Vuse ePod Flavour Guide

by Jemma Wolfe

By Jemma Wolfe
Published on: 19-06-23 

Vuse Vpro ePod Flavours List: A Complete Guide
Vuse Vpro ePod Flavours List: A Complete Guide

Vuse ePod Flavours List: A Complete Guide

Table of Contents:

  • Brand Introduction
  • Vuse ePod Flavours: Fruit
  • Vuse ePod Flavours: Ice Fruit
  • Vuse ePod Flavours: Classic
  • Vuse ePod Flavours: Beverages
  • Which Vuse ePod Flavours are Right for You?
  • Vuse ePod Flavours at myCigara

Vuse Vape have an impressive track record in the vape industry, establishing themselves over the years by setting the standard for functionality and user experience. Prefilled pods have seen a huge surge in popularity recently, and Vuse are dominating the scene thanks to their flavourful yet hassle-free hardware. Designed to be used exclusively with their Vuse Epod Pro pod vape kit, Vuse Epod Pro pods are perfect for first-time vape fans and those hoping to quit smoking.

Each Vuse ePod arrives prefilled with 1.9ml of delicious nic salt e-liquid to provide users with fast-acting and long-lasting nicotine relief. With 14 different Vuse pod flavour profiles to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start; but fear not, I’ve got you covered.

My Vuse Pro flavour guide is here to provide a full breakdown of every vape pod flavour the brand has up for grabs. Ranging from fruity favourites to sparkling beverages, there’s something among the Vuse ePod collection to suit everyone’s taste. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Vuse ePod Flavours: Fruit

Vuse ePod Flavours: Fruit

Fruit-based blends are by far the most popular variety of vape flavours out there as users just can’t get enough of the sweet and refreshing taste. So whether you’re looking for a tropical-inspired blend to keep the winter blues at bay, or prefer a dark and juicy berry fusion, these Vuse vape pods have got you covered.

Very Berry

Very Berry:
Purple Vuse Pods

A bountiful bonanza of fresh black and red forest berries to provide a uniquely tart and layered vape.

Garden Strawberry

Garden Strawberry:
Red Vuse Pods

Generous handfuls of freshly-picked juicy strawberries make for a sweet and refreshing summertime treat.

Tropical Mango

Tropical Mango:
Yellow Vuse Pods

An exciting exotic burst of sweet and juicy mango for a tropical inspired treat that will leave your mouth watering.


Cucumber Mix:
Green Vuse Pods

Cool and undeniably refreshing, heaps of hydrating cucumber make for a fresh and fragrant vape.

Vuse ePod Flavours: Ice Fruit

Vuse ePod Flavours: Ice Fruit

Now that we’ve covered the standard fruit profiles, it’s time to take a look at ice fruit flavours Vuse has to offer. These profiles pack all the potent flavour of fruit profiles, but with the added benefit of a cool mentholated kick for a truly invigorating experience, making them perfect for those wanting an icy dose to awaken their senses.

Blueberry Ice

Blueberry Ice:
Dark Blue Vuse Pods

Dark and deliciously tart blueberries are fused with a cooling kick of fresh crushed ice.

Watermelon Ice

Watermelon Ice:
Salmon Pink Vuse Pods

Mouthwatering watermelon is complemented perfectly by a wave of icy freshness for a hydrating vape.

Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Ice:
Hot Pink Vuse Pods

The summer-fresh taste of red ripe strawberries is paired with lashings of cool crushed ice.

Vuse ePod Flavours: Classic

Vuse ePod Flavours: Classic

If you don’t consider yourself an adventurous flavour seeker, then you’ll probably get on best with classic Vuse pod flavours. These stripped-back classics serve up iconic yet traditional blends, so whether you’re looking for punchy peppermint or smoky tobacco notes, these no-nonsense profiles have got you covered.

Chilled Mint

Chilled Mint:
Teal Vuse Pods

Crisp and delightfully cooling, the icy notes of chilled mint make for a layered and refreshing vape.

Vanilla Medley

Vanilla Medley:
Beige Vuse Pods

Fragrant yet delicate, the classic and complex taste of fresh vanilla pods is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Golden Tobacco Vuse

Golden Tobacco:
Gold Vuse Pods

Perfect for ex-smokers, the smoky and robust notes of golden tobacco serve up a satisfying experience.

Creamy Mint

Creamy Mint:
Light Green Vuse Pods

Fresh mint and velvety vanilla merge flawlessly to create the most delectable, creamy taste.

Peppermint Tobacco

Peppermint Tobacco:
Green and Brown Vuse Pods

Mild and mellow tobacco notes meet the crisp and refreshing taste of strong peppermint.

Mint Ice vuse

Mint Ice:
Blue Vuse Pods

Serving up a double dose of freshness, cool fresh mint meets crushed ice to enliven your senses.

Vuse ePod Flavours: Beverages

Vuse ePod Flavours: Beverages

If you’re on the hunt for the most hydrating vaping experience possible, then Vuse beverages flavours will be right up your street. Serving up only the most iconic bubbly beverages, these delicious blends are specifically designed to combat your thirst and your nicotine cravings all in one fell swoop.

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise:
Orange and Red Vuse Pods

Juicy pomegranates are tossed among citrus sweet oranges for a cocktail-inspired treat.


What our customers think.....

Manseok K, United Kingdom

Excellent flavour and fast delivery!

Rodney P, Darlington, United Kingdom

Really like chilled mint out of all other flavours.

David H, Motherwell, United Kingdom

Tropical Mango, Great flavor!

Kay Hawker, Manchester, United Kingdom

Lovely menthol taste!

Which Vuse Vpro Vape Pod Flavours Are Right for You?

Vuse is renowned for producing flavourful and vibrant eliquid blends, and their popular Vuse ePod line is no different. On top of some familiar fruit flavours and classic blends, this range of prefilled pods also includes a few unique flavour combinations that are exclusive to the brand. To keep things as simple as possible, we've divided their selection into four main categories: Fruit, Ice Fruit, Classic and Beverages, allowing you to quickly effortlessly choose the flavours that most appeal to you.

Still not sure which Vuse vape flavour is right for you? Well, you’re in luck. Take advantage of our exclusive 4-for-£25 bundle deal today on all Vuse ePod Pro pods, allowing you to mix and match a handful of different flavours until you find your new favourite. Alternatively, head over to my Top 5 Vuse ePods review to head straight to the best of the best.

Vuse ePod Flavours at myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We believe that by offering only the very best vaping products— such as a pod kit and vape pods from Vuse— as a viable alternative brings us that much closer to achieving our goal. A pod vape kit makes a great vape starter kit to help users make that all-important first step on their quit smoking journey.

Want to find out more about this popular piece of kit? Head over to my Vuse ePod 2 review to see an in-depth and comprehensive breakdown to help you determine if this could be the right e-cigarette for you. But if you’re still not sure whether or not a pod vape kit is right for you, check out our Disposables Vs Pod Vapes to see how they stand up against their disposable counterparts.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or visit your local myCigara store where our friendly staff are ready to help you.

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