Collection: Lost Mary Tappo Pods

Here you can find the full range of Lost Mary Tappo Pods, compatible with the new Tappo Pod Kit from Lost Mary—Choose from 15 delicious Lost Mary flavours today!

Lost Mary Tappo Pods

The Lost Mary Tappo is the brand new and first-ever prefilled pod kit from the popular vape brand, Lost Mary. Boasting the same compact and matchbox-style shape as the Lost Mary BM600 disposable vape, the Tappo is a reusable Lost Mary that can be paired with the new range of Tappo pods.

Lost Mary Tappo Flavours

These Lost Mary pods are available in 15 delicious flavour profiles, featuring plenty of fan-favourite Lost Mary flavours. Lost Mary vape pods serve up lots of variety, offering numerous fruity favourites, sweet treats, soft drinks and tobacco blends to choose from, ensuring there’s a Tappo pod to suit everyone.

Can’t decide on a flavour? Explore our exclusive 4-for-£20 bundle offer on Lost Mary vape pods, allowing you to mix and match for your preferred blend. Here’s a selection of Tappo flavours available in this enticing deal: 

Tropical Fruit
Strawberry Raspberry
Peach Ice
Cherry Cola
Blue Sour Raspberry
Lemon Lime
Strawberry Ice

Key Features

The Tappo pod kit sports a small and compact shape that looks just like a Lost Mary disposable vape, making it perfect for users on the go who want a discreet vaping experience.

Each Tappo pod houses a cutting-edge QUAQ mesh coil specially designed to ensure maximum flavour until the very last puff and prolong the lifespan of your vape pods.

Perfect for fans of Lost Mary disposables looking for something more long-lasting, this reusable Lost Mary tastes and feels just like the real thing.

Each Tappo pod contains 2ml of Lost Mary vape juice in the form of nic salts, which provide fast-acting relief that’s ideal for those trying to quit smoking.

Frequently Asked Questions - Lost Mary Tappo FAQs

1. What Is Lost Mary Tappo?

The Tappo is the first pod kit to come from the global brand, Lost Mary Vape. This Lost Mary pod kit can be paired with Tappo prefilled pods for an experience that tastes and feels just like a disposable vape, but can be used again and again. Pod kits serve as a great middle ground for those looking to break away from disposables with a more sustainable kit, but don’t want to fuss around with messy refills and coil changes.

2. How Long Do Tappo Pods Last?

These Lost Mary pods contain 2ml of nic salt e-liquid, which can provide up to 600 potent puffs of enjoyment. However, as this puff count is just an estimate, the exact lifespan of your Lost mary pod will depend on how often you vape and your individual vaping habits.

3. Can I Use Elfa Pods In My Lost Mary Tappo?

Yes! Elf Bar Elfa Pro prefilled pods are compatible with the Lost Mary Tappo pod kit, which gives you access to a whole host of new flavours. So if you want to enjoy the great taste of Elf Bar as well as Lost Mary, you only need to get your hands on this one device.

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