Top 5 Vampire Vape E Liquid Flavours

by Theo Wilson
Best Vampire Vape E-Liquid Flavours

Best Vampire Vape E-Liquid Flavours

When it comes to signature sensations, Vampire Vape tops the charts. This brand’s iconic vampire emblazoned bottle has been sold over 30 million times and has travelled to 63 countries around the world. Far from being pigeonholed as a one-trick pony, Vampire Vape has proven its staying power with over eight years of success in the vape industry.

Their marketing and development team showed the community a streak of ingenuity when they capitalised on the cult classic success of Breaking Bad to make their best-selling e liquid, Heisenberg. Although the success of Heisenberg (and the accompanying Pinkman) cannot be denied, there is much more to this brand than just one or two vape juice flavours.

As part of our series that probes the behind the scenes decisions that create premium quality brands, we have spoken to a Vampire Vape representative. They have informed our answers and helped to shed some light on your burning questions. Therefore without further ado these are the best 5 vampire vape e-liquid flavours count down!

5. Blood Sukka E-Liquid Vampire Vape

Exactly as the name suggests, Blood Sukka is full of red fruit sensations. When you choose this vape juice, intense flavour experiences are just around the corner.

Each inhale brings with it a sweet and satisfying base layer of red fruits, sweet summer berries, and juicy dark cherries.

An explosion of eucalyptus weaves through each sweet sensation and highlights the refreshing notes in all the summer fruits.  Just when you think your vape hit is tapering out, a trace of aniseed provides a burst of liquorice bitterness to round off the sweet notes.

Blood Sukka is the ideal e liquid for people who want a balanced, carefully considered vape experience. Each 10ml bottle comes complete with a 50VG/50PG composition, which means that you will never have to compromise on flavour or vapour again.

With just 6mg and 12mg strength options available, this vape juice is intended for people who want a moderate vape hit.


4. Bat Juice E-Liquid Vampire Vape

If you have a sweet tooth, look no further than Bat Juice e-liquid. Vampire Vape is known for combining complementary fruits, and Bat Juice is no exception. The basis for this vape liquid finds itself in an orchard on a hot summer’s day.

Slices of strawberries overlap with bitter blackcurrants and raspberries to create a vape sensation that is at once sweet and tart. We love the fact that each inhale is complemented by a touch of refreshing sweetness, followed closely by a burst of bitterness that adds depth to this summer fruit showdown.  

Bat Juice is complete with full-bodied, in your face flavour. Just a drop of aniseed flavouring is all the Vampire Vape team needed to pack a punch on the exhale. The spicy notes splice through the strawberries, raspberries, and blackcurrants to add a layered and complex accent to each puff.

Like Blood Sukka, this vape juice comes with a 50VG/50PG composition. Products with this ratio are often favoured by beginners because they promise an intense throat hit that replicates the feeling of smoking a traditional cigarette. That being said, intermediary and advanced vapers are also partial to a mouth to lung style of vaping.

Bat Juice comes in 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg strength options.


3. Pinkman E-Liquid Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape fans will not be surprised to see Pinkman on our top 5 flavours list. This e liquid was released after Heisenberg. Although it is often seen as an accompaniment to the standout sensation, we are here to tell you that Pinkman stands alone.

You will not find a more refreshing vape liquid than Pinkman. Each 10ml bottle of this refreshing blend dives deep into the ocean of exotic vape flavours on offer and does not come up for air until its thirst is quenched.

Juicy grapefruits, zesty lemons, and citrusy oranges combine to create a taste of the tropics.

If you are searching for sweet sensations that deliver a complex finish, look no further than Pinkman. Each exhale is full of tangy accents that tie all the notes inside the bottle together.

Pinkman e liquid is so popular that it has inspired a high VG range. Vapers can buy 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg 50VG/50PG variants, or opt for a 3mg or 6mg high VG option instead. This means that Pinkman is perfect for people who want a combination of flavour and vapour, or those who cannot stop chasing clouds.


2. Red Lips E-Liquid Vampire Vape

An e-liquid recommendation list would be incomplete without turning back the hands of time and taking you back to candy classics. Vampire Vape has transported the taste of tuck shop sweets into a handy 10ml vape juice bottle.

One puff of Red Lips will have you thinking back to simpler times. Each inhale brings with it the sweet taste of berries combined with a full-bodied helping of dark cherries.

We love this e liquid because it transports the taste of summertime sweets into a handy candy concoction. Vampire Vape takes this classic candy sensation one step further with an intense blast of menthol.

If you always reach for fruity pick ‘n’ mix sweets, Red Lips is the ejuice for you. Vapers can choose between 6mg and 12mg variants, both of which are perfect for a moderate vape hit that is tinged with the taste of cherries and berries.

A 50VG/50PG composition sets this vape liquid slap bang in the middle of the road. It is perfect for vapers who want a perfectly balanced experience that delivers vapour and flavour in equal measures. Red Lips comes in 6mg and 12mg strengths.


1. Vampire Vape Award Winning Flavour

The Number one spot can only go to the multi award winning E Liquid flavour that took the industry by storm on its release and till this day is the envy of many competitor brands. We would not be doing it just by simply revealing it here without context.

Therefore it's only pertinent that we fully embrace the number one Vampire Vape flavour and have a complete blog to share with you the reasons why it belongs in the top tier hall of fame.


What our customers think.....

Daniel M Nottingham, United Kingdom

Quality product, I really taste the difference when using this brand. No harshness, just a smooth Vape.

Kate L, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Great taste , exactly as it says on the label , defo recommend.

Ali S, Walsall, United Kingdom

Excellent, very quick. Highly recommended. Thank you. Good price, free delivery. Can’t as for more.

Kay Hawker, Manchester, United Kingdom

Lovely menthol taste!

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