Best Quit Smoking Disposable Vape

by Theo Wilson
Best Disposable Vapes to Quit Smoking

Best Disposable Vapes to Quit Smoking

As we enter into the month of October, there’s never been a better time to try to quit smoking. The NHS and Public Health England have once again rolled out their Stoptober campaign, so you can rest assured that all across the country a multitude of smokers will be attempting to make this same positive change. As the seasons likewise change, autumn drifting slowly but surely into winter, it’s worth dwelling on how to best look after yourself as we enter the coldest time of year, and to consider the health benefits of quitting smoking.

Whilst quitting smoking is still famously difficult, it may be made easier by solidarity; in taking up the Stoptober 28-day challenge alongside so many others.

Also making things easier is the availability of disposable vapes. Offering a lower barrier of entry to vaping than standard vape kits, disposables are both cheaper and more convenient, which hopefully should help more smokers making the leap from cigarettes to vaping. At myCigara, we recognise that each and every individual is unique.

What kind of vape experience a person seeks, what will be most effective for them in order to quit smoking,will of course vary from person to person. With that said, in this blog we have —roughly — attempted to divide smokers into five rough categories, based on how frequently a person smokes, and in what situations. There are a lot of options out there, so we’ll walk you through some of the best disposable vapes to help you on your personal quit smoking journey.

The Social Smoker

If you only ever smoke in the company of other smokers —on nights out, while drinking, outside the restaurant after a group meal —you’re probably a social smoker. You don’t tend to smoke during your working hours, and you certainly aren’t reaching for a packet of cigarettes first thing in the morning.

We’re talking about the type of smoker who can probably stretch a 20-pack over several weeks, who doesn’t immediately go out for a new pack once the old one’s empty. As a social smoker you probably won’t need, or indeed want, the biggest and beefiest disposable vape. You want something light, sleek, and —why not? —shiny and fun.

E-liquid giants Dinner Lady were an early adopter of disposable vapes, setting the tone with a variety of vibrant flavours in a portable package.

Their Vape Pen2 gives you a full-fledged vaping experience at not even the push of a button. This draw-activated device delivers around 400 puffs, or the rough equivalent of a 20-deck. It may not last too long under heavy use, but for the social smoker Dinner Lady should be just the ticket, its familiar cigalike shape and modest price making it a far better investment than yet another pack of fags. As for flavour: everyone’s different but, for sure satisfaction after a luxurious meal, or as pick-me-up between pints, you can’t go wrong with Smooth Tobacco.


The Stress Smoker

Is smoking something you only do on occasion, when you feel like you need a little break from it all, something to take the edge off? You smoke occasionally, but probably wouldn’t go so far as to call yourself a “proper” smoker.

Do you find yourself trying to sneak in a few cheeky drags of a cigarette where you can? Do you often find you end up stubbing out cigarettes before they’re finished? If this sounds like you, we would recommend a device like the Beco Bar. Not only is this one of the smallest, most discreet and unobtrusive vapes on the market, it's also one of the most affordable.

With its unique, flat, bar-shaped design, the Beco Bar is perfect for slipping in and out of your pocket whenever you need a quick puff. At 300 puffs, it won’t withstand the heaviest use, but should last you a decent while if you only tend to have a couple draws a day.

Plus, with each puff giving you a hit of 20mg-strength nic salts, you can be sure that your cravings will stay curbed for longer. If you’re still craving a little taste of tobacco, but with a fresh twist, check out the Menthol Tobacco flavour. Take a look through our "Top 5 Puff Beco Bar flavour" countdown to pick the right one for you.


The Light Smoker

Let’s say you smoke habitually, but you probably never have more than ten a day at most, and you certainly don’t chainsmoke. You smoke every day, but a pack tends to last you a few days. So, you’re probably what most would consider a light smoker.

If you’re someone that smokes everyday, but not massively so, you’ll probably want a disposable vape that is robust and reliable, but that doesn’t necessarily need to be the most powerful. In that case, a disposable vape from Frumist is probably in your ballpark.

Frumist have been manufacturing disposables for a while now, and they’re nothing if not reliable. These sleek, black pen-style devices are understated, but their ergonomic mouthpiece ensures that every puff delivers full-bodied throat hits and rich flavour, making them an excellent replacement for cigarettes.

They sit comfortably in the middle range in terms of price and power; with 500 puffs, you’ve probably got enough juice to get you through four or five days at a far lower cost than cigarettes. For flavour, you could stick with classic Tobacco —or, if you want to get off cigarettes it might be worth disassociating yourself from that flavour with something fruity, like the always-popular dark juiciness of Grape.

The Office Smoker

Most of your smoking takes place during your workday. A workday that’s busy, fast-paced. In fact, part of the reason you smoke in the first place is to take the edge off your hectic, high-flying job. The nicotine keeps you sharp, but also helps smooth out the ragged edges.

Even so, you don’t always have time to savour a whole cigarette. Sound familiar? If so, you probably fall into the category we’ve called “the office smoker.” You work in the city, your days see you jetting from tube to trading floor, from conference call to business lunch, from the boardroom to the bar for those after-work drinks. You want a device that’s suitably slick and seamless, that you can slip easily into your pocket when you head out in the morning, safe in the knowledge that it’ll see you through until you get back home at night.

In this case, we would recommend the Beco Mate. Petite yet potent, it rests with equal comfort in both palm and pocket, yet still delivering a smooth and steady nicotine hit. Moderately priced and offering a hefty 550 puffs, it’s well within your price range and guaranteed to see through from sunrise until after sunset.

You’ve got a variety of flavours to opt from, but if you want to keep a cool head, we recommend the soothing tones of Lush Ice.


The Heavy Smoker

You wake up in the morning, looking forward to that first cigarette, perfectly paired with a nice cup of coffee; a cigarette that’s usually the first of many. Do you ever find that —over the course of a spirited discussion with a friend or colleague, or when thinking deeply in solitude —you go through a handful of cigarettes back to back? Are you as likely to light up in response to joy as you are to stress?

If any of this sounds like you, chances are it’s fair to say you’re a heavy smoker. You probably go through a 20-pack a day; you’re particular about your brands; you may even consider smoking to be part of your personality. If so, you’ll probably want a disposable vape that allows you a little bit of customisation, something you can fit to your personality and moods. E-liquid giants Nasty Juice meet this criteria with their Nasty AirFix range; the first ever disposable vape offering adjustable airflow.

Whether you prefer a tighter or a looser draw, or just enjoy the option of cycling between the two, this disposable lets you do just that. It’s at the upper end of the price scale, but for good reason, delivering a whopping 675 puffs to see you through even the most puff-heavy days.

Nasty are known for their unique flavours, so you’ll want to sample them for yourself to see which you like best. To start with, how about a smooth twist on your old favourite, the dulcet tones of Vanilla Tobacco.


Quit Smoking with myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We offer our customers a wide range of vape products —including disposable vapes—because we believe that vaping is one of the most viable and effective methods for people who want to stop smoking.

If a disposable vape seems like the right choice for you, and you’re ready to make the leap, we offer a variety of bundle deals and multipacks on disposable vapes page. If you’re not quite ready to make the switch and feel like you need more info, we have a range of pages that can help. To start at the beginning, check out new to vaping and our basic guide to vaping.

We also have a blog that directly answers the question, What are disposable vape kits? For a little more insight into the benefits of quitting smoking, take a look at our quit smoking timeline and learn more about how smoking affects exercise. Are you up for the challenge? Join the Stoptober campaign today to quit smoking, and start saving £3000 a year.