Geek Bar Flavours Guide

by Theo Wilson
Geek Bar Flavours List: A Complete Guide

Geek Bar Flavours List: A Complete Guide

Geek Bar is one of the leading brands in the disposable vape sector. Being the brainchild of hardware giants Geekvape has no doubt given them a boost through name-brand recognition, yet Geek Bar have proven to be a firm fan favourite largely based on their flavours. Available in a variety of tastes, they all share certain characteristics —vibrancy and vividness, delivering a punchy vape experience that’s deeply satisfying.

Our flavour guide will provide you with a handy overview of all 24 Geek Bar flavours currently available, giving you a quick cheat sheet so you know which options are out there, and —crucially —helping you find the vape flavour that’s right for you, no matter where you find yourself in your quit smoking journey.

Geek Bar Flavours: Fruits

Geek Bar Flavours: Fruits

Fruit flavoured vapes are a great choice if you want something with a bright and sweet flavour, without it being overly sugary. Gentle, natural sweetness and colourful tones are the order of the day here, with Geek Bar having a healthy helping of fruit flavours to choose between. Due to their high number of fruit flavours, we’ve split these into two sub-categories, this first one being their more straight-up fruit profiles.

Passion Fruit:
Coral Geek Bar

Tart and tropical, the uniquely refreshing fragrant notes of Passion Fruit come through loud and clear in this vape.

Sweet Strawberry:
Red Geek Bar

An undeniable classic, savour sunny, summertime vibes with the gentle, mouthwatering sweetness of ruby-red, ripe Sweet Strawberry.

Sour Apple:
Pale Green Geek Bar

Refreshingly Cool, crisp and crunchy, you’ll get a perfect kick of zesty freshness from this Sour Apple blend.

Silver Geek Bar

A juicy jewel, pairs the light floral notes of white Grape with the rich depth of purple Grape for true temptation for your tastebuds.

Green Mango:
Grass Green Geek Bar

Lush, light and lovely Green Mango, with a super-satisfying sweetness running throughout for superior satisfaction.

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava:
Deep Saffron Geek Bar

A thrilling tropical triptych sure to drive you wild, pairing luscious Kiwi with delicate Passion Fruit and the unmistakable tartness of Guava.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry:
Azure Geek Bar

A luscious layer of Blueberry is swirled with extra-zesty notes of Sour Raspberry for a flavour that’s bold, bright, and beautiful.

Geek Bar Flavours: Menthol Fruits

Geek Bar Flavours: Menthol Fruits

If you like your fruit-flavour vapes extra-refreshing, these Geek Bar flavours are sure to soothe and satisfy your palate. A variety of fruits to choose between —some sweet, some sour, some soft and luscious, each of these comes complete with the added bonus of minty, menthol notes running throughout.

Watermelon Ice:
Dark Green Geek Bar

Serving up soothing slices of Watermelon on a bed of crushed Ice for ultimate refreshment. A pure summer delight.

Peach Ice:
Pink Geek Bar

The deep, abiding sweetness of juicy, ripe Peach is perfectly counterbalanced by crisp, cooling waves of menthol Ice.

Blueberry Ice:
Royal Blue Geek Bar

Sea of cooling blue notes, a pristine pairine of subtle but satisfying Blueberry and irresistibly crisp Ice mintiness.

Banana Ice:
Yellow Geek Bar

Creamy yet refreshing concoction, soft sweetness of smooth, ripe Banana delicately offset by invigorating menthol.

Mango Ice:
Golden Geek Bar

Like a mango kulfi in vape form. A delicious, dynamic duo of sweet, sunkissed mango, heightened by the cooling caress of Ice on the exhale.

Geek Berg:
Electric Blue Geek Bar

Geek Bar’s take on the legendary, elusive Heisenberg flavour; a mouthwatering, mystery blend of berries and menthol, with a subtle hint of aniseed.

Guava Ice:
Pale Green Geek Bar

Thoroughly refreshing, this vape intertwines the three-pronged sweet, sour, and tart notes of Guava with an additional cooling kick from menthol.

