Are Geek Bars Safe?

by Theo Wilson
Geek Bar Safety Health Scare - Reviewed!

Geek Bar Safety Health Scare - Reviewed!

Recently, there’s been some reporting on “super-strength” Geek Bar vape devices finding their way into the hands of teenagers, their popularity further fueled by social media posting. News outlets have written on what they call a “teenage vaping health scare” suggesting that these “super-strength” devices are readily available to teenagers. To be sure, underage vaping is a genuine cause for concern, as are vape devices that are either fake or otherwise not market regulated.

The fact is that Geek Bar devices themselves are safe, legal, and fully regulated for the UK market. However, the issue lies with people managing to acquire stronger devices not meant for the UK market, and/or counterfeit devices.

We aim to take you through what Geek Bar devices are; how they work, and who they’re aimed at. Primarily, we want to set the record straight in regards to these recent reports, and regarding Geek Bar and disposable vaping in general. We want to provide you with the correct information, so that you’re not left feeling like you have unanswered questions —not least if you’re reading this as someone who is actually interested in using vaping as a way to quit smoking.

In addition, being a member of UKVIA we’ll also cover the key points of vaping laws and regulations in the UK, as well as how to identify legitimate Geek Bar products and issues surrounding underage vaping.

What are Geek Bars?

Geek Bar is the brand name for a range of disposable vaping products. Their parent company is Geekvape, a reputable and long-standing brand in the vaping market who previously focused mostly on the design and manufacture of high-end, advanced vape kits.

Geekvape created Geek Bar as their flagship disposable vape pen in order to cater to a new, rapidly growing market sector. Disposable vape devices in general are designed to be both more portable and convenient than standard vape kits. The basic functionality of disposable vapes is largely similar to that of standard vape kits, which we’ll get into further down. As we’ve mentioned that these devices were created to cater to a new market, you may be asking: who are disposable vapes for?

As with all vape kits, disposable vapes are aimed at people who already use nicotine. They are not a toy, or a hobby, or in any way a novelty item.

Here at myCigara, we sell vape products for one reason: to help smokers give up smoking for good. Vape products are simply a tool for smoking cessation. They are produced, marketed, and sold as such —and disposable vapes are no exception.

For us, our marketing of disposable vapes caters to two main groups. Firstly, we sometimes suggest them for smokers as an accessible entry point for making the switch to vaping. Secondly, we offer them to regular/pre-existing vape users as a portable backup device.

So, Geek Bars are nothing more or less than a simple, entry-level vaping product, aimed specifically at smokers transitioning into vaping, or as a backup device for regular vape users on the go.

Are Geek Bars Illegal in the UK?

In May of 2016, the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) came into force in EU member states. TPD lays out rules and regulations for the manufacturing and sale of all tobacco products, as well as e-cigarettes and all other vape products.

When it comes to disposable vape pens, these are the key TPD rules to be aware of:

●A maximum vape tank capacity of 2ml.
●A maximum nicotine strength of 20mg/ml (20%) for e-liquid.
●All products must be submitted to MHRA before being approved for sale.
●All products must contain relevant warnings and information

As such, vape products containing e-liquid —such as disposable vapes —are only available to purchase in select strengths and volumes in the UK.

However, the rules for the volume and strength of vape products are different in other countries, for example in the U.S.

When it comes to Geek Bar specifically, they have three different models of their signature vape pen.

Geek Bar Lite

  • 1.8ml of e-liquid
  •  20mg/ml strength
  •  2% nic salt
  • ~ 400 puffs

Geek Bar (Standard)

  • 2ml of e-liquid
  •  20mg/ml strength
  •  2% nic salt
  • ~ 575 puffs

Geek Bar Pro

  • 4.5ml of e-liquid
  •  50mg/ml strength
  •  5% nic salt
  • ~ 1500 puffs

The Geek Bar Lite, the standard eponymous Geek Bar, and Geek Bar Pro.

Neither the standard Geek Bar or the Lite exceed the legal e-liquid capacity of 2ml, thus both models are TPD-compliant and are legal to sell in the UK. By contrast, the Geek Bar Pro is exclusively for the US market; it contains 4.5ml of e-liquid, placing it outside the bounds of TPD compliance. Therefore it is not legally for sale to customers in the UK.

