Lost Mary QM600 Review

by Jemma Wolfe

By Jemma Wolfe
Published On: 21-12-23

Lost Mary QM600 Disposable Review
Lost Mary QM600 Disposable Review

Lost Mary QM600 Disposable Review

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Ever since Lost Mary first burst onto the scene just over a year ago, they seem to have taken the world by storm. In fact, it’s difficult to think back to a time before Lost Mary, as it feels like they’ve been around forever. First hitting our shelves back in 2022, this brand has wasted no time in becoming one of the nation’s favourite names, and impressively, they’ve already got more than one device under their belt.

Living up to the success of their debut disposable device, the BM600, was never going to be an easy feat. But with the release of the QM600 just a few months later, it’s clear that Lost Mary Vape weren’t interested in shying away from change and are keen to constantly evolve to meet their customers needs. But does the QM600 really have what it takes? Well, that’s what I’m here to find out.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Lost Mary BM600, and it’s without a doubt one of my all-time favourite disposables. Now, I’ve got my hands on the Lost Mary QM600 and I’m ready to put it to the test. In this review, I’ll put this device under the microscope, analysing its features, design, and flavours to help you determine if this could be the ideal e-cigarette to help you ditch the cigs and quit smoking for good. Let’s get started!

Lost Mary QM600 Features

Lost Mary QM600 Features

Just as expected, the Lost Mary QM600 disposable vape arrived ready to use straight out of the box. Much like the flagship BM600, the QM600 features a pre-charged 360mAh battery and a ready-filled 2ml pod capacity, packed with 20mg nic salt e-liquid.

Although the internal battery isn’t particularly big when compared to other disposable vapes, it really didn’t seem to make much of a difference. My QM600 easily lasted for over an entire day of vaping, living up to the promise of providing 600 puffs as stated on the box.

● Draw-activated
● QUAQ mesh coil
● 600 puffs
● 2ml of nic salts
● 20mg nicotine strength
● 360mAh battery

One of the most notable features of the QM600 is its use of a QUAQ mesh coil. We’ve witnessed many brands adopting this technology in their disposables lately, including the Elf Bar 600 V2 and Lost Mary BM600S, but the QM600 was among the first to pioneer it. Even without the “QUAQ” logo emblazoned on the side of the device, it was evident that a QUAQ mesh coil was at play here.

Even after taking my very first puff, I was taken aback by just how potent the flavour was— in the best way possible! I expected this to diminish as the device ran low, as many disposables do, but this Lost Mary disposable continued to deliver rich flavour until the very end. In fact, I was surprised to see the flashing light indicating that the device was empty, as it honestly tasted as good as new!

Lost Mary QM600 Features
Lost Mary QM600 Ergonomics & DesignLost Mary QM600 Ergonomics & Design

Lost Mary QM600 Ergonomics & Design

When I first laid eyes on the QM600 Lost Mary, it was clear to see that they were trying something new. Breaking away from the ultra-compact, matchbox style of the BM600, the QM600 sports a shape that’s flat and chunky, unlike traditional cylindrical pen-style disposables.

While I don’t dislike this shape per se, it’s definitely not as compact as its predecessor. Nevertheless, it’s still extremely portable and pocket-sized, so discreet vaping on the go was no problem at all.

● Flat, rectangular shape
● Wide duckbill mouthpiece
● Smooth metallic exterior and transparent casing
● Dimensions: 96.7 x 28.4 x 14.2mm
● Weight: 40g

If there’s one stylistic change that I think is going to divide opinion the most, it has to be the mouthpiece. The QM600 mouthpiece is big, probably the biggest mouthpiece I’ve ever seen on a disposable vape.

As a frequent user of the BM600 and a fan of its teeny tiny mouthpiece, the wide duck-bill style of the QM600 caught me off guard. While it wasn’t exactly uncomfortable, it’s just not my style. That being said, I’m sure many people find the BM600 mouthpiece insufferably small, so having an alternative Lost Mary device that offers a wider mouthpiece will certainly be welcomed by some.

Moving on from the exterior, let’s take a look at what Lost Mary QM600 flavours are on offer.

Lost Mary QM600 Flavours

Lost Mary QM600 Flavours

One of my favourite aspects of the Lost Mary QM600 range is the flavour variety on offer. Although this device was released sometime after the BM600, it still offers the same 30 different flavour blends.

The flavours available in the QM600 range are practically identical to those in the BM600 range, so fans of Lost Mary flavours don’t have to worry about not having access to their favourite blends.

● Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate
● Triple Mango
● Marybull Ice
● Red Apple Ice
● Mad Blue

Although the Lost Mary QM600 disposable vape doesn’t offer up any unique blends exclusive to its range, it still seems to manage to cover most bases with a great array of sweet and soft drink flavours. As Lost Mary vape is somewhat known for their bold and exciting flavours, I wasn’t exactly surprised to see a lack of classic or tobacco-themed blends in the mix.

So if you’re usually a fan of more traditional flavours, this probably isn’t the right disposable for you. Now, let’s take a look at some of the other Lost Mary vapes on offer.

Lost Mary QM600 Flavours
Lost Mary Disposable Vape Ranges

Lost Mary Disposable Vape Ranges

Even though Lost Mary has only been around for little over a year, they haven’t wasted any time in releasing multiple disposable vape ranges, some achieving more success than others.

