Cigara Originals Flavour Guide

by Jemma Wolfe

By Jemma Wolfe
Published on: 28-03-23 

Cigara Original E-Liquid Flavours: A Complete Guide

Cigara Original E-Liquid Flavours: A Complete Guide

Table of Contents:

  • Brand Introduction
  • Cigara Original Fruit Flavours
  • Cigara Original Fruit & Mint Flavours
  • Cigara Original Classic Flavours
  • Cigara Original Beverages Flavours
  • Cigara Original Sweet Flavours
  • Which Cigara Originals E-Liquid Flavours Are Right for You?
  • Cigara Originals at myCigara

As the name suggests, Cigara Originals is our very own creation. After many years of catering to beginner vapers and understanding their needs, we believe we are more than qualified to develop our own series of in-house eliquid blends. These hand-crafted vape juice concoctions have been created by our expert mixologists with a 30VG/70PG composition. This ratio makes them an ideal choice for beginners hoping to replicate the throat hit that comes with smoking a real cigarette.

Choosing the right e liquid flavour isn’t always easy, but our Cigara Originals flavour guide is here to help. We pride ourselves in offering a huge variety of eliquid flavours; in fact, with over 30 delicious flavours to choose from, our collection is one of the largest out there, leaving you truly spoiled for choice. Covering everything from fruity favourites to timeless classics, let’s take a look at our full range of Cigara Original flavours! 

Cigara Originals Flavours: Fruit

Cigara Originals Flavours: Fruit

Our experience within the vape industry has taught us what flavours beginners crave, and more often than not, it’s fruit blends. Fruit-inspired flavours are great for those seeking fresh and exciting profiles that will leave their mouth watering. Ranging from tangy citrus to dark summer berries, myCigara fruit flavours are a sure-fire way to satisfy your taste buds. 

Blueberry: Dark Blue
Cigara Original E-Liquid

The subtly sweet but devilishly juicy notes of fresh Blueberry make for a tart and acidic vape


Blackcurrant: Lilac
Cigara Original E-Liquid

Ripe and syrupy blackcurrants deliver a sweet and tart black-forest flavour experience.


Strawberry: Crimson
Cigara Original E-Liquid

A fragrant and fruity blast of fresh ripe strawberries take centre stage to leave your mouth watering.


Raspberry: Dark Purple
Cigara Original E-Liquid

The summer-sweet taste of juicy raspberries delivers a sharp and juicy burst of fresh flavour


Apple: Green
Cigara Original E-Liquid

Crisp and delicious orchard-fresh apples means this flavour is bursting with tangy and sour notes.


Mix Fruit: Multicoloured
Cigara Original E-Liquid

The tropical taste of juicy pineapple is fused with fresh strawberry for a complex and layered vape.


Juicy Peach: Orange
Cigara Original E-Liquid

The delicate and subtly sweet notes of juicy peach make for a summer-inspired scorcher.


Mango: Green and Orange
Cigara Original E-Liquid

This fragrant flavour is oozing with the fresh notes of sun-ripened mango for an exotic treat.


Cherry: Dark Red
Cigara Original E-Liquid

The luscious and undeniably juicy notes of dark cherry make for a rich and tempting vape.


Grape: Purple
Cigara Original E-Liquid

The sweet and delicate flavour of fresh purple grapes delivers this fan-favourite blend perfectly.


Watermelon: Red and Green
Cigara Original E-Liquid

Crisp and refreshing, yet subtly sweet, this watermelon blend is a sure-fire soother for the senses.


Kiwi Mix: Multicoloured
Cigara Original

This fresh and fruity green blend is packed with oodles of juicy kiwi for a luscious and mouth-watering vape.


Lemon and Lime: Yellow and Green Cigara Original E-Liquid

This citrus smorgasbord combines sweet fresh lemons with tart and sharp limes for an invigorating experience.


Banana: Dark Yellow
Cigara Original E-Liquid

Gently sweet but undeniably satisfying, this creamy concoction delivers the mild and mellow taste of fresh banana.

Cigara Originals Flavours: Fruit and Mint

Cigara Originals Flavours: Fruit and Mint

If you enjoy fruit flavours but want something with an extra intense edge, look no further than fruit and mint flavours. These profiles blend the sweetness of fan-favourite fruits but with an added kick of fresh mint for a simultaneously cooling and refreshing vape experience.

Mint Strawberry: Light Brown
Cigara Original E-Liquid

Sweet and refreshing, handfuls of fresh and juicy strawberries meet icy peppermint for an invigorating vape.

Cigara Originals Flavours: Classic

Cigara Originals Flavours: Classic

If you’ve recently quit smoking or are trying to kick the habit, chances are, you’re a fan of traditional tobacco flavours. These blends can range from robust and smoky blends, to light and mellow golden profiles, all of which perfectly mimic the taste of a cigarette. We’ve even thrown in a handful of menthol and mint inspired flavours to keep our classic vape fans happy.

