounced drag, you will have to stock up on refills more frequently than those who favour a quick puff.

Logic at myCigara

Here at Cigara, we offer a range of Logic Compact compatible refills. Logic is especially effective for beginner vapers who want to gradually reduce their nicotine intake because their pods come in a variety of nicotine strengths. Vapers can experience the same great flavours that they are accustomed to from Logic whilst incrementally decreasing their nicotine consumption. The Compact’s closed-pod system means that switching out your empty pods for new ones is a spill-free experience. Logic’s team have thought of everything and have even included a magnetic click system that allows you to vape securely.

Recommended Products

Here at Cigara, we understand the importance of choosing a device that suits your lifestyle. Standing at just 10cms tall, both the Logic Compact and Logic Compact Intense kit are ideal for people who want a discrete device that they can rely on throughout the day. Pair either of these kits with compatible pods from our online vape shop and discover a new world of flavour sensations.

Each compatible pod comes complete with 1.7mls of e liquid, which promise approximately 300 puffs. Rather than combining several different flavours for a complicated taste experience, Logic focuses on amplifying the intensity of one recognisable ingredient. Liquids like cantaloupe melon, banoffee, and peppermint tick all of the boxes, and have amassed a following of loyal customers who just cannot get enough of these classic tastes.