Ultimate Guide to Lost Mary Vape

by Jemma Wolfe

By Jemma Wolfe
Published: 14-08-23

Exploring Lost Mary: A Complete Guide to Lost Mary Vape
Exploring Lost Mary: A Complete Guide to Lost Mary Vape

Exploring Lost Mary: A Complete Guide to Lost Mary Vape

Table of Contents

  • An Introduction To Lost Mary
  • How Many Lost Mary Devices Are There?
  • How To Use A Lost Mary Vape
  • What’s Inside A Lost Mary Vape?
  • Is Lost Mary Addictive?
  • Lost Mary Specifications
  • Lost Mary Flavours
  • Is Lost Mary A Good Vape?
  • Lost Mary Customer Reviews
  • Does a Lost Mary Require Any Maintenance?
  • Lost Mary Troubleshooting Tips
  • How Much Does A Lost Mary Vape Cost?
  • Lost Mary Vape At myCigara
  • Recommended Reads

If you’re a fan of Lost Mary vapes, stay tuned— our Lost Mary Ultimate Guide is here to answer all your questions and queries about this beloved and iconic vape brand. This guide acts as a one-stop shop for all things Lost Mary; whether you’re keen to find out more about the brand, the full range of devices they make, the flavours available, or even how to best take care of your Lost Mary, you’ve come to the right place.

From troubleshooting help and user tips & tricks to fan testimonials and recharging advice, our bumper guide is the only source you’ll ever need to answer all your Lost Mary questions. If you’re on the hunt for answers to a specific Lost Mary query, be sure to use our handy contents index above to jump straight to the relevant section. Now, without further ado, let’s dive in!

An Introduction To Lost Mary

Lost Mary is undeniably one of the hottest vape brands on the market right now, boasting hundreds of thousands of loyal fans worldwide and an unwavering reputation. But if you happen to be among the rare few who have never heard of them, this section will answer questions frequently asked by beginners to provide a brief introduction to the brand.

What is Lost Mary?

Lost Mary is one of the best-selling vape brands globally, best known for their popular range of disposable vapes. The unique and compact square-shape of their BM600 device was instrumental in shooting the brand to worldwide success, and despite only making their initial debut back in 2022, Lost Mary have gone on to release a whole range of other devices that continue to excite their loyal fanbase.

Who makes Lost Mary vapes?

As Lost Mary has rapidly established itself as a popular brand in its own right, you may be surprised to learn that they’re actually the brainchild of award-winning vape brand Elf Bar. When the first Lost Mary device hit UK shelves back in 2022, they arrived emblazoned with the iconic Elf Bar logo across both the device itself and its packaging.

Now, as Lost Mary has built up its own reputation and fanbase separate from other Elf Bar products, the brand decided to move forward by distancing the two names from each other to allow them to flourish independently. Nevertheless, Lost Mary vapes are currently, and always have been, made by Elf Bar. So regardless of the absence of the Elf Bar logo on the new packaging, you can rest easy knowing that your Lost Mary vape still packs all the same quality and performance you’d expect from an Elf Bar product.

Why is it called Lost Mary?

When hearing the term “Lost Mary” for the first time, admittedly, it doesn’t really conjure up an image of a disposable vape. It doesn’t seem to relate to vaping at all for that matter. So, it’s no surprise that one of the first questions newcomers to the brand seem to ask is, “why is it called Lost Mary?” Well, after some digging, I’ve finally got to the bottom of it. Sort of.

The brand itself gives an in depth, although somewhat convoluted explanation for the Lost Mary name from the brand. Here’s what they say:

Most things we love and do may be changed because time never stops. As a result, we could occasionally become disoriented and depleted and unable to discern our purpose in life. Despite the fact we cannot escape, life is nevertheless lovely and joyous. Grab a Lost Mary and calm down. The good times are just around the corner.”

In short, it’s fair to say that the brand seems to have chosen the name in order to evoke a sense of a place to turn when users are feeling “lost”.

A sense of calm among the chaotic and ever changing nature of our daily lives. Whether this explanation has any truth to it, I’m not sure. But either way, the name Lost Mary has done a great job at attracting attention and sparking questions among users, which may just have been the brand’s intention all along.

How Many Lost Mary Devices Are There?

