Juul2 Flavour Guide

by Jemma Wolfe

By Jemma Wolfe
Published on: 17-08-2023

Juul2 Flavour Guide
Juul2 Flavour Guide

Juul2 Pods Flavours List: A Complete Guide

Table of Contents:

  • Brand Introduction
  • Juul2 Flavours: Fruit Menthol
  • Juul2 Flavours: Tobacco
  • Juul2 Flavours: Tobacco Fruit
  • Juul2 Flavours: Menthol
  • Which Juul2 Flavours are Right for You?
  • Juul2 Pod Flavours at myCigara

Since its inception back in 2015, Juul has grown to be one of the most renowned and respected vape brands in the world, setting the standard and inspiring other vape brands to follow in their footsteps. Fast forward to 2023 and Juul are back again and better than ever, delivering yet another sleek and slimline pod kit that may just be their best device yet— the Juul 2. But don’t just take our word for it, the Juul2 has recently been crowned winners of the Product Of The Year Award 2023 in the vaping and tobacco category, as voted for by thousands of happy consumers.

Much like the original Juul device, the all-new Juul2 uses specially designed pre-filled pods. Each Juul2 pod arrives pre-filled with 1.2ml of 18mg nic salt e-liquid to rapidly combat cravings while emitting discreet vapour for a beginner-friendly vaping experience. With 6 different flavour blends to choose from, some of which we’ve seen before along with a handful of other profiles made specifically for the Juul2 launch.

My Juul2 flavour guide is here to provide a full breakdown of every vape pod flavour the brand has up for grabs for their latest vape starter kit. Ranging from traditional tobacco blends to fruity fusions, there’s something among this Juul pod collection to suit everyone’s taste. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Juul2 Flavours: Fruit Menthol

Juul2 Flavours: Fruit Menthol

Fruit Menthol blends are as cooling as they are refreshing, serving up the classic taste of icy menthol but with an added twist. Menthol notes pair brilliantly with a whole host of fruit, including orchard fresh apples and juicy summer berries to provide an equally mouthwatering and invigorating flavour experience.

Ruby Menthol: Purple Juul2 Pods

Ruby Menthol:
Purple Juul2 Pods

A bold and bountiful blend combining the juicy notes and red forest berries with the cooling wave of fresh menthol.

Summer Menthol: Yellow Juul2 Pods

Summer Menthol:
Yellow Juul2 Pods

A well-rounded and balanced tobacco flavour that’s packed with rich golden notes while delivering a smooth hit.

Juul2 Flavours: Tobacco

Juul2 Flavours: Tobacco

Juul are probably best known for their traditional tobacco-inspired blends, and this is part of what makes them perfect for new vapers and those who have recently quit smoking. Tobacco flavour profiles expertly recreate the smooth and smoky notes of real tobacco leaf to provide a mellow and satisfying experience that feels and tastes just like the real thing.

Virginia Tobacco: Brown Juul2 Pods

Virginia Tobacco:
Brown Juul2 Pods

Smooth, smoky and packed with plenty of earthy notes, these Juul pods recreate the rich and full-bodied taste of golden tobacco.

Juul2 Flavours: Tobacco Fruit

Juul2 Flavours: Tobacco Fruit

If you’re a fan of the classic taste of smooth tobacco but are also seeking a flavour profile that is both traditional and undeniably tasty, then look no further than Juul Tobacco Fruit flavours. These blends combine the smooth and smoky notes of golden tobacco leaf with the tangy sweet juiciness of fresh fruit for a balanced yet layered vape experience.

Autumn Tobacco: Brown and Green Juul2 Pods

Autumn Tobacco:
Brown and Green Juul2 Pods

Smooth yet sweet, this blend fuses the smoky notes of golden tobacco with crisp orchard-fresh apples for a sweet and crisp vape.

Juul2 Flavours: Menthol

Juul2 Flavours: Menthol

For those looking for the freshest flavour experience possible, then Juul Menthol vape pods are a surefire winner. Menthol comes in many different forms, ranging from robust and peppery to crisp and cool. Whichever you choose, these menthol-inspired blends are great for awakening your senses and providing swift frosty refreshment in an instant.

Polar Menthol: Blue Juul2 Pods

Polar Menthol:
Blue Juul2 Pods

This crisp mint flavour is brimming with icy cool refreshment that’s balanced by a natural sweetness for a mellow yet frosty vape.

Crisp Menthol: Green Juul2 Pods

Crisp Menthol: Green Juul2 Pods

Peppery and potent, this menthol blend guarantees a cooling exhale accompanied by a layered mint sensation that’s as icy as it is invigorating.


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Sandro M, Palermo, Italy

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Hannah, United Kingdom

This company is amazing. I have been using this company for about a year and get an order every month. Get great discounts, good value for money, good quality vapes and very friendly.

Sonia B, United Kingdom

Serious seller, helpful and very kind. EXCELLENT products. I recommend the myCigara site to everyone!

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Amazing company. Fast delivery. Wide variety. Always very helpful is I have any questions and free delivery over £20. Cheapest place about. Absolute delight

Which Juul 2 Vape Pod Flavours Are Right For You?

Juul is probably best known for sticking to traditional blends to help ex-smokers and those trying to quit smoking enjoy a smooth and easy transition to vaping, without compromising on taste. Their collection of Menthol and Tobacco-based blends come in many different forms, ranging from timeless classics to unique infusions with the addition of fresh fruit notes. To make it as easy as possible for you to pick out the flavours that speak to you the most, we've categorised their collection into four primary types: Fruit Menthol, Tobacco, Tobacco Fruit, and Menthol.

Still not sure which Juul vape flavour is right for you? Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Head over to my Top 5 Juul2 Pods Review now to see a countdown of the very best prefilled vape pods the brand has up for grabs, allowing you to head straight to the most popular brands to find your new favourite.

Juul 2 Pod Flavours at myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We believe that by offering only the very best vaping products— such as a pod kit and vape pods from Juul— as a viable alternative brings us that much closer to achieving our goal. A pod vape kit makes a great vape starter kit to help users make that all-important first step on their quit smoking journey.

Keen to find out more about the Juul 2 device before diving right in? Be sure to check out my Juul2 pod kit review to see a thorough analysis to help you decide if this e-cigarette could be the key to your quit smoking success. Alternatively, if you’d rather explore other vape starter kit options before settling on a pod kit, head over to our Disposables Vs Pod Vapes comparison review to see how they perform when compared to their disposable counterparts.

We want our customers to have a great first vaping experience, so if you have any questions, be sure to contact us. Alternatively, if you prefer to speak with someone in person, visit your local myCigara vape shop, where our friendly team will be happy to assist you. 

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