Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit Review

by Jemma Wolfe

By Jemma Wolfe
Published On: 01-02-24

Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit Review
Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit Review

Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit Review

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  • Ergonomics & Design
  • Flavours
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After months of anticipation, the wait is finally over as Lost Mary has just released their first-ever prefilled pod kit— the Lost Mary Tappo— and I’m here to tell you all about it!

I’m a huge fan of Lost Mary and they tend to be my go-to brand when I’m in need of a backup disposable vape. Still, as I prefer to use reusable devices these days, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a reusable Lost Mary. Now, it’s finally here!

So, I’ve got my hands on the Lost Mary Tappo, the brand-new prefilled pod kit from Lost Mary, and I’m desperate to try it out for myself and share my findings. Does this disposable vape giant have what it takes to make waves in the ever-increasing pod kit market? And will it perform as well as their iconic disposables? Well, that’s what I’m here to find out.

In this review, I will shed light on the Lost Mary Tappo, revealing its key features, inner workings, design and pod flavours to help you decide whether this pod kit can be a valuable companion on your journey to quit smoking. Without further ado, let's get straight to it!

Lost Mary Tappo Key Features
Lost Mary Tappo Key Features
Lost Mary Tappo Key Features

Lost Mary Tappo Key Features

As the Tappo is a prefilled pod kit, it won’t need to be disposed of after use like Lost Mary disposables. Instead, this Lost Mary pod kit is compatible with prefilled vape pods, specifically Tappo pods.

These Lost Mary pods snap into place thanks to their sturdy magnetic connection and each Tappo pod holds 2ml of nic salt e-liquid, which managed to live up to the same lifespan of their disposables upon testing.

● 750mAh internal battery
● 2ml pod capacity
● QUAQ mesh coil
● Compatible with Tappo pods & Elfa PRO pods
● Magnetic connection
● 20mg nicotine strength
● 600 puffs per pod

But let's talk about the real deal – the vaping experience. And I must say, the Tappo lived up to my expectations.

Being a former smoker and a fan of the occasional disposable vape, I'm quite particular about nailing that perfect Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) sensation. But the draw is just right – not too tight, not too airy, striking a sweet spot that makes every inhale silky smooth, instantly curbing my cravings without a hitch.

Interestingly, this Lost Mary vape is also compatible with Elfa PRO pods, the new range of prefilled pods from Elf Bar. Although unusual, this versatility adds an extra layer of appeal as it opens up a whole world of additional flavour possibilities, which we’ll explore later. Both Elfa PRO vape pods and Tappo pods feature a QUAQ mesh coil for enhanced flavour, which is why they’re so seamlessly interchangeable.

Now, let’s talk about the design and visual charm the Tappo has in store.

Lost Mary Tappo Key Features
Lost Mary Tappo Key Features
Lost Mary Tappo Key Features
Lost Mary Tappo Ergonomics & Design
Lost Mary Tappo Ergonomics & Design
Lost Mary Tappo Ergonomics & Design

Lost Mary Tappo Ergonomics & Design

First things first, I was glad to see that the Tappo shares the same sleek shape as the popular Lost Mary BM600 disposables. While it’s not identical. It's like the stylish older sibling, boasting slightly larger dimensions but keeping that iconic form intact. And as I’m a huge fan of the signature Lost Mary shape, this was a big win for me.

● Shiny metallic exterior
● 3 colour options
● Inhale-activated
● LED battery indicator
● Matchbox shape

This Lost Mary pod kit boasts an attractive metallic exterior that’s available in three different colour gradients; I opted for the silver stainless steel option, and it’s a real eye-catcher. However, I did encounter a problem. After using this Lost Mary vape for about a week, I began to notice some faint surface scratches on its shiny exterior, which are visible in my pictures— a minor hiccup but still a bit disappointing. I'm crossing my fingers that the Tappo proves to be durable in the long run.

Now, let's talk Tappo pods. These vape pods are essentially exact replicas of Elfa Pro pods, featuring a slightly transparent casing that lets me keep tabs on my e-liquid levels. The mouthpiece on these Tappo pods has undergone a size upgrade from the Lost Mary disposables, a change I welcomed with open arms – or lips, in this case. I’m also a fan of the handy LED battery indicator on the front of the device which changes colour to let you know when it’s time to recharge.

Overall, I'm a fan of the design. It stays true to that signature Lost Mary style that made them so iconic. But, I only wish the metallic casing had a bit more armour to it.

On that note, let’s talk flavours!

Lost Mary Tappo FlavoursLost Mary Tappo Flavours
Lost Mary Tappo Flavours
Lost Mary Tappo Flavours

Lost Mary Tappo Flavours

Lost Mary Tappo pods boast an impressive lineup of 15 different blends, featuring a huge range of fan-favourite Lost Mary flavours to choose from. With fruity delights, sweet treats, soft drinks and even tobacco blends, Lost Mary really hit the nail on the head by including a great range of flavours to cater to every palate.

