Collection: Smok Replacement Pods

Check out our full collection of SMOK vape pods here, designed to be paired with SMOK pod kits.

Smok Vape Pods

These SMOK pods are designed to be paired with the great range of SMOK pod kits. Compatible with popular devices like the SMOK Nord, RPM, and Novo, these refillable pods guarantee optimal coil performance and a consistently fresh e-liquid flavour experience.

The type of SMOK pod you need will depend on which SMOK vape you’re using. Here’s a simple rundown of the different SMOK replacement pod collections:

SMOK Novo Pods

SMOK Mico Pods

SMOK Nord Pods

SMOK Solus Pods


SMOK Acro Pods 

SMOK Nfix Pods

SMOK Igee Pods

SMOK Stick Pods

SMOK Tech247 Pods


Key Features

Why Choose SMOK Replacement Pods?

SMOK pods are designed to seamlessly fit a variety of popular SMOK pod kits including the Nord, RPM, and Novo devices.

With these refillable SMOK vape pods, users have the freedom to choose and experiment with their favourite e-liquids, tailoring their vaping experience to their preferences.

When you choose SMOK, you can rely on high-quality pods that deliver unparalleled performance, ensuring fresh and potent flavour with every puff.

Frequently Asked Question: SMOK Pod FAQs

1. How Long Do SMOK Pods Last?

SMOK pods typically last for about one to two weeks with regular use, depending on factors such as vaping frequency, e-liquid composition, and individual vaping habits.

2. Can You Refill SMOK Pods?

Yes, SMOK replacement pods are refillable, so you can top them up with your preferred e-liquid whenever necessary. 

3. How Many Times Can You Refill A SMOK Pod?

You can top up your SMOK pod multiple times before needing to replace it. Most SMOK pods have a standard capacity of 2ml, allowing for several refills depending on your vaping frequency and e-liquid consumption. 

If you notice decreased performance, leaking, or a burnt taste, it’s probably time to replace your SMOK vape pod. 

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