Elf Bar Joins Forces with UK Recycling Center

by Jemma Wolfe

By Jemma Wolfe
Published: 25-08-23 

Elf Bar To Promote Sustainable Vaping
Elf Bar To Promote Sustainable Vaping

Elf Bar To Promote Sustainable Vaping

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Elf Bar Recycling Scheme: What Is It?
  • How Will Vape Recycling Work?
  • Why Should I Recycle My Vapes?
  • When Can I Recycle My Vaping Products?
  • Disposable Vape Recycling at myCigara

Breaking news! In a momentous stride towards building a greener and more sustainable vaping industry, Elf Bar brand has unveiled an innovative recycling scheme that’s set to revolutionize the way the vaping community addresses e-waste.

Alongside popular retailers including myCigara, Elf Bar vape is pioneering this concept by making recycling used vape devices simple and straightforward for the average user, paving the way for a brighter, eco-conscious future.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how they’re doing it, why a vape recycling scheme is so important, and how you can get involved today!

Elf Bar Recycling Scheme: What Is It?

As industry leaders, it’s no surprise that Elf Bar is the first to make the bold move to introduce a solution to the growing problem of e-cigarette waste. Their visionary approach involves teaming up with vape retailers across the UK to address the environmental impact of e-waste generated by vaping products and promote responsible recycling practices throughout the vaping community.

To make it happen, Elf Bar are collaborating with Recover, one of the UK's most established lithium recycling companies. This collaboration ensures that collected vaping products undergo a comprehensive recycling process, adhering to strict environmental standards. Recover employs cutting-edge techniques to extract reusable materials, minimise waste, and mitigate harmful environmental impacts.

The scheme encourages vapers to return their used vaping products, such as empty disposables, cartridges and batteries, to designated collection points at partnering retailers. By doing so, vapers actively contribute to a circular economy, where used items are repurposed and transformed into valuable resources rather than becoming waste.

How Will Vape Recycling Work?

Up until now, vape recycling has been notoriously difficult. In fact, it’s been almost impossible to find a responsible way to recycle your used disposable vapes if you’re a regular consumer.

Now, the innovative Elf Bar recycling scheme promises to be a user-friendly and seamless process for both vapers and retailers alike. The aim is to allow you to recycle disposable vapes in an accessible, hassle-free, and rewarding way.

To kickstart the recycling journey, myCigara and other partnering retailers will host designated collection points at their stores. These collection points will be easily identifiable, encouraging vapers to drop off their used vaping products for recycling. Returning used vaping products at the collection points will be a breeze; vapers can simply drop off their empty Elf Bar disposables, cartridges, batteries, and other eligible items.

As we’re committed to spreading awareness about the recycling scheme's importance and proper recycling practices, clear guidelines will be provided and our staff will always be on-hand to ensure that customers understand what items can be recycled and how to prepare them for the recycling process.

Once you’ve dropped off your items, you can rest assured that they’re in good hands. Thanks to Elf Bar’s collaboration with Recover, all collected items will be responsibly handled and processed. This recycling partner adheres to stringent environmental standards, ensuring that the recycling process has a positive impact on the planet.

How Will Vape Recycling Work?

As the popularity of vaping continues to rise, so does the concern surrounding the environmental impact of e-waste generated by vaping products.

If you’ve ever walked down a busy high-street and witnessed the array of discarded disposable vape devices littering the ground, you know what we’re talking about.

A disposable vape recycling scheme, such as the one initiated by Elf Bar, holds significant importance for several compelling reasons:

 ● Tackling E-Waste:

Vaping products, including cartridges, batteries, and other components, contribute to the growing e-waste problem. When improperly disposed of, these items can end up in landfills or incinerators, releasing harmful substances into the environment. The new Elf Bar recycling scheme ensures that these items are properly handled and recycled, diverting them from landfills and reducing their environmental impact.

Preserving Natural Resources:

Recycling used vaping products helps conserve precious natural resources. By reusing materials from recycled cartridges and batteries, the need for extracting and processing raw materials is reduced. This approach lessens the strain on natural resources and supports sustainable manufacturing practices.

Minimising Pollution:

When vaping products are not recycled responsibly, their hazardous components can leach into soil and water sources, leading to pollution. Toxic chemicals from improperly disposed vaping items pose risks to human health and wildlife. The Elf Bar recycling scheme mitigates such pollution risks and promotes cleaner ecosystems.

Industry Leadership:

By implementing a recycling scheme, Elf Bar and partnering brands like myCigara demonstrate industry leadership in addressing environmental concerns. This proactive approach sets an example for other vape suppliers and brands, hopefully inspiring them to adopt sustainable practices, recycle vapes and contribute to a greener future.

When Can I Recycle My Vaping Products?

We at myCigara, alongside a handful of other popular vape retailers have already joined the GreenPowercycle program, which will allow us to install dedicated Elf Bar vape recycle points in our stores.

These will be installed soon, making myCigara among the first vape brands actively promoting a greener future for vaping. As this recycling scheme is still very much in its infancy, it won’t be available everywhere right away.

It’s also important to note that this scheme is dedicated to only Elf Bar products, so you won’t be able to recycle other branded devices at this time. However, as the scheme gains traction and users become more aware of recycling resources available, we hope to see other retailers and vape brands follow suit and sign up.

Vape Recycling at myCigara

We see a vape recycling scheme not merely an optional initiative; but as an essential step towards addressing the environmental challenges posed by the vaping industry. By taking proactive measures to responsibly recycle vaping products, we are championing sustainability and setting a positive example for the entire vaping community.

Embracing a recycling scheme underscores the commitment to environmental responsibility, resource conservation, and a cleaner, greener future for generations to come. If you have any questions regarding vape recycling or vape queries in general, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. Alternatively, head over to your local myCigara store and speak to one of our expert staff members today.

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