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World of Vape Mod Kits, Sometimes referred to as Advanced Personal Vaporisers, or APVs for short, vape mods are becoming more and more popular with more experienced vapers. If you’ve mastered the basics and are looking for the chance to express yourself and explore your vaping preferences, a mod kit may just be the injection of excitement you’re looking for.

We want to give you as much choice as possible, so you can find the best vape mod kit for you in our tailormade selection of devices. We stock leading brands like Voopoo and Geekvape so you know that you’re getting a safe and fantastic product every time you order with us and with free UK delivery on every purchase, why not invest in a vape mod today?

What is a Vape Mod?

They’re exactly what their name suggests: modified vape kits. They tend to be more powerful than your normal vape starter kit or Sub Ohm device because they have more advanced features that allow customers complete personalisation over how they vape. These features may include being able to change the amount of flavour you can taste or vapour you produce with each vape.

As there is such variation with each vape, these devices are often compatible with a wide range of e Liquids and both Plus Ohm and Sub Ohm coils. Regardless of whether you’re a mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung vaper, we’re sure to find you the vape mod kit of your dreams, either online or in store.

Who Do We Recommend Vape Mods For?

As vape mod kits are more powerful than most other vaping devices, we respectfully advise that customers transitioning from smoking should avoid these kits until they’re more used to vaping. Newer vapers may find it difficult to control the reliability of their vape and they may not know how to maintain their kit properly, which may leave the customer out of pocket, or even worse, in danger.

Therefore, vape mods are better suited to those who really know their way around a vape kit. We know that every vaper is different but rest assured, our collection of vape mod kits has a device to please everybody.

If you’re looking for something simple, there are many stripped back devices available, like the Aspire K-Lite Mod. There’s just one click of a button between you and variable voltage levels, which are clearly displayed on the sleek LED display, meaning it’s easy to know whether to expect a taste sensation or that you need to get ready to chase clouds.

How Do I Use a Vape Mod?

There are lots of different types of vape mod kits, meaning your experience with each one is bound to vary, let alone with different vape juices and vape coils, but don’t worry—we’ve got a few quick-fire tips to ensure that you stay safe and make the most out of your device.

  1. Consider what type of vape mod you want before you purchase any. If you don’t like bulky devices, you may want to invest in a pocket-sized device. If you’re constantly on the go without access to a charge point, it may be a good idea to buy a kit which requires a substantial battery, such as the Voopoo Drag 2, operating on 18650w batteries (not included with the purchased mod).

  2. Always consult the user manual that comes with your kit; it will give you guidance on how to use your device correctly.

  3. It’s best to wait 5-10 minutes after loading up your vape mod with e Liquid in order to avoid damaging your wick/coil and experiencing a burnt flavour.

What Vape Mod Should I Get if I’m a Beginner?

Ready for a bit of a challenge? If you’ve had enough of the strong throat hits of a vape starter kit and want to try something new, it’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with vape mod kits. These kits create lots of vapour and are the next big step in your smoke-free journey as there is less emphasis on nicotine hits, but don’t worry—myCigara are here to help you make the move.

If you’re wanting something uncomplicated, look no further than the Innokin Adept Mod. This is a smart device which recognises the type of coil you insert and changes the wattage to suit it, creating a fantastic vape experience. Whether you use high PG liquids for fantastic flavour or Sub Ohm coils for bags of vapour, choosing this kit means less worrying for you and more time spent vaping the way you want.

The Voopoo Drag 2 is unique in that it uses a GENE chip, which provides a powerful and fast hit of flavour and vapour with every vape, making this a real stand out product in any vapers’ collection. It’s this reliability that has made Voopoo one of the leading vaping producers in the world and this kit is incredibly popular with those wanting to really personalise their vaping journey.

What Vape Mod Should I Get if I’m an Experienced Vaper?

If you’re in need of a durable kit to put through its paces, why not try the Geekvape Aegis X Mod? This kit is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof, making it suitable for the biggest of adventures and busiest of days. The OLED screen makes understanding your vape kit simple and we love how much vapour this kit produces when combined with Sub Ohm coils; its lowest wattage is 0.5 Ohms, meaning it’s a brilliant option for cloud chasers.

Veteran vapers may also like the Aspire K-Lite Mod as the powerful 900mAh battery means it’s a great all day vape option and it’s slim enough to fit in your pocket, making it the ideal vape mod kit for discreet vaping.

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Here at myCigara, you’re our priority. Our selection of the best vape mod starter kits on the market is sure to turn your head; from big brands like Innokin to Voopoo., we know that you’ll find the device for you with us.

If you have any individual questions that our informative posts can’t answer, like ‘how to make a vape mod?’ or ‘what is the best vape mod for cloud chasing?’, please feel free to come into store—we’re more than happy to assist.

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