Top 5 Vuse Pods

by Theo Wilson
Best Vuse Pods & Prefilled Cartridges

Best Vuse Pods & Prefilled Cartridges

One of the leading brands in the vape starter kit segment, Vuse—the brand formerly known as Vype—have carved out a space for themselves through a laser-focus on quality over quantity. Offering their fans a carefully curated range of vape juice, Vuse pods are free of fuss, yet full of flavour, giving users seamless and straightforward satisfaction, wrapped up in slick, sleek design.

This blog will go over some of the top flavours of Vuse pods available, with selections for both the Vuse ePen and the Vuse ePod to keep everyone happy. A vape starter kit from Vuse is an ideal way to help newer users quit smoking; as such, our blog will take you through a mix of flavours to ensure that no matter where your tastes lie, there should be something here to tempt you.

5. Vanilla Medley Vuse ePod

First up on our list of the best Vuse Pods is a wonderfully fragrant flavour profile, one that’s sure to please refined palates seeking to be free from smoking. Layered and luscious, Vanilla Medley Vuse ePod cartridges strike a soothing balance between bright, aromatic notes and deep, satisfying sweetness.

Leading upfront on the inhale is the sprightly, suitably intoxicating vibrancy of Vanilla, full of heady, aromatic notes, creamy yet simultaneously piquant.

This vivid vanguard is then temptingly tempered with succulent swirls of lush, golden honey, providing a floral sweetness that’s bold yet deep and complex. Closing off this mesmerising flavour journey is a subtle sprinkling of woodsy, crisp cinnamon —well regarded as an especially potent spice for helping to curb cravings when you quit smoking.

The vpro range from Vuse uses nic salts to deliver fast-acting nicotine relief through bold flavour and smooth, full-bodied throat hits.

Vanilla Medley Vuse pods are a sumptuous choice to help you along on your quit smoking journey, giving you a little hit of everyday luxury that’s sure to help you say goodbye to cigarettes forever.

4. Wild Berries Vuse ePen

The next Vuse pods profile on the list is a bit of a shift, but still one that’s bursting with deeply delicious, naturally nice flavour. For the Vuse ePen 3, Wild Berries is a richly refreshing blend that’s certain to soothe your cravings and slake your thirst in one deft swoop.

An intoxicating blast of fresh air, Wild Berries is a masterful mixture of bright Strawberry, zesty Raspberry, and soft, subtle Blueberry, all swirled together with a lovely little spritz of fragrant vanilla. The total effect is a crisp and clean feeling, giving you a flavour that goes hand in hand with the device it’s designed for.

 Fresh and fruity flavours such as this one are highly beneficial if you’re looking to quit smoking; zesty flavours, such as Wild Berries, have an invigorating effect that’s perfect for staving off cigarette cravings.

What’s more, Vuse Wild Berries ePen cartridges are available in nicotine strengths from 18mg all the way down to 0mg, giving you complete control to evenly taper off your nicotine consumption.

3. Golden Tobacco Vuse ePod

Our next set of Vuse Pods differ from the last two, going back to a classic you’ll likely be well-versed in, the time-honoured tones of Tobacco.

While many users will no doubt find that switching flavours is helpful when trying to quit smoking, others still are sure to want to stick with that trusty taste —keeping what works, whilst weeding out the waste.

Golden Tobacco vpro Vuse pods use nic salts, so you can rest assured that swift, strong, and steady satisfaction from nicotine is never far off, being deftly delivered in the form of rich flavour and full-bodied throat hits that will help you forget all about smokes.

Warm and woodsy, robust and rugged, with just the subtlest hint of aromas such as oak, caramel and coffee, cut through with a slightly nutty depth, Golden Tobacco is a full-force flavour you won’t want to miss out on.

Available in 12mg or 18mg nicotine strengths, vpro Golden Tobacco Vuse pods are a fresh, contemporary spin on old-world charm; removing all the worst parts of smoking and leaving you with rich flavour and rugged refreshment.


2. Blended Tobacco Vuse ePen

For our best Vuse pods, our silver-medal spot goes to yet another Tobacco flavour. That’s right —but some flavours are so nice, you’ve just got to include ‘em twice. Still, there’s enough of a difference to make it worth including both.

Firstly, we wanted to make sure that fans of both the Vuse ePod and the Vuse ePen 3 had a trusty Tobacco taste to choose from.

Secondly, the Blended Tobacco Vuse pods win out for a crucial reason: they’re available in a wider range of strengths, all the way down to 0mg. That way, you can taper off in full control and—eventually—enjoy a full-on flavour, fully free of nicotine.

Finally, Blended Tobacco Vuse pods are a subtly different flavour than their vpro counterpart; less sweet, but with a deeper, more complex palate.

The right amount of bitterness that bites beautifully, without ever boiling over into sourness; a woodsy, toasted, charred flavour, crisp and comforting, coffee-kissed and classic from the first puff to the last.

1. Chilled Mint Vuse ePod

Finally, coming in at the top spot of our best Vuse pods, it’s one cool customer, calmly sweeping up the gold medal: Chilled Mint vpro Vuse Pods. No surprise, given its placement; this one’s got a lot of winning qualities.

Like the rest of its vPro brethren, Chilled Mint Vuse pods use nic salts, guaranteeing an unrivalled depth of flavour, throat hits that are both silky-smooth and sturdily full-bodied, and nicotine satisfaction that’s as fast-acting as it is long-lasting.

All this serves to deliver a deft and delicious vape experience that’s certain to see cigarettes made a thing of the past.Of course, what makes Chilled Mint Vuse Pods really stand out among their peers is their flavour.

No mere mediocrity, this is instead a multilayered masterclass in massively minty majesty. Tantalise your tastebuds with the thrilling trifecta of crisp, sweet Spearmint, bold, bright Peppermint, and the soothing, balancing tones of Menthol.

Whether you need a quick pick-me-up on the go, or a cooling caress as you kick back at the end of the day, Chilled Mint Vuse Pods are a superlatively satisfying slice of mouthwatering goodness that will never let you down.


Vuse Pods at myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We see vaping as a viable method to help people quit smoking, and we believe that by providing our customers with a wide range of products and guides, we can help more people make the switch and come closer to achieving our goal.

Vuse is an especially good brand to help new users looking to quit smoking, as their sleek and straightforward devices are designed to be easy to use, providing a smooth transition from the sensation of smoking whilst signalling toward the variety available in vaping.

If you’re already a Vuse user and want a run through the full ePod flavours then read through our flavours guide. If you have questions, take a peek at our Vuse FAQs. If you need to take a step back for a broader overview of vaping, don’t hesitate to check out some of our key beginner pages, new to vaping and facts & stats.

As a business, our focus is on providing the best possible customer service, so drop us a line if you have any other questions, or head into your nearest myCigara vape shop for a chat with our expert staff.

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