If you live in the UK, you may be surprised to learn that aside from the three Lost Mary device types that can be found on our shelves, the brand actually has a further nine models available. This is because the brand has a whole range of other devices that aren’t TPD compliant, which essentially means they’re not permitted to be sold in the UK due to our current regulations surrounding vaping products.

However, countries such as the USA don’t have the same regulations in place, so the brand has designed products to be specifically sold in these markets. If all this TPD talk is confusing you, you’re not alone. Head over to my TPD Explained blog for a further look at how these laws and regulations affect which kinds of products you see in UK stores.

But as a general rule of thumb, non-TPD compliant devices tend to be larger, packing more battery power and pod capacity than TPD-compliant devices. This is because disposable vapes sold in the UK are restricted to a 2ml e-liquid capacity and 20mg/ml nicotine strength. Lost Mary has a grand total of 12 devices available, 3 of which are TPD-compliant.

Here’s a complete breakdown of every Lost Mary device, divided into their relevant TPD category:

TPD Compliant Lost Mary Devices

BM600 - Arguably Lost Mary’s most popular UK disposable device, boasting their iconic square-shaped design and ombre colour palette.

QM600 - The direct follow-up to their flagship BM600, this device is a bulkier rectangular disposable complete with a crystalline exterior.

● AM600 - A lightweight disposable with a more classic pen-style shape and colourful plastic shell.

Non-TPD Compliant Lost Mary Devices

● MO5000 - This mammoth device boasts a rechargeable battery and unique marbled appearance.

● OS5000 - Reminiscent of the BM600, this square-shaped device is rechargeable and features a tempered plastic shell.

● Luster 0S5000 - A special edition of the OS5000, the Luster comes with the added flair of a chrome casing.

● PSYPER - The brand’s first ever rechargeable, prefilled pod kit with replaceable pods.

● OS4000 - The same look and feel as the OS5000, but with a lower puff count.

● BM3500 - Essentially the same model as the BM600, but with a puff count of 3500.

● BM5000 - The same look and feel as the 3500, but with a higher puff count.

● CM1500 - A cylindrical pen-style disposable reminiscent of the Elf Bar 600.

● 3000 + 3000 PRO - These chubby bar-style devices come complete with a metallic textured casing.

Is Lost Mary Illegal?

No. In short, Lost Mary as a brand is not considered illegal. It’s a registered brand and their products are privy to the same rigorous testing and high standards as all other reputable vaping products.

However, certain Lost Mary devices are considered illegal to buy and sell in the United Kingdom. As mentioned above, this is due to strict UK TPD guidelines. As inconvenient as these regulations may seem, by retaining TPD, we can ensure a safe, efficient, and well-regulated e-cigarette industry for consumers, manufacturers, and retailers alike.

If you happen to come across any Lost Mary products that aren’t considered to be TPD compliant, such as an eliquid content of over 2ml or a nicotine strength above 20%, it’s important to note that they are not permitted in the UK. Any products that aren’t TPD compliant haven’t been approved or regulated and should be disposed of.

How To Use A Lost Mary Vape

If you’ve never had the pleasure of using a Lost Mary device before, fear not, I’m here to help. Thankfully, the very nature of disposable vapes means they’re incredibly easy to use and are designed to be as user-friendly and simple as possible for the consumer.

Here’s how to get started with your new Lost Mary vape:
(Please note, these instructions only apply to UK TPD-Compliant devices, instructions for other devices may differ.)

1. Scan the QR code on the side of your Lost Mary packaging to confirm the authenticity of your device.

2. Open the box, unseal the plastic wallet and remove your device.

3. Remove the silicone stopper from the mouthpiece and peel back the airflow sticker from the base of the device.

4. Your device is now ready to use. To activate it, inhale from the mouthpiece. You should notice a blue light at the base of your device as you inhale.

5. Exhale and enjoy the taste of the nicotine-rich vapour.

6. Continue using your device until the battery life is depleted. You’ll know your device is empty when the blue light flashes and no more vapour is produced.

7. Dispose of your device responsibly and grab another!

Are Lost Mary Vapes Easy To Use?

Thanks to the very nature of disposable vapes, they’re designed to be incredibly easy to use. Unlike more complicated vape kits, a Lost Mary disposable arrives pre-filled, pre-charged and ready to use right out of the box.

