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The Elux bar is a newcomer in the world of disposable vape devices, but it’s already taking the market by storm. With Elux vapes, you can expect all the usual user-friendliness and straightforward satisfaction of other disposables, but what really helps Elux bars standout are their unique design and fresh flavours that you won’t find across other brands.

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Best UK Vape Deals on Elux Bars

By shopping online with myCigara, it’s easier than ever to enjoy excellent prices on Elux vapes. Not only can you rest assured that you’re always getting genuine, legitimate products at competitive prices, but with our handy 5-for-20 mix & match deal, you can sample a variety of Elux flavours until you find a favourite — or even test them alongside other brands of disposable vapes.

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What Elux Legend Flavours are there?

There are currently 28 flavours available in the Elux Legend Mini range, the only official, TPD-compliant Elux bars in the UK. While, like other disposables, Elux flavours tend to be inspired by sweet treats and fragrant fruits, this brand nonetheless has a few unique flavours you won't find elsewhere. Below is just a sample of some of the delicious Elux flavours you can try:

Blueberry Bubblegum
Jungle Juice
Sour Apple
Unicorn Shake
Blackcurrant Menthol
Mr Blue
Tiger Blood
Peach Blueberry Candy
Fuji Melon

Elux Disposable FAQs - Common Questions

1. Do Elux Bars actually have 3500 puffs?

One model, the Elux Legend 3500, does have 3500 puffs, as the name suggests. However, that particular model is not TPD-compliant, making it technically illegal to sell or buy in the UK (and EU). As a result, attempting to buy this model puts you at increased risk of purchasing counterfeits, which are unregulated, unapproved, and thus more dangerous. The capacity of e-liquid needed to produce that number of puffs far exceeds TPD rules for nicotine strength and volume.

2. How many cigarettes are in an Elux?

A single Elux bar is roughly equivalent to 30 cigarettes. The TPD-compliant model for sale in the UK and EU is the Elux Legend Mini, which gives up to 600 puffs per device; 600 puffs is usually considered to equate to 30 cigarettes.

3. How much nicotine is in an Elux legend bar?

The Elux Legend Mini has a nicotine strength of 20mg/ml. This strength is sometimes also expressed as 2% nicotine (as shown on the body of this vape). 20mg/ml is considered a moderate nicotine strength; it will help curb cravings for moderate smokers, but, as with any amount of nicotine, it’s not recommended for non-smokers or non-vapers.

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