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Check out our huge selection of products from Elux here— including Elux disposable vapes such as the iconic Elux Legend Mini and Elux vape juice in a great range of Elux flavours.

Elux Brand

Elux is among the biggest names in the vaping industry and their great range of vape products have won over the hearts and taste buds of vape fans all over the world. From their compact pen-style disposables to their potent and powerful nic salts, it’s no surprise that vape Elux has earned an impressive reputation worldwide.

Known for their delicious range of exciting and unique Elux flavours, from candy-sweet desserts to fruity favourites, there’s truly something for everyone among the Elux UK collection. Here’s a quick breakdown of the Elux vape products currently up for grabs:

Disposable Vapes

Elux disposable vapes are perfect for those seeking a simple and convenient experience. Elux pens such as the Legend Mini are ultra-compact and portable for seamless vaping on the go. Plus, each Elux Legend vape arrives ready to use right out of the box.


Elux e liquid is designed for those using a refillable device, such as a pod kit. Elux vape liquid is made using a nic salt formula that’s fast-acting and long-lasting to provide an immediate nicotine kick complete with silky smooth throat hits.

Frequently Asked Questions - Elux FAQs

1. Who Owns Elux Vape?

The vape Elux brand is made by Eluxtech, a company owned by Dongguan Topson Electronic Tech Co— a leading producer of e-cigarettes. Since its inception, the Elux brand has rapidly become a household name in the vaping community, with Elux bars and Elux juice reaching shelves all across the globe.

2. Where Are Elux Bars Made?

Elux vapes are made by a highly reputable brand in a state-of-the-art facility in Shenzen in China for a global market and are their popular Elux Legend vape products are sold all around the world. Although Elux vapes are made in China, they’re extremely popular in countries such as the UK, USA and Canada.

3.  Are Elux Vapes Illegal?

No, Elux vapes are not illegal. Like all e-cigarette products sold in the UK, Elux vape products are made by a reputable brand and adhere to strict regulations and thorough testing before they are sold to consumers. However, due to TPD regulations in the UK, some Elux vape products can’t be sold in this country (nicotine products that exceed a 2ml e-liquid capacity). 

4. How Many Elux Flavours Are There?

There are over 25 different Elux flavours to choose from across their entire collection, available in both Elux disposables and Elux e liquid formats. Elux vape flavours range from bold and sweet and to light and fruity, head over to our Elux Flavours Guide to see the full list of all Elux flavours. 

5. Where To Buy Elux

Here at myCigara, we proudly stock a huge range of Elux vape products, including Elux disposable vape and Elux liquid collections. So no matter where you’re at on your quit smoking journey, we’re sure to have the perfect Elux vape uk product to suit your needs. 

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