Users won’t have to worry about e-liquid refills or complicated coil changes. Plus, with no fancy screen or tricky settings to fiddle around with, even absolute beginners with no vaping knowledge will be able to use one. Of course, the above only applies to their standard UK devices. Some non-TPD compliant Lost Mary devices require a little more maintenance, such as recharging and changing pods.

However, even these devices are designed with beginners in mind, so you don’t have to be a vaping genius to get to grips with them.

What’s Inside A Lost Mary Vape?

The inner workings of a Lost Mary are almost identical to that of any other brand of disposable vape. Every disposable vape consists of four key components; a battery, a tank, a coil and vape juice.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how the different elements of a Lost Mary function:

● Battery - Every Lost Mary device is powered by a built-in battery. If you’re using a TPD-compliant device, this battery will be ready-charged. This also means that once the battery is depleted, it cannot be recharged.

● Tank - The tank inside a Lost Mary is found in the body of the device, and it’s the part that stores the e-liquid. All Lost Mary tanks arrive prefilled.

● Coil - Although you can’t see the coil of a Lost Mary, it’s a key component of your device. The coil is heated up by the battery, and allows it to convert the e-liquid into vapour.

● E-Liquid - Inside every Lost Mary device you will find nicotine-rich e-liquid in the form of nic salts. The exact amount and strength will depend on your specific Lost Mary device. For more information on the inner workings of disposables and how they compare to regular vape kits, head over to our guide: What Is A Disposable Vape?

Is Lost Mary Addictive?

Yes, all Lost Mary devices contain nicotine, and are therefore considered addictive. The exact nicotine strength can vary from product to product, but all Lost Mary disposables found on UK shelves will contain 20mg of nicotine (20%). While some brands offer nicotine-free vaping products, Lost Mary currently does not.

Due to their addictive nature, products containing nicotine should not be consumed by users under the age of 18 (or 21 in the USA). It’s also important to note that disposable vapes, like all vaping products, are designed to be a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Therefore, they’re not recommended for use by those who don’t already consume nicotine as doing so can lead to addiction.

If you’re trying to quit smoking but are unsure about how much nicotine you should be consuming when it comes to vaping products, head over to our handy Nicotine Strength Calculator. This useful tool will allow you to convert your average daily cigarette intake into a nicotine level, making it easy to find the right vape to suit your needs and find out whether or not a Lost Mary is the right strength for you.

Lost Mary Specifications

As we’ve already discussed, a Lost Mary vape can come in many shapes and sizes depending on where in the world you’re based. The specifications of your device will have a direct impact on your vaping experience, for example, a Lost Mary with a larger battery will have a longer lifespan.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the specifications of all Lost Mary devices, both TPD and non-TPD compliant, covering battery capacity, puff count, pod capacity, and nicotine strength:

Lost Mary Vape Ranges

Lost Mary BM600

● Battery Capacity: 350mAh
● Puff Count: 600
● Pod Capacity: 2ml
● Nicotine Strength: 2%

Lost Mary QM600

● Battery Capacity: 350mAh
● Puff Count: 600
● Pod Capacity: 2ml
● Nicotine Strength: 2%

Lost Mary AM600

● Battery Capacity: 350mAh
● Puff Count: 600
● Pod Capacity: 2ml
● Nicotine Strength: 2%

Lost Mary MO5000

 ● Battery Capacity: 500mAh (rechargeable)
● Puff Count: 5000
● Pod Capacity: 13.5ml
● Nicotine Strength: 5%

Lost Mary OS5000

● Battery Capacity: 650mAh (rechargeable)
● Puff Count: 5000
● Pod Capacity: 13ml
● Nicotine Strength: 5%

Lost Mary Luster OS5000

● Battery Capacity: 650mAh (rechargeable)
● Puff Count: 5000
● Pod Capacity: 13ml
● Nicotine Strength: 5%

Lost Mary PSYPER

● Battery Capacity: 1000mAh (rechargeable)
● Puff Count: 5000
● Pod Capacity: 13ml
● Nicotine Strength: 5%

Lost Mary OS4000

● Battery Capacity: 650mAh (rechargeable)
● Puff Count: 2500 + 5500
● Pod Capacity: 13ml
● Nicotine Strength: 2% + 5%

Lost Mary BM3500

● Battery Capacity: 1250mAh (rechargeable)
● Puff Count: 3500
● Pod Capacity: 10.5ml
● Nicotine Strength: 2%

Lost Mary BM5000

● Battery Capacity: 650mAh (rechargeable)
● Puff Count: 5000
● Pod Capacity: 14ml
● Nicotine Strength: 5%

Lost Mary CM1500

● Battery Capacity: 850mAh
● Puff Count: 1500
● Pod Capacity: 4.8ml
● Nicotine Strength: 5%

Lost Mary 3000

● Battery Capacity: 1250mAh
● Puff Count: 3000
● Pod Capacity: 14ml
● Nicotine Strength: 5%

How Much Nicotine Is In A Lost Mary?

