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Nicotine Salts also known as Salt Nic are essential for more mature vapers who appreciate the ability to choose their preferred strength. These compositions feature intense nicotine strength that is not found in e-liquid products. We stock 10mg and 20mg nic salt juice options to satisfy every taste bud. Browse through our range of dessert, drinks, sweet, menthol, tobacco, mint, and fruit flavoured nicotine salt bases to discover your new favourite sensation.

What are nic salts?

Salts are created from an organic form of nicotine found in leaf tobacco. Nicotine is naturally absorbed into the bloodstream in mere seconds, making for an intense vape experience with reduced throat hits. Salt nic juice typically comes in 10ml bottles and contains either 10mg or 20mg strength options.

Who do we recommend nicotine salt e-liquid UK products for?

Salt nicotine e-liquids are appropriate for any users who want to add a nicotine kick to their e cig liquid or those who prefer pod systems. Pod systems eliminate the need for vape tanks. Users simply click in their preferred pod, activate their device, and begin vaping. We recommend these products for a wide variety of customers. The great thing about our range is that it replicates the throat hit you would typically receive from an average cigarette. For that reason, both beginner and advanced users love to stock up on their favourite salts.

What coil should I use for Nic Salt?

For the best nicotine salt vape, ensure that you use a coil over 1.0ohm. Be wary of using coils with a lower resistance, because they can cause a burnt sensation with even the best nic salt juice UK options. For a more intense vape hit, opt for a vape pen with an adjustable airflow feature.

Salt nicotine e-liquid at myCigara

Here at myCigara, we cater to a vast variety of different vapers. We know that some of our customers want simple, starter liquids that they can rely on, whereas others want 20mg salt nicotine e-liquids that pack a punch. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. With our UK free delivery policy, your next batch of vape juices just become more affordable.

Recommended Products

We’re proud to stock fan favourites in our online vape shop. If you’re looking for tried and tested products, look no further than Dinner Lady nic salts and Nasty Juice nic salts. Browse below to discover more classics in this range.

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