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Juul FAQs and Troubleshooting

by Theo Wilson

JUUL Troubleshooting & Common Questions

JUUL is one of the most ubiquitous pod vape kits on the market, noted for its sleek, streamlined designed and straightforward operation — all aimed at helping adults quit smoking for good. Despite the inherent user-friendliness built into the design of the JUUL device, some customers do nonetheless happen upon certain recurring issues.

While this may initially sound concerning, the fact of the matter is that not only are most of these issues extremely common — i.e., you’re not the only person experiencing them — they typically involve extremely simple fixes.

Our JUUL guide is broken into two main sections: firstly, our JUUL FAQs will answer the most typical preliminary questions. After that, our JUUL troubleshooting will break down some commonly queried issues, their underlying causes, and — crucially — how to fix them.


Before moving into troubleshooting specific issues, some users may find it helpful to get a handle on some JUUL device basics, such as battery life and general day-to-day maintenance.

How long does a JUUL battery last?

The JUUL device holds an internal 280mAh lithium-ion battery; in theory, this battery should last for 6 hours of continuous use. In practice, the JUUL battery should last for around 8 to 12 hours between charges, depending of course on how heavily you vape.

As is standard with lithium-ion batteries, it is inevitable that battery life will reduce over time as a result of repeated charging and discharging. If you notice that your JUUL device’s battery life is significantly reduced, it’s time to consider replacing the battery (this will typically happen after a year and a half).

How long does a JUUL pod last?

Each JUUL pod holds 0.7ml of e-liquid, which equates to around 200 puffs. How long 200 puffs lasts will of course depend on how heavily you vape. Another way of looking at it is that 200 puffs is roughly equivalent to 10 cigarettes.

Can I refill JUUL pods?

The JUUL device is classed as a “closed pod system,” which is simply a way of saying that it uses pods that are not designed to be refilled. The pods are fitted with an in-built coil constructed to match the lifespan of the e-liquid in the pod; this means that even if the pod were to be refilled, the coil would most likely be ineffective and burn out quickly. 

How to clean a JUUL

Regularly cleaning your JUUL is a good habit to get into, as it can help prevent or alleviate some common device problem, so we recommend a clean every couple of weeks.

To start, simply remove the pod from your JUUL. Then simply take a cotton swab, q-tip, or clean cotton cloth, and wipe all points of electrical contact on the device; i.e., the pod connectors, the charger connectors, and the bottom of the pod that’s currently in use. The additional use of rubbing alcohol for cleaning purposes should be safe, albeit not really necessary.

Where can I find my JUUL serial number?

Being able to quickly find your JUUL device’s serial number is useful for two reasons. Firstly, it’s a guarantee that your device is legitimate, and secondly, you may need to provide this number when contacting JUUL customer support. The eight-digit serial number can be found on the back of your device, beneath the JUUL logo.

JUUL Troubleshooting

Having now answered some of the most common JUUL questions, the next section of this guide will look at further troubleshooting for the JUUL device.

JUUL Not Hitting

A JUUL not hitting — i.e., not producing vapour — is a common enough issue, and one that can usually be fixed by a quick process of elimination. Firstly, ensure that your device’s battery is charged, and also make sure that your JUUL pod is not empty.

Assuming everything is okay on this front, a JUUL not hitting is caused by connection issues. Using a dry cotton swab, wipe down the connection points between the device and the pod. This should restore the connection in the event that there’s been any moisture between these points. Further, you can gently tap the JUUL pod on a hard surface, mouthpiece side up. This will cause any tiny air bubbles to rise, helping to re-saturate the wick.

If you’ve tried all of the above, to no avail, test out your device with a different JUUL pod. If this still doesn’t work, then you’ll need to contact JUUL about a replacement kit.

JUUL Not Charging

You will be able to tell that your JUUL is charging by the pulsing LED on the device when connected to a charger.

If your JUUL device is having issues with not charging, make sure you have plugged your magnetic USB charger into an adequate power source — either a wall charger, or a laptop USB port — to ensure there’s power being sent to the charger itself. If necessary, use a cotton swab (dry or very slightly moistened) to clean the contact points on the charger and the device itself.

JUUL Pods Leaking

Leaking JUUL pods needn’t be a massive cause for concern; most often, they’re simply a result of puffing too hard on your JUUL device. If your JUUL pod leaks, simply wipe off any moisture on the contact points and reattach the pod to the device. Simple tips to prevent JUUL pods leaking are:

Puff gently — puffing hard can draw moisture into the mouthpiece.
Keep your mouth relaxed when puffing on your JUUL — try to avoid biting or otherwise squeezing the mouthpiece.
Without squeezing — place your fingers onto the edges of the mouthpiece and gently ensure that it clicks into place.

JUUL Tastes Burnt

There are a few culprits for a JUUL tasting burnt. Luckily, each of these simple causes has an equally simple fix.

Dirty connection points — As mentioned previously in this guide, many JUUL issues are simply caused by dirt or debris on electrical contact points. A quick clean should soon solve this.
A burnt wick — If there’s been a build-up of air in the pod, then the cotton wick surrounding the coil may burn when heated. Please note: once a wick has been burnt, there’s no way to undo this damage. Regularly tap your pod to prevent air bubbles forming, and avoid puffing too hard on the mouthpiece of your JUUL.
An empty pod — When your JUUL pod runs empty, the coil will burn fairly quickly. Unsurprisingly, this means it’s time to install a fresh pod.

JUUL LED Flashing

Occasionally, in the case of a device error, the LEDs on your JUUL device may blink. Depending on the different flashing lights you see, there are different fixes.

LED blinks yellow 5 times: Insert a JUUL pod from a different packet and check again. If you see the same flashing yellow LEDs with each pod you try, the issue is with the device itself. If only some of the pods cause this flashing, then it’s an issue with those specific pods.
LED flashes rainbow colours: Simply remove the JUUL pod and reinsert it to reset the device.
LED blinks purple then red: If this is happening to your device, contact JUUL customer support.

JUUL Making a Rattling Sound

If your JUUL seems to be making a rattling sound, this is most likely caused by a loose magnet inside the device. As long as the device continues to charge, there should be no effect on device performance. If you do begin to experience charging issues, reach out to JUUL customer support

JUUL Issues Solved at myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We believe that by offering smokers a viable alternative — namely, e-cigarette products from premium companies such as JUUL — we move that much closer to achieving our goal.

Straightforward, sleek, and stylish, the understated design of the JUUL makes it an excellent option for conscientious adult smokers who are looking to quit smoking today and effect a positive change in their own lives by protecting both their health and their finances. JUUL pods are available in a select range of varying flavours — including fruit, mint, and tobacco — to better facilitate a taste that works for you when giving up cigarettes.

We want all our customers to have the best possible experience with vaping. Not yet sure whether vaping sounds right for you? Why not have a look at our ‘new to vaping’ page for an easy intro, or simply contact us directly with any questions. If you prefer a little facetime, head in to your nearest myCigara vape shop for a chat with our friendly, expert store staff.