The amount of nicotine inside your Lost Mary vape will depend on which version you have. However, all UK Lost Mary devices feature the same nicotine level (2%). This means for every 1ml of e-liquid it contains 20mg of nicotine.

How Many Puffs Does A Lost Mary Have?

Lost Mary disposable vapes found in the UK provide around 600 puffs. Typically, a Lost Mary will last anywhere between 1 to 3 days before it runs out. But the real answer to this question depends on you and your personal vaping style. A heavy vape user may run through their device in a single day, whereas less frequent use gives disposable vapes a longer lifespan.

Puff count is an estimate; so if you like to take long, deep drags, you may have a slightly lower count than noted on the box.

Lost Mary Flavours

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of Lost Mary that keeps its loyal fanbase coming back for more is the great variety of flavours on offer. With over 30 delicious profiles to choose from, catering to fruit fanatics, soft drink superfans, and sweet-toothed vapers, it’s no surprise that Lost Mary flavours have become a favourite worldwide. In this section, I’ll answer all your Lost Mary flavour questions, covering their full range and their best-selling blends.

How Many Flavours Of Lost Mary Are There?

Currently, there are 37 different Lost Mary flavour blends to choose from. To see a full description of each flavour available, head over to my comprehensive Lost Mary Flavour Guide. Meanwhile, here’s a quick breakdown of their complete catalogue:

● Blueberry Sour Raspberry
● Triple Melon
● Triple Mango
● Blueberry
● Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
● Blue Razz Cherry
● Strawberry Kiwi
● Double Apple
● Grape
● Juicy Peach
● Mad Blue
● Watermelon Lemon
● Pink Grapefruit
● Peach Strawberry Watermelon
● Blueberry Raspberry
● Watermelon Ice 
● Strawberry Ice
● Blue Razz Ice
● Red Apple Ice
● Pineapple Ice
● Cherry Ice

● Pink Lemonade
● Marybull Ice
● Cherry Peach Lemonade
● Cola
● Cotton Candy Ice
● Menthol
● Black Mint
● Mary Dream
● Bamboo Aloe
● Blackcurrant Apple
● Mint Tobacco
● Maryjack Kisses
● Orange Gummy Bear
● Pink Senorita
● Sakura Grape

What Is The Best Lost Mary Vape Flavour?

Unfortunately, there’s no straight answer to this question. Due to the subjective nature of flavours, the answer will depend on your own personal preference and taste. Nevertheless, it can be useful to find out which blends are causing the biggest stir among the vaping community.

So, if you want to see which Lost Mary flavours are trending at the moment, head over to my Top 5 Lost Mary Flavours blog for a quick look at the creme de la creme blends that keep users coming back for more.

Is Lost Mary A Good Vape?

Of course, once again, the answer to this question comes down to personal preference. However, when we take a look at how far the Lost Mary brand has come and how they’ve managed to achieve global success after just over a year of being on the market, it’s fair to say that many vape fans consider the Lost Mary to be a great vape.

The brand’s focus on simplicity and unique design choices have made the Lost Mary stand out from the crowd in a highly saturated and constantly growing disposable vape market. Their iconic square-shaped BM600 device has become synonymous with disposable vaping worldwide, and we don’t expect to see the brand slowing down any time soon.

Lost Mary Reviews

Following the success of their disposable vapes, Lost Mary continues to garner praise and support from vape fans and industry experts across the world.

If you’re keen to read a first-hand account of just how well their BM600 device performs, I’ve got you covered. I recently tried out this device for myself and shared my findings with our customers. Head over to my in-depth Lost Mary Review to find out what I thought of the device’s key features, how it performs and the flavour options available.

Lost Mary Testimonials

Don’t just take my word for it— our customers are as crazy about Lost Mary as I am! Here are just a handful of verified Lost Mary customer reviews from our website:

What our Lost Mary customers think.....

