Everything You Need To Know About Vype

by Theo Wilson
Everything You Need to Know About Vype

Everything You Need to Know About Vype

GoVype is best known for its slimline Vype devices and compatible pods. Having gained prominence since their launch in the UK in 2013, there has been no stopping this brand from becoming a well-known name in the vape community. Far from being lost in the swathes of new vape companies popping up all over the country, GoVype stands out from the crowd as the ultimate hassle-free brand for new vapers and vapers who are always on-the-go. 

It comes as no surprise that since their launch GoVype has rolled out products across 25 countries worldwide. They focus on the science in vaping, which means that the success of their devices is no fluke. Their closed-system products (which are also called pod mods) took the market by storm, with the Vype ePen 3 and Vype ePod at the forefront of the brand’s success. The Vype ePod even took first place in the UK Product of The Year Awards 2020. 

GoVype’s longstanding success shows a streak of ingenuity. We knew that there must be something special going on behind the scenes at GoVype’s headquarters, and their upcoming transition to Vuse branding piqued our interest. This article tells you everything you need to know about the brand and its imminent rebrand.

Who Owns Vype

Who Owns Vype

CN Creative, a British start-up company, first developed and created the brand GoVype. It was then acquired by BAT in December 2012, for around £30-50 million.

BAT (British American Tobacco) was founded in 1902 when the American Tobacco Company and the UK’s Imperial Tobacco Company joined forces. 

BAT has a long and successful history in the nicotine business. A series of strategic purchases means that this company has stood the test of time. By 1960, BAT sold over 280 billion cigarettes and amassed trading profits over £58 million.

Their expansion did not stop there. From 1984 to 1989 they pushed forward with their plans and acquired Eagle Star, Allied Dunbar, and Farmers Group, and quickly became one of the largest insurance groups in the UK. 

When BAT acquired CN creative, their journey towards making Vype one of the biggest names in the business began. From there, CTBAT International Limited, which is a joint investment made up of subsidiaries of British American Tobacco and China National Tobacco Corporation, began trading.

They launched the first Vype e cig in the UK in 2013, which was housed under the brand term GoVype.  

Why Did Vype Change to Vuse?

In keeping with their goal of providing people with scientifically driven, less risky alternatives to smoking combustible cigarettes, BAT acquired Reynolds in 2017 and took control of their Vuse e cig brand. They have been marketing Vype products under the Vuse name in the global market for years.

Previously, Vuse products have only been available to the US market. Their devices and pods, which are strikingly similar to the Vype products available in the UK and other parts of Europe, won the lion’s share of the market with an astounding 33% in 2015.

BAT is now transitioning away from the Vype style branding that we are accustomed to seeing and moving towards a Vuse first approach. Towards the middle of 2021, all Vype products will be sold using Vuse branding. This transition towards a comprehensive global brand is part of a step towards creating a cohesive vape industry titan.

The good news is that the functional aspects of the devices themselves will remain relatively unchanged. All Vuse and Vype products are fully compatible, which means that you do not have to worry about buying new Vuse branding devices to fit your Vype refills.  

Despite this, vapers will see one major change. The standard Vype ePen 3 and Vype ePod model that comes with removable caps are being switched for the Vuse Device Kit.

This kit is a replica of the popular ePen and ePod devices in every away apart from the cap. By transitioning to a device that does not have caps, BAT has given customers the ability to choose their preferred e liquid from the beginning.

Why Did Vype Change to Vuse?
Which Vype Is Best?

Which Vype Is Best?

GoVype has a vast range of products designed to help smokers transition to a healthier nicotine alternative. Since the early beginnings of Vype devices in 2013, the brand has branched out to create several distinct kits, all of which can be compared against each other on the GoVype website.

Two devices stand out from the crowd. Both the Vype ePen 3 and the Vype ePod have amassed a large following of dedicated fans for their insistence on a hassle-free vape experience that does not compromise on quality.

GoVype has been able to dominate a large share of the market by creating devices that focus on style and performance as a baseline. Although the two separate devices each have functions that are suited to different vapers, they look strikingly alike. In an effort to find the best device of all, our team of writers compared the Vype ePen 3 and the Vype ePod based on design, battery life, pods, and more.

Are Vype Pods Recyclable?

Both Vype ePen 3 cartridges and Vype ePod cartridges are closed-pod systems, which means that refilling traditional tanks is a thing of the past. Vype cartridges come pre-filled with an e liquid nic salt and simply slot into the compatible device. Vapers can then simply dispose of the pod once it is empty.

Despite the disposable nature of their products, GoVype is committed to reducing its environmental impact. People who have purchased Vype devices or Vype refills can return them to the company to ensure that they are being disposed of correctly. This means that Vype products will not end up in landfill sites. To find out more about this initiative and the returns address, visit Vype’s product disposal page. 

To further their environmental efforts, GoVype has launched the Drop The Pod campaign. It encourages vapers to recycle their Vype refills in any Vype vape shop across the country. Twenty empty pods can be exchanged for any pack of pods. Find your nearest participating store and get involved in GoVype’s campaign.

Vype Where to Buy?

Vype Where to Buy?

There is a world of flavour sensations to choose from in our online vape shop. We stock over twenty Vype refills that are compatible with the Vype ePen 3 and the Vype ePod. With a range of tobacco, mint, and mixed berries e liquid options, there is something for everyone in this innovative range.

With each and every product they produce, GoVype makes sure to cater to all of their customers. People who want to transition from smoking to vaping without the complicated device set-up process love Vype devices. The compatible pods come in 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine strength options, which is ideal for people who want an immediate and intense vape hit, or those who want to gradually lower their nicotine consumption.

We know that all our customers have different preferences. With our top 5 vape flavours article, it has never been easier to find a flavour that will suit your taste buds. Explore the range of flavour profiles in our catalogue and discover your new favourite e liquid today.

Vype at myCigara

Vype products are an essential part of our catalogue because we share a common goal. Like us, GoVype is intent on providing a smoke-free nicotine alternative to people all over the globe. By bringing science to the forefront of their research and development team, Vype has managed to invent products that do not compromise on any aspect of your vaping experience.

Here at Cigara, we are committed to making the UK smoke free. In our online vape store you will find products to suit every taste. Whether you are a beginner looking for a hassle-free vape starter kit, shortfill e liquids that can be customised to suit your preferences or sub ohm tanks built for cloud chasers, we have got you covered. We pride ourselves on the premium quality of all the products in our catalogue. When you buy from us, you can rest assured that you are buying products that stand the test of time.