Of course, we have the original BM600 device, which is still going strong as one of the best-selling disposables in the country and has recently been followed up with the BM600S, an upgraded version complete with a QUAQ mesh coil. Here’s a breakdown of all the disposables Lost Mary have released, including non-TPD compliant versions which aren’t available for purchase in the UK:

Lost Mary BM600 (TPD Compliant)
Lost Mary BM600S (TPD Compliant)
Lost Mary QM600 (TPD Compliant)
● Lost Mary AM600 (TPD Compliant)
● Lost Mary BM5000 (Not TPD Compliant)
● Lost Mary BC5000 (Not TPD Compliant)
● Lost Mary MO5000 (Not TPD Compliant)
● Lost Mary BM3500 (Not TPD Compliant)
● Lost Mary CM1500 (Not TPD Compliant)

Besides the popular BM600 and QM600 ranges, Lost Mary released the AM600 last year, a now discontinued pen-style disposable vape.

While the reason for the discontinuation is a mystery, it seems that Lost Mary instead decided to focus their efforts on upgrading and evolving their most popular devices and leading the way in terms of QUAQ mesh technology.

Lost Mary QM600 Market Comparison

Lost Mary QM600 Market Comparison

When evaluating how the Lost Mary QM600 disposable vape performs, it can be helpful to take a look at the wider disposable vape market overall and compare it to its competitors.

With so many different brands releasing new and upgraded disposable vapes recently, it can be hard to keep up, and even harder to know which disposable is right for you. When thinking about new disposables, the new Elf Bar 600 V2 instantly springs to mind. Much like the QM600, the Elf Bar V2 also features a QUAQ mesh coil.

I recently tried the V2 out for myself and found that it provides a very similar experience to the QM600, as the advanced coil delivers the same airy vape with consistently potent flavour. Nevertheless, there are some clear differences in terms of shape and design. While I enjoy the flat shape of the QM600, the Elf Bar V2 is without a doubt the better option for those who prefer classic pen-style vapes.

Another brand that has just dropped a new disposable vape is FUYL. While the FUYL 600 device doesn’t have the added edge of a QUAQ mesh coil, it does— in my opinion— offer up more style and comfort when compared to the QM600, as I’m a huge fan of its compact matchbox shape and crystal-cut design.

Of course, it’s worth thinking about flavour selection too, as the FUYL 600 only has 14 flavour profiles up for grabs, considerably less than the 30 the QM600 has to offer.

What our customers think.....

Kelly P, United Kingdom

Lovely flavour and stays strong throughout!

Stephanie, United Kingdom

Ordered a few things for my husband for Christmas. Website was easy to use, affordable and the delivery time was quick too.

Sallyaann L, United Kingdom

This one is a keeper. I highly recommend to try this refreshing flavour.

Sam, United Kingdom

Excellent and reliable products & delivery, I’ve been using the site since the first lockdown and it has been a massive help.

Lost Mary QM600 Verdict

Lost Mary QM600 Verdict

As a huge fan of Lost Mary vapes, I was really excited to put the QM600 to the test and to see if it lives up to the hype of its predecessor.

While I’m probably still going to stick to buying a BM600 when I’m in need of a backup disposable, overall, the Lost Mary QM600 is by no means a bad disposable vape. The overall vaping experience it provided was great; the 360mAh battery and 2ml nic salt content were perfect for providing a nicotine-rich mouth-to-lung experience, which is arguably the most important aspect of a disposable.

The use of the QUAQ mesh coil was a true game changer; I was pleasantly surprised by just how potent the flavour was, and how it didn’t diminish at all near the end of the device’s lifespan, which is a rare find. I also have zero complaints when it comes to flavour selection, as the QM600 is available in the same great 30 flavour profiles found in other Lost Mary vape collections, so there was plenty for me to choose from. Granted, there were no traditional tobacco blends in the lineup, but that’s never really been Lost Mary’s style anyway, so this wasn’t unexpected.

The only slight hangup I have with this disposable is its design. The extra-wide mouthpiece of the QM600 Lost Mary just didn’t feel right to me, and I couldn’t get it to sit comfortably in my mouth. As I’ve become so accustomed to the minuscule mouthpiece of the BM600, I’m sure this is just down to personal preference, and I can imagine some other users will probably prefer the larger mouthpiece design.

Although I’m unlikely to place it above the trusty BM600 anytime soon, I enjoyed my time with the QM600. If you’re a fan of Lost Mary flavours, it’s certainly worth a try, especially if you’re looking for something other than a matchbox-style vape.

Lost Mary Vape at myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We believe that offering customers viable alternatives, such a disposable vape from Lost Mary, helps bring us that much closer to achieving our goal.

Ready to give the QM600 a try? Check out my Top 5 Lost Mary QM600 review to see a quick breakdown of the very best flavours today! Alternatively, head over to our best quit smoking disposable vapes blog to see a comprehensive breakdown of the many disposables on the market to help you decide which e-cigarette is right for you.

To find out more about the Lost Mary vape brand, how they came to be, what devices they have to offer and some handy tips and tricks, check out my Lost Mary Ultimate Guide for a full breakdown of all things Lost Mary!

If you have any questions or want to reach out for a chat, don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, pop in to your local myCigara store where our friendly expert staff will be happy to help you.

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