Helen C, United Kingdom

Got me off tobacco after a 30 year smoking career! Very prompt, swift delivery too!

Luckdeep K, United Kingdom

Amazing flavour.

Asif M, United Kingdom

Nice taste when vaping, definitely worth trying if you haven’t yet!

Bethany, United Kingdom

A go-to flavour, the only reason for 4 stars is due to repetitive use of flavour becoming boring so recommended alternating between at least two.

Katie B, United Kingdom

Fantastic, has really helped me stop smoking after deciding to quit spontaneously. Would definitely recommend it.

Ross D, United Kingdom

Can’t go wrong easily one of the best on the market at the moment.

Does a Lost Mary Require Any Maintenance?

No! Fortunately, all Lost Mary disposables sold in the UK don’t require any maintenance or upkeep at all, which is partly what makes them so appealing to their users. With no refills, coil swaps or recharging necessary, your Lost Mary will be ready to use straight out of the box for a seamlessly simple vaping experience.

However, if you’re based in the USA or a country where you’re able to get your hands on a non-TPD compliant device, it’s important to note that certain models will require some regular maintenance. Depending on the specific device you’re using, some versions of Lost Mary will need to be recharged or fitted with a replacement pod regularly.

Lost Mary Troubleshooting Tips

While we all wish our vaping experience could go smoothly all of the time, this isn’t always the case. As with all electrical equipment, it’s not unheard of to encounter problems with disposable vapes.

If your Lost Mary device isn’t working as it should, keep reading as I answer the most commonly asked troubleshooting queries relating to Lost Mary.

Why Is My Lost Mary Not Working?

There’s nothing more frustrating than a vape not working as it should. Fortunately, most Lost Mary issues are easily resolved.

Below is a list of common reasons why your Lost Mary might not be performing as usual, with some quick-fix tips to help you get back to vaping in no time!

- Dead Battery

The most common reason why a Lost Mary stops working as it should is because the battery has been depleted. A telltale sign that your battery has run out is a flashing blue light at the base of your device. This means it’s time to toss it out and grab another.

- Blocked Airflow

Like all disposables, a Lost Mary vape needs airflow to work. If you’re struggling to inhale on your device or are experiencing lacklustre vapour production, chances are, there’s a blockage in the airflow system. First, double check that you’ve removed the airflow sticker from the bottom of your device, as it won’t work unless this is removed. If that doesn’t solve the issue, ensure the rubber stopper has been removed from the mouthpiece and check for any debris or dust buildup that may have fallen into it.

- Water Damage

Although a Lost Mary device is pretty robust, it’s not invincible. If your device has come into contact with some water, it’s often easy enough to wipe it off the plastic casing and continue vaping. However, if a substantial amount of water has managed to seep inside your device, it may stop working. As a disposable vape is a piece of electrical equipment, it’s best not to try to resolve a water damage issue yourself. Instead, toss it out and replace it with another.

- Faulty Product

If the above issues don’t apply to you or you have a brand new Lost Mary vape that doesn’t work right out of the box, unfortunately, you’re probably dealing with a faulty product. There’s not much you can do to resolve a product fault yourself, so it’s best to contact the retailer you purchased it from and request a refund or replacement.

Can I Recharge A Lost Mary Vape?

If you’re in the UK, it is not possible to recharge your Lost Mary vape. All TPD-compliant disposable devices have a limited lifespan and will eventually need to be disposed of. However, some non-TPD Lost Mary devices are rechargeable, and you should follow the charging instructions found in the device packaging.

It’s important to note that users should never attempt to recharge a non-rechargeable disposable vape. Lost Mary devices are powered by a battery and other electrical elements, so deconstructing the device or attempting to recharge it can be dangerous.

Why Is My Lost Mary Not Charging?

If you’re using a rechargeable Lost Mary vape but are experiencing some issues when it comes to recharging your device, you’re in the right place. Below are some common Lost Mary recharging issues and some quick fixes on how to resolve them:

- Faulty Charger

All rechargeable Lost Mary devices should be paired with a USB Type-C charger. The most common problem associated with a Lost Mary not charging correctly is a faulty charger. To test if your charger is working, plug it into another compatible device and see if it works. If the other device also doesn’t charge, the issue lies with your charger and not your Lost Mary device.