Lychee Ice:
Cloud Pink Geek Bar

A true tropical temptress, combining the unique flavour of Lychee —fragrant, floral, and juicy sweet —with a calm caress of cooling ice.

Blackcurrant Menthol:
Purple Geek Bar

The deep, dark, earthy juiciness of Blackcurrant has its natural zesty and tart notes heightened and brightened by the addition of an invigorating Menthol twist.

Geek Bar Flavours: Sweets Candy

Geek Bar Flavours: Sweets Candy

Sweet Geek Bar flavoursoffer an ideal way to satisfy your sweet tooth, without the worries of a sugar crash. Whether you prefer classic candy or decadent desserts, Geek Bar have got a carefully curated handful of treats to choose between here; deliciously sweet yet reassuringly calorie-free, they’re a great way to curb nicotine and sugar cravings in one fell swoop.

Blueberry Bubblegum:
Baby Blue Geek Bar

A blast of bold effervescence, a bright blend of soft, soothing Blueberry, swirled into the crisp, minty, and sweetly satisfying flavours of Bubblegum.

Strawberry Ice Cream:
Pastel Pink Geek Bar

fragrant vanilla Ice Cream with the sharp, scintillating sweetness of Strawberry, ripe and ruby-red, coming together for luscious satisfaction.

Blueberry Cotton Candy:
Powder Pink Geek Bar

A healthy helping of nostalgia in the form of giddy, gooey Cotton Candy, it’s sugary fluffiness gently tempered by swirling splashes of fresh, light Blueberry.

Lemon Tart:
Pastel Yellow Geek Bar

Tangy and refreshing kick offered by this Lemon Tart, winning combination of flaky, buttery pastry, lush meringue, and a bright shot of zesty lemon syrup.

Geek Bar Flavours: Soft Drinks & Classics

Geek Bar Flavours: Soft Drinks & Classics

Geek Bar have a few other flavours up their sleeve, just in case fruit or minty fruity isn’t quite your vibe; these include a couple of drink flavours that have become firm fan favourites across multiple vape brands, as well as two undeniable, stalwart classics that should be part of any vape flavour range.

Pink Lemonade:
Fuschia Geek Bar

Bubbling away and beckoning you in with its brilliant blend of fizzing Lemonade, zesty Citrus fruits and mixed Pink berries.

Energy Ice:
Magenta Geek Bar

Expertly recreated classic Energy Drink flavour, sweet and tangy, served over a bed of crushed Ice for extra exhilaration.

Black Geek Bar

The rich, robust, warm aroma of this roasted Tobacco blend will make you forget all about cigarettes.

White Geek Bar

Classic Menthol, an ultimate in unmitigated refreshment, delivering waves of cooling, soothing minty notes

Which Geek Bar Flavours is Right for You?

In having such a broad selection of flavours on offer, we reckon that Geek Bar truly do offer something for everyone. The flipside of this is that you may be overwhelmed by your range of choices, so we hope that by breaking things down, our Geek Bar flavours guide can help you quickly and easily find your next favourite vape flavour.

If you fancy skipping straight to the cream of the crop, check out our Top 5 Geek Bar flavours, or see how they stack up against the competition in our comparison blogs, Geek Bar vs Elf Bar and Puff Bar vs Geek Bar.

Best Geek Bar Flavours List at myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We believe that offering up vaping products as a viable alternative brings us that much closer to our goal. Disposable vapes are healthier, more convenient, and more affordable than traditional cigarettes, which makes them a great starting point for new vape users looking to finally quit smoking.

To make it easier for you to explore the full range of Geek Bar flavours, we offer a mix & match deal giving you 4 Geek Bars for just £20. Alternatively, if you already know what you like and just want to stock up, select flavours are available in packs of 10. If this is all new to you and you need to take a step back to look at disposable vaping more generally, find answers in our blog, What is a disposable vape?, or take a peek at our general beginners’ guide, New to vaping.

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