Smooth: Brown
Cigara Original E-Liquid

Rustic blend expertly mimics the smooth yet punchy notes of fresh tobacco for guaranteed satisfaction.


Menthol: Green
Cigara Original E-Liquid

This Menthol e-liquid provides instant freshness with a cooling avalanche of punchy icy flavour.


Iced Mint: Green and Black
Cigara Original E-Liquid

Perfect for putting a pep in your step, this blend features cool and satisfying notes of icy fresh mint.


Golden: Brown and Black
Cigara Original E-Liquid

This classic blend features the rich and golden notes of fresh tobacco for a sweet and smoky vape.


Gold & Silver: Beige
Cigara Original E-Liquid

This robust blend brings to life the deep, nutty and woodsy aroma of tobacco for a traditional vape.


USA Mix: Russet Brown
Cigara Original

American-inspired blend perfectly captures the rich and sweet taste of fresh Virginia tobacco.


RY4: Copper
Cigara Original E-Liquid

Smoky tobacco notes fused with sweet caramel, creamy vanilla for a tobacco-inspired vape with a tasty twist.


Spearmint: Light Blue
Cigara Original E-Liquid

Crisp and refreshing, the cool and subtly sweet notes of spearmint make for an invigorating vape.


Triple Menthol: Turquoise
Cigara Original

This triple-layered blend serves up three doses of fresh and cooling menthol for an intense layered vape.


Vanilla: Grey
Cigara Original E-Liquid

Perfect for fans of traditional flavours, sweet and fragrant vanilla creates a light and satisfyingly creamy experience.


Aniseed: Bronze
Cigara Original E-Liquid

Fans of liquorice and classic sweets will love this blend bursting with the taste of dark and rich aniseed.


Green Mint: Light Green and Black
Cigara Original E-Liquid

Teeming with tons of tongue-tingling taste, this green mint flavour is crisp and undeniably refreshing.

Cigara Originals Flavours: Beverages

Cigara Originals Flavours: Beverages

If you’re looking to quench your thirst as well as your nicotine cravings in one fell swoop, then our beverage-inspired flavours are perfect for you. Whether you’re a fan of sparkling cola, enjoy the taurine tang of energy drink, or are in need of a coffee blend to perk you up, our beverages collection has got you covered.

Cola: Red and Black
Cigara Original E-Liquid

This soft drink inspired blend perfectly captures the iconic taste of sparkling Cola for a fizzy flavour experience.


Red Energy: Brown and Red
Cigara Original E-Liquid

Tantalise your taste buds with the sweet and zingy taste of an energy drink that’s sure to put a spring in your step.


Coffee: Black
Cigara Original E-Liquid

This java juice serves up the dark, rich and robust notes of a freshly brewed cup of joe.

Cigara Originals Flavours: Sweet

Cigara Originals Flavours: Sweet

Our sweet-themed eliquids are best suited for adventurous vape fans on the hunt for the most exciting flavours out there. Often ranging from sweet treats to decadent desserts, candy-inspired flavour profiles satisfy your sweet tooth and your cravings all at once!

Mint Bubblegum: Pink and Blue
Cigara Original E-Liquid

Sweet and sherbet notes of bubblegum are fused with icy fresh mint for a cooling candy-inspired vape.


Which Cigara Originals E-Liquid Flavours Are Right for you?

With a staggering amount of Cigara Originals on offer, it can feel pretty overwhelming to work out which blends are right for you. To keep things as digestible as possible, we’ve broken this guide up into the 4 key flavour categories: Fruit, Fruit and Mint, Classic, Beverages, and Sweet. This allows you to skim through the guide and head straight to your favourite type to find your new go-to blend.

So whether you consider yourself an adventure seeker on the hunt for unique and exciting blends, or maybe you prefer to keep things traditional with some stripped-back classics, Cigara Originals has it all. Curious to see how our Cigara Originals compare to some of the leading eliquid brands on the scene? Head over to my Cigara Originals Vs Vampire Vape E-Liquid blog for an in-depth side-by-side comparison.

Cigara Originals at myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We believe that offering our customers a wider range of beginner-friendly eliquid—such as our very own Cigara Originals—makes it easier for more people to stick with vaping That, in turn, brings us that much closer to achieving our goal. All our own-brand vape juice is compatible with a vape starter kit, making it a great option for new users wanting to make that all-important first step on their quit smoking journey.

New to vaping? Check out our handy Beginner’s Guide to find out everything you need to know to get started today. But if you’ve already decided that Cigara Originals are right for you, then take a peek at my Cigara Originals Review for a comprehensive breakdown of how these liquids perform.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or visit your local myCigara store where our friendly staff are ready to help you.

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