- Dead Battery

Although rechargeable batteries have a very long lifespan, they are not immortal. Eventually, even large 650mAh batteries will reach their limit. If you’ve been using your Lost Mary for a long time, it’s probably time to swap out your old device for a new one.

- Obstructed Port

Over time, the charging port of your Lost Mary device can gather dust and debris from your pocket, bag or general everyday use. If this is the case, a simple clean-up should do the trick to get you back to vaping again. Similarly, check that the end of your charging cable is free from dust and debris to ensure a reliable recharge.

How To Charge A Lost Mary Vape

If you’re using a rechargeable Lost Mary vape, instructions for recharging can be found in the user manual found in your product packaging. But in case you misplaced it, here’s a quick rundown of how to charge your rechargeable Lost Mary:

1. Connect the USB charger to a reliable power source such as a laptop, computer or wall power outlet.

2. Take the opposite end of the charging cable and connect it to the charging port of your Lost Mary device. This is often found at the base of the device.

3. You should notice an illuminated light on your device to indicate that your Lost Mary is now charging. Leave the device for 1-2 hours to fully charge.

4. You’ll know your device is fully charged when the light is no longer illuminated. Disconnect your Lost Mary from the charging cable and unplug from the power source.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Lost Mary?

The length of time it takes to charge a Lost Mary will depend on the specific model you’re using. As a general rule, the larger your battery capacity, the longer the device will take to charge. But generally, most rechargeable Lost Mary vapes will reach full power after 1-2 hours of charging.

How Many Times Can I Recharge A Lost Mary?

You can recharge your Lost Mary vape multiple times until the e-liquid tank is completely empty. The exact amount of recharges you’ll get will depend on which device you’re using, as the larger the e-liquid capacity, the longer lifespan your vape will have. However, most rechargeable Lost Mary devices can be recharged a minimum of 5 or 6 times before the e-liquid is depleted.

How Much Does A Lost Mary Vape Cost?

One of the key reasons for the popularity of disposable vapes is thanks to their affordability. If you’re based in the UK, you can easily get your hands on a Lost Mary disposable for anything between £5-£7 depending on where you shop. Plus, if you’re buying in bulk, some retailers may offer a discount deal that makes the price per device far cheaper than this.

If you’re outside of the UK, Lost Mary prices tend to vary depending on the type of device you buy. Larger, rechargeable devices will cost you a little more.

Where To Buy Lost Mary

If you’re ready to get your hands on a Lost Mary vape in the UK. Give it a try for yourself, you’ve come to the right place! We proudly stock a great range of Lost Mary products, covering both their BM600 and QM600 ranges in over 35 delicious flavour profiles.

If you’re keen to try out the BM600, our bundle deals on all QM600 devices allows you to sample a handful of flavours for a reduced price to help you find your next go-to blend today! Plus, all orders over £20 are eligible for free shipping and we even offer ultra-fast DPD next-day delivery right to your door! If you are searching for Lost Mary near me then head over to our store locator to see where you can pop in and pick up in person at one of our Vape Stores.

Lost Mary at myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We believe that offering customers viable alternatives, such a disposable vape from Lost Mary, helps bring us that much closer to achieving our goal. A disposable e-cigarette is a great tool to help you make that all-important first step on your quit smoking journey.

Not only are they far simpler to use than conventional vape kits, but they’re great for users on the go thanks to their compact and portable design. If you want to see what other disposable options are out there before committing to Lost Mary, head over to my best quit smoking disposable vapes blog to see a comprehensive breakdown of the many disposables on the market to help you decide which e-cigarette is right for you.

If you’d rather skip the screen time and visit one of our in-store vape shops, we’ve got you covered. With 13 myCigara vape shops dotted all across the UK, you’re never too far away from your nearest myCigara location. Near London and in need of a vape stock-up? Head over to one of our 5 London locations!

Our brand new Fleet Street store is perfect for vape fans keen to visit the historic hub of the British Press, or if you’re seeking a more high-end and elegant day out, our Great Portland Street store is just a stone’s throw away from celebrity hotspot Mayfair. If you’re in East London, you can head over to either of our locations found on Liverpool Street or Dalston, perfect for those seeking out a hip and trendy vibe.

Alternatively, our Bethnal Green store is the perfect pitstop for those checking out the hub of multiculturalism, or history buffs can head right over to our Holborn store nestled among the old architecture of Central London. And of course, if you have any questions or want to reach out for a chat, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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