In summation, the Geek Bar standard and Geek Bar Lite are TPD-compliant and legal to purchase in the UK. The US-specific Geek Bar Pro device is illegal in the UK, so be wary of any attempts to sell you this model. Only purchase your vape products from reputable vape-specific retailers, and avoid third-party purchases through non-reputable sellers on online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

Is Geek Bar Safe?

In short: Yes they are safe! Geek Bar is a product from Geekvape, who are a trusted, recognised and reputable hardware brand in the vaping industry. As noted in the previous section, like all other genuine vaping products in the UK, they are in compliance with TPD rules including MHRA approval.

Some of the concern regarding vaping in general often stems from the suggestions that we don’t know what’s in vape kits and e-liquid, as well as concerns regarding unknown long-term effects. However, vape devices —disposable ones in particular —are relatively simple. Geek Bar vape pens consist of an internal lithium-ion battery, a 2ml tank which holds the e-liquid, a coil for heating the liquid, and a mouthpiece —all of which is contained within a plastic casing.

The e-liquid itself contains nicotine salts (extracted from tobacco leaves), and two food-grade carrier liquids: vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. As such, because they are both TPD-compliant and manufactured by one of the biggest brands in vape hardware,

Geek Bar vape pens are entirely safe to use. In addition, because disposable vapes are sold ready to use —they are already filled and charged —there is little room for operational error.

 “Safe” is however a relative term, so it’s absolutely worth reiterating: these products contain nicotine, and are intended solely for use by adults, as an alternative to smoking and as a smoking cessation aid. They are not for sale to, or to be used by, minors —and nor, for that matter, should they be used by adult non-smokers. A final point to note here is that all of the above holds true only for genuine Geek Bar brand disposable vapes.

How Do I Know My Geek Bar is Real?

The easiest way to verify the legitimacy of your Geek Bar products is through the brand’s own verification tool. Simply locate the security code on your device and enter it on the Geek Bar verification page.

If you can’t find the code on your device, it’s a counterfeit and should be disposed of immediately and responsibly.

To further prevent the sale of counterfeit or imitation devices, Geek Bar have recently updated their packaging, so bear this in mind if you’re purchasing your device in-store. With that said, some suppliers may still carry previous Geek Bar stock in the older packaging.

However, such devices can still be checked with the verification too. In any case, you should always ensure that you purchase all vaping products from reputable, dedicated vape retailers.

At myCigara, all of our stock is TPD-compliant and purchased directly from verified distributors, so you can rest assured you’re only ever getting genuine products.

In addition to this, we use age verification on all orders and purchases to prevent any sales to minors.

If you have purchased from elsewhere and want to do further spot checks and ensure you have the real product then take a look at our "How to spot the fake Geek Bar guide".

Should I Let my Teenager Vape Geek Bar?

The short answer is no. We’ve written on this topic previously in the blog posts ‘Can I Vape at 16?’ and ‘Can my Teenager Vape?’.

UK law states that the minimum age for purchase and use of any and all vaping products is 18.

Vaping disposable pens can't be used by anyone under the age of 18. That's because the device uses a nicotine cartridge, which isn't designed for those who are underage.

In light of these restrictions, it's important to lock up your device if you have younger siblings or children around just in case they find their way into this product.

Discard any used vape disposables as soon as possible so your teen has zero access to them.

As noted, we require age verification for all online purchases; likewise, our retail stores operate according to “Think 25” policy. As such, we do not and will not sell to minors. 

Safe Certified Geek Bars at myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. For nearly a decade now, this has been the guiding ethos of our business. For us, the marketing and sale of vape products is in service of this one goal —to help smokers quit smoking, and stay quit.

If vaping appeals to you as a means of cessation and you want to learn more, we recommend starting with our Basic Guide to Vaping. If you’re already familiar with the basics, and want to know more about Geek Bar specifically, we’ve got a rundown of their top 5 flavours, and a comparison blog showing how they stack up against another leading disposable vape as well as a Geek Bar Review.

The key thing for us is that we want you to have the best possible information regarding vaping so that you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you. So make sure to check out our other blogs and guides, and if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date on industry news, blogs, and exclusive offers.