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You can find the full range of Vuse disposable vapes here— including the original Vuse GO, the slimline Vuse GO 700 and the brand-new Vuse GO Edition 01 alongside the Vuse GO Max with 0% Nicotine.

Vuse GO Disposables

Following the success of their beginner-friendly vape kits, Vuse decided to branch out into the realm of disposable vapes. First released back in 2021, the original Vuse GO disposable allowed users to give vaping a try or sample Vuse flavours without committing to a Vuse vape kit right away.

Since then, Vuse has released further disposables to keep up with the ever-evolving disposable vape market; the Vuse GO 700, Vuse GO Max and Vuse GO Edition 01. Here’s some more information about the different Vuse disposable vapes available:

Vuse GO

The Vuse GO is the brand’s flagship disposable vape, sporting a streamlined pen-style shape and a puff count of up to 500.

Vuse GO 700

The upgraded version of the original Vuse GO, the Vuse GO 700 features the same classic pen-style shape that users know and love but with an increased puff count.

Vuse GO Edition 01

This new Vuse vape features a new square box shape, a transparent viewing window for easy e-liquid monitoring and an increased puff count of 800.

Vuse Go Max

The Vuse Go Max Disposable is a stylish and user-friendly e-cigarette that delivers a satisfying vaping experience. Its sleek design, various flavors, and hassle-free usage make it a popular choice. 1500 Puffs with 0% Nicotine, Vuse's quality and convenience, catering to the demand for disposable e-cigarettes.

Key Features

Why Choose A Vuse GO Disposable Vape? With so many vaping options available, you may be wondering how Vuse stands out from others on the market. Here are just a handful of reasons why you might want to consider a Vuse Go disposable:

Unlike traditional vape devices that require constant refilling and recharging, Vuse GO vapes arrive pre-filled and pre-charged. Simply unbox it and begin vaping.

Vuse disposables boast certain features that can’t be found anywhere else, such as the e-liquid viewing window found on the Vuse GO Edition 01.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a familiar Tobacco blend or crave a popular fruity favourite, Vuse vapes offer a wide range of flavours across their entire disposable range.

As Vuse is a well-established and reputable vape hardware brand, you know you can rely on them to provide disposable vapes that meet only the very best quality and safety standards.

Product Comparisons

Comparing Vuse GO Disposables

With three different Vuse disposables to choose from, it can be helpful to see how they compare side-by-side. Here’s a quick comparison:

Vuse GO Vuse GO Max Vuse GO 700 Vuse GO Edition 01
Puff Count: 500 Puff Count: 1500 Puff Count: 700 Puff Count: 800
Pod Capacity: 2ml Pod Capacity: 4.8ml Pod Capacity: 2ml Pod Capacity: 2ml

Battery Capacity:


Battery Capacity:


Battery Capacity:


Battery Capacity:


Shape: Slim, Pen-Style Shape: Slim, Pen-Style Shape: Slim, Pen-Style
Shape: Square, Boxy
Nicotine Strength:
0%, 2%
Nicotine Strength:
Nicotine Strength:
0%, 2%
Nicotine Strength:
0%, 2%

Frequently Asked Questions - Vuse Go Disposable FAQs

1. How To Use Vuse GO

Vuse GO disposables are incredibly easy to use. As they arrive pre-filled and ready-charged, all you need to do is take out the Vuse vape from the box, peel back the airflow sticker and you’re ready to begin vaping! Simply inhale on the mouthpiece to release flavourful vapour.

2. How Many Puffs in a Vuse GO?

As there are multiple Vuse vapes available, the puff count can vary depending on which Vuse device you’re using. If you’re using the original Vuse GO, you can expect up to 500 puffs. Meanwhile, the new Vuse GO 700 can last for up to 700 puffs, and the Vuse Go Edition 01 approx 800 and the Vuse GO Max can last for up to a whopping 1500 puffs.

3. How Much Nicotine is in Vuse GO?

Vuse GO disposable vapes are available in a 20mg/ml nicotine strength, which equates to 2%. This nicotine level is common among disposables as they’re aimed at beginner vapers who have recently quit smoking and need a powerful and punchy vape to keep their cigarette cravings at bay.

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