Water Based Vaping Explained

by Jemma Wolfe

Water-Based Vaping Technology Explored

The world of vaping has evolved significantly since its inception, and brands are constantly on the hunt for fresh and cutting-edge ways to improve user’s vaping experience to help them quit smoking for good. Among the newest and most exciting advancements in the industry is water-based vaping, an innovative alternative to conventional eliquid. But is this technology likely to revolutionise the way we vape in the long run?

We're here to take a closer look at water based vaping technology, covering how it works, what brands are leading the space and how it compares to traditional vaping to find out if it's a viable alternative to conventional vaping methods. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What Is Water-Based Vape Technology?

Water-based vaping can’t be achieved simply by adding water to conventional eliquid, so specific technology had to be designed to make this happen. While a handful of brands have attempted this in the past, the only one that’s managed to master it is Aquios Labs.

By developing innovative hardware that can handle less viscous liquids such as water, Aquios is leading this space by creating vape kits that contain eliquid with a 30% water content. Although this might not seem substantial, it's far higher than we've ever seen before, as most eliquids on the market contain only 3% water, or even no water at all.

As well as inventing the ideal hardware for vaporising water-based eliquid, they've also specially crafted flavoured e-liquids with water as a primary ingredient. Aquios are even looking at new ways to increase the water content even further in the future.

Can You Vape Water?

While it’s not advisable to vape just water, and you certainly shouldn’t consider topping up your vape kit with water straight from the tap, many store-bought eliquids contain a small amount of water content. However, eliquid tends to be primarily oil-based, containing 4 key ingredients: propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerine, flavourings, and often nicotine.

As water lacks viscosity, it’s more prone to leaking and damaging your device, but some brands are exploring the concept of water-based vaping by developing vape kits capable of handling this thinner, watered-down eliquid.

Are There Any Benefits to Water Based Vaping?

While this technology is still very much in its infancy, there is already some evidence to suggest that there are some great advantages to vaping with a water-based device or eliquid. We’ve highlighted the key benefits of water-based vaping below:

1. Better Flavour

According to Aquios, water-based eliquid can improve user’s overall vaping experience by enhancing flavour clarity. Since conventional e-liquid usually contains vegetable glycerine (VG) which has a slightly sweet taste, replacing some of this VG content with water can minimise its overall sweetness as water is entirely tasteless, thus ensuring you’re always experiencing the full taste of your chosen eliquid flavour. 

2. Less Irritation

It’s believed that by reducing the amount of propylene glycol (PG) in eliquid and replacing it with water can deliver a smoother and more natural vape that minimises irritation. As water is a natural substance that’s abundant in our bodies, it’s more easily absorbed, reducing the chance of dehydration leading to a more pleasant vaping experience.

3. Lower Temperatures

Water has a boiling point of 100°C, which is far lower than the boiling point of PG and VG which are 189 °C and 292 °C, respectively. This means that a water-based vaping device is able to operate at a far lower temperature than a conventional vape kit. This helps to keep your device cool, lowering the chances of overheating and improving chemical stability. 

Are There Any Downsides to Water Based Vaping?

While we’ve already established that there are many benefits to water-based vaping, it’s also important to note that this new technology won’t be suitable for everyone. One consequence of using water-based eliquid is that it produces less vapour. This is because the water replaces some of the VG content (which is responsible for dense vapour production), so this won’t be great news for cloud chasers and fans of sub-ohm vaping.

Another possible downside of water-based vaping is a lacklustre throat hit. Many vape fans— particularly ex-smokers— enjoy a satisfying MTL experience that delivers throat hits which mimic the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette. E-liquid with a high water content is less likely to deliver these intense throat hits, resulting in a lighter vape experience that some users won’t find satisfying enough.

Is There a Water-Based Vape?

Yes! Thanks to the technology developed by Aquios Labs, they’ve recently released a device that uses their innovative AQ30 30%-water eliquid. By partnering with popular and established hardware brand Innokin, users are now able to get their hands on the world’s very first water-based vape kit— the Lota F600.

The Lota F600 is a brand new disposable vape kit that uses the Aquios water-based technology, containing eliquid with a 30% water content. This e-cigarette promises to deliver a smoother and more discreet vaping experience when compared to regular disposables. The Lota F600 is available in a range of popular and exciting flavours, covering fruity favourites and sweet-inspired blends to cater to all tastes.

Water Based Vaping Verdict

The introduction of water-based technology is certainly an exciting advancement in the world of vaping, and we’re keen to see how it develops in the future. The possibility of a smoother vaping experience, reduced irritation and stronger flavour is thrilling to say the least. But it’s clear to see that water-based vaping isn’t for everyone.

If you’re already a fan of disposable vapes and want to try out a device that delivers a lighter, more discreet experience, a water-based vape is definitely worth looking into. However, if you’re a lover of thick clouds, strong throat hits and non-disposable devices, the water-based vaping technology currently on offer is unlikely to satisfy you. Nevertheless, we’re excited to see where this new technology will lead and if it will expand to suit other vaping styles in the future.

Water Based Vaping at myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We believe that offering customers viable alternatives helps bring us that much closer to our goal.

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