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This brand’s bold nature has attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of vapers and continues to shock and delight their fans with e-liquids that deliver a rounded flavour profile packaged in an innovative concept. Over the years, this brand has proven that fruit flavours are the way forward. Whether you are searching for mango madness, sweet strawberries, or tangy tropical fruit, you can find what you are looking for in our Nasty Juice catalogue. 

What vape flavours can I expect from Nasty Juice e-Liquid?

When you buy Nasty Juice e-liquids, you can expect an unforgettable flavour experience. This brand is edgy and modern, which makes it the go-to choice for people who are transitioning from smoking to vaping. Our catalogue contains over 25 10ml and 50ml vape liquids that have been created by the best mixologists that Nasty Juice has to offer.

Nasty Juice e-liquids promise a modern twist on traditional fruit flavours. By far one of their most popular products, Slow Blow e-liquid combines the biting freshness of pineapple with minty accents and tangy soda overtones. A$AP Grape contains a bold flavour profile that favours the sweet and succulent taste of grapes. A summer berry compote combines with a menthol breeze to create a delicate, layered exhale that highlights all the sweet notes inside this 50ml vape juice.

Who do we recommend Nasty Juice e-liquids for?

By branching out from shortfills into nic salts and even disposables, Nasty Juice have expanded their reach to cover beginner, intermediary, and advanced vapers.

Shortfill products come with 50mls of your preferred e-liquid. They also contain 10mls of additional space for a nic shot of your choice. Shortfills are ideal for people who want to experiment with nicotine strengths or gradually reduce their consumption. Nasty Juice shortfills come complete with 70% vegetable glycerin. This solvent is known for its ability to create dense, immense clouds. Sub ohm vapers love Nasty Juice because each e-liquid guarantees immense flavours and unforgettable vapour.

Nasty Juice’s mixologists have transported the taste of fan favourite flavours into handy 10ml nic salt bottles. The likes of Trap Queen and Bad Blood can now be enjoyed with 20mgs of nicotine strength. Nic salts are sourced from a naturally occurring form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. They are absorbed into the bloodstream far more effectively than distilled alternatives such as starter liquids. Because of this, people who use a 12mg strength starter vape liquids will need to use a 20mg salt to experience the same hit. Nasty Juice nic salts are ideal for beginners who need an immediate dose of nicotine.  

What are Nasty Juice disposables?

Disposables are a new type of vape kit that come pre-filled with 20mg strength e-liquids. These kits have gained popularity in the last few years as more and more people are looking for hassle-free alternatives to traditional kits.

Nasty Juice disposables strike sleek figures. There is no need for chargers, coils, or e-liquid refills. Simply unpack your disposable, draw-activate the device, and begin vaping. Each Nasty Juice disposable guarantees approximately 300 puffs from the 1st gen Nasty Fix and 675 Puffs from the new Airfix depending on your personal vaping style. We recommend disposables for people who want to experience great flavour sensations on-the-go.

Nasty Juice e-liquid at myCigara

When it comes to a premium quality brand like Nasty Juice, you do not want to be let down at the last minute. Thousands of people depend on us for their supply of Nasty Juice products because our online checkout system is quick, clear, and easy to use. We also offer a free UK delivery policy that covers all products in our online vape shop. Opt for a hassle-free and cheaper checkout experience with Cigara.

Recommended Products

If fruit flavours are your thing, look no further. Nasty Juice never fails to delight the senses. People who like A$AP Grape’s bold flavour profile will love Devil Teeth e-liquid, which focuses on the refreshing summer taste of honeydew melon. Likewise, Double Apple focuses one on flavour sensation above all others. Sour green apples combine with sweet red ripe apples to create a summer sensation that is hard to ignore.

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