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Elf Bar is the market-leading disposable vape brand, combining a sleek, portable design and total user-friendliness to create an ideal vape starter kit to help you quit smoking today. Elf Bar vape disposables come filled, charged, and ready to use - so all you need to do is find your favourites among the broad range of Elf Bar flavours, and you’re on your way.

If you're looking for the best Elf Bar vape UK retailer, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we stock the full range of Elf Bar flavours, we also carry all of the TPD-compliant Elf Bar UK models, including their flagship Elf Bar 600 device. What’s more, you can quickly, effortlessly, and safely enjoy your purchase from us thanks to our excellent bundles deals and fully tracked next-day shipping options.


Best Elf Bar Vape UK Deals

By shopping with myCigara, it’s safe, straightforward, and satisfying to experience the full range of Elf Bars available on the UK market. Not only do we stock all Elf Bar flavours in the flagship Elf Bar 600 range, but we also carry all the other Elf Bar disposable models such as Elf Bar CR500, Elf Bar NC600, Elf Bar T600 and the new MC600 Shisha range. Not only does this give you the best possible scope for trying out the maximum range of Elf Bar flavours, but our excellent vape deals and bundles make it even easier to try out a variety of flavours and different Elf Bar devices.

Try our 5-for-£20 mix & match deal to test different profiles and find out what works best for you. If you already have a favourite Elf Bar flavour and want to stock up, a disposables 10-pack is great bang for your buck.

In addition, when you shop with myCigara online, you can rest assured that you’ll get to enjoy an effortless, modern method of shopping; check out in just a couple of clicks, and then enjoy fully-tracked shipping with either Royal Mail or DPD next-day delivery.

What Flavours are there of Elf Bar?

There are currently 25 Elf Bar flavours available across the Elf Bar 600 and Elf Bar CR500 ranges. The Elf Bar NC600 range adds another 11 flavours, and the Elf Bar T600 has 12 flavours, 9 new MC600 from the Shisha range bringing the total to almost 50 different Elf Bar flavours across all disposable vape ranges.

Many of the Elf Bar flavours are based on such delicious tastes as refreshing soft drinks, fresh fruits, or cooling mint-infused flavours. here are just a few examples:

Blue Razz Lemonade
Pink Lemonade
Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
Cotton Candy Ice
Pineapple Peach
Strawberry Ice Cream
Mixed Berries

Elf Bar Disposables FAQs - Common Questions

1. What is an Elf Bar?

Elf Bar is a leading disposable vape product. They come already filled with nic salts e liquid and with a ready-charged battery, so there’s no initial setup required. What’s more, they are draw-activated, meaning all you need to do is inhale on the device to switch it on, and it will automatically turn off when not in use.

These slim and straightforward e-cigarette devices are designed to be as simple as possible to use in order to help smokers quit smoking, or just to be a handy backup device for vape users who don’t want to carry around a big vape kit while out and about. Overall, Elf Bars and other disposable vapes fulfil the same function as normal vape kits, but with a lower barrier to entry and a more convenient operation.

2. Is Elf Bar high in nicotine?

Elf Bars contain a maximum of 2% nicotine, which is not deemed a high strength. All Elf Bar disposable vape products follow TPD regulations regarding nicotine strength and e-liquid volume. All of the Elf Bars legally sold in the UK contain a maximum of 2ml of e liquid, with a maximum nicotine content of 20mg/ml.

20mg is considered a medium-low nicotine strength — it is suitable for regular smokers who are trying to wean themselves off cigarettes. Again, while this is a reasonable strength for smokers, it’s further proof that non-smokers should not be using vaping products.

3. How many cigarettes is an Elf Bar Disposable?

One Elf Bar works out to roughly 30-40 cigarettes. As mentioned above, Elf Bar vapes have a set maximum amount of e-liquid in them. All of the Elf Bars legally available in the UK will give you roughly 600 puffs per device; for practical purposes 600 puffs is considered the equivalent to 30-40 cigarettes.

4. What does Elf Bar do to you?

Elf Bars contain nic salts, which satisfies nicotine cravings faster than freebase nicotine, because it’s absorbed faster into the bloodstream. Like other vaping products that contain nicotine, simply deliver a given amount of nicotine into your bloodstream. For pre-existing smokers, this will help curb cravings for nicotine, and can thus be a relief when trying to cut down on smoking.

However, if you’re not a smoker nor a vape user and are unaccustomed to nicotine, it can cause unpleasant effects such as nausea, dizziness, and headaches.

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