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Explore our full range of Elux disposable vapes here by Elux— including their latest disposable, the popular pen-style Elux Legend Mini 2.

Elux Disposable Vape Pen

Elux is probably best known for their range of disposable vapes and they launched their first disposable— the Elux Legend Mini— back in 2021. Available in a whole host of delicious Elux flavours, the Elux Mini rapidly became a bestseller, making Elux Vape among the most sought after brands across the country. 

Following the success of the original Elux disposable, the brand brought us a new addition to their lineup back in 2023— the Elux Legend Mini 2. Here’s some more information about the different Elux disposables available:

Legend Mini

This Elux Legend vape is the brand’s flagship disposable vape, boasting a slim pen-style shape and a 500mAh battery.

Legend Mini 2

This Elux vape is the upgraded version of the original Elux Bar, sporting an increased battery capacity and additional Elux vape flavours.

Key Features

Why Choose An Elux Disposable Vape? Below are just a handful of reasons why an Elux disposable could be the perfect tool to help you along your quit smoking journey:

Elux are known for creating bold and unique flavours that users love. From tuckshop treats to fruity favourites, Elux vape is the ideal brand for adventurous flavour-seekers.

Elux vapes eliminate the hassle associated with traditional devices by arriving pre-filled and pre-charged. Unbox your Elux disposable and start vaping without the need for constant refilling or recharging.

The compact design of all Elux 600 disposables prioritize portability, making them ideal for on-the-go vape enthusiasts. Their small, discreet shape ensures a convenient and unobtrusive vaping experience.

Product Comparisons

Comparing Elux Disposable Vapes

To help you decide which Elux disposable is right for you, here’s how they compare side by side:

Legend Mini Legend Mini 2
Puff Count: 600 Puff Count: 600
Pod Capacity: 2ml Pod Capacity: 2ml
Battery Capacity: 500mAh Battery Capacity: 550mAh
Coil Type: Organic Cotton Coil Type: Organic Cotton
Nicotine Strength: 0%, 2% Nicotine Strength: 2%

Frequently Asked Questions: Elux Disposable FAQs

1. How Much Nicotine Is In A Elux Bar?

All Elux Bars Legend are currently available in a nicotine strength of 20mg, which equates to 2%. This strong nicotine content makes Elux bars perfect for those trying to keep their cigarette cravings at bay with a potent and powerful vape starter kit. 

2. How To Recharge Elux Legend

The Elux Legend Mini and Elux Legend Mini 2 are disposable vapes, which cannot be recharged. These Elux pens must be disposed of once the e-liquid pod is empty or the battery has run out. You’ll know when your Mini Elux is empty as the LED light at the base of the device will begin to flash. 

3. Why Does My Elux Taste Burnt?

If your Elux vape begins to taste burnt, it has most likely reached the end of its lifespan. If this is the case, you should notice a flashing light at the base of your Elux device, which means it’s time to dispose of it and replace it with another. In the unlikely event that your Elux Legend tastes burnt right out of the packet, we recommend contacting the manufacturer to report the issue. 

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