Here’s a quick rundown of the different flavour categories available:

● Fruit
● Ice Fruit
● Soft Drink
● Sweets
● Classic

What caught my attention, and I must say I appreciate this move, is the inclusion of a tobacco blend. It's a rarity in many prefilled pod kits but Lost Mary didn't skip a beat.

I decided to take a leap and tried out the USA Mix blend, even though I'm not typically a fan of tobacco flavours. Surprise, surprise—it was delicious! The blend was smooth, not overpowering, and added a layer of complexity that I didn't know I was missing.

But here’s where things get exciting; beyond the 15 Tappo flavours up for grabs, users also get access to over 20 Elf Bar flavours as this Lost Mary pod kit is compatible with Elfa PRO pods.

So, even if these Lost Mary flavours aren’t your bag, you can check out the Elfa PRO collection too without needing to buy a whole new device.

Lost Mary Tappo Flavours
Lost Mary Tappo Flavours
Lost Mary Tappo Flavours
Lost Mary Ranges

Lost Mary Ranges

Now, let's zoom out and explore the vast universe of Lost Mary's offerings because, believe it or not, the Tappo is just the tip of the iceberg.

If there's a crown jewel in Lost Mary's collection, it's undoubtedly the BM600 disposable vape. This little marvel was what first skyrocketed them into the limelight, becoming an instant fan favourite. But they didn’t stop there. The recent BM600S upgrade took things up a notch by introducing a QUAQ mesh coil, cutting-edge technology that’s designed to provide enhanced flavour. Not to be outdone, the Lost Mary QM600 disposable vape also boasts QUAQ coil technology, proving that Lost Mary is all about pushing the boundaries.

Lost Mary also recently unveiled Maryliq, their first-ever range of e-liquids. This nic salt e-liquid carries the same winning formula found in their disposables and prefilled pods, delivering that signature Lost Mary experience in your very own vape kit. Here’s a quick breakdown of the different Lost Mary products currently available:

Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit
Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vape
Lost Mary BM600S Disposable Vape
Lost Mary QM600 Disposable Vape
Lost Mary Maryliq Nic Salts

Lost Mary Tappo Market Comparison

Lost Mary Tappo Market Comparison

In the bustling world of prefilled pod kits, understanding how the Lost Mary Tappo measures up against the competition is key. Enter the Elf Bar Elfa PRO, a worthy contender that shares the stage with the Tappo.

In terms of physicality, the Elf Bar Elfa PRO deviates slightly from the Tappo. While both devices sport a pocket-sized frame, the Elfa PRO boasts that iconic pen-style shape that’s become synonymous with Elf Bar. Both the Tappo and Elfa PRO flaunt almost identical pods, featuring a shared QUAQ mesh coil that promises enhanced flavour and performance.

QUAQ mesh coils seem to be becoming the new norm of vaping, with both Elf Bar and Lost Mary pioneering this technology. My experience so far with this new coil has been positive, delivering on its promise of providing stronger flavour for longer. So, I’m excited to see if any other brands will pick up on this technology in the coming months.

Now, let's throw another player into the mix—the upcoming FUYL pod kit. With a similar matchbox shape, the FUYL is gearing up to join the ranks. With its impending release, the FUYL shares a similar matchbox shape with the Tappo, but I’m excited to find out how the Tappo's unique experience will hold its ground against this new contender.

What our customers think.....

Jeanette B, United Kingdom

Using these has stopped me smoking after 50 years! A great product at a great price with quick delivery.

Caitlin A, United Kingdom

Best of vapes and the delivery time was so quick. I’ve ordered vapes off other sites and been let down due to them not having the stock and having to change my order for something completely different

Karen D, United Kingdom

Absolutely fabulous just bought again

Ellie, United Kingdom

The nicest cherry flavour vape there is. My go to all the time. Flavour lasts right till the end.

Lost Mary Tappo Verdict

Lost Mary Tappo Verdict

After fully immersing myself in the Lost Mary Tappo experience this week, it's time for me to lay down my verdict.

When it comes to performance, the Tappo was spot on for my vaping preferences. As an MTL vaper and fan of disposable vapes, the sensation was just right for me. The 50VG/50PG ratio and 20mg nicotine strength mirrored that of Lost Mary disposables, providing a punchy yet smooth vape that managed to keep my cravings in check throughout the day without an issue.

The Tappo's design is undeniably sleek and attractive, reminiscent of the iconic Lost Mary style. While the metallic exterior and sheen add a touch of sophistication, this pod kit is prone to scratches, which is bad news for those who value style highly in their list of vaping priorities. While these fine scratches don’t affect the inner workings or performance of the kit, it’s still pretty disappointing.

But when talking Tappo flavours, I truly can’t find a single fault. The 15 Lost Mary flavours up for grabs are genuinely tasty and offer plenty of variety, even for those who prefer more classic profiles. Plus, the compatibility with Elfa PRO pods is a huge bonus for adventurous flavour fans wanting more options.

To sum up, I really enjoyed my time with the Tappo pod kit. Despite the minor setback in durability, its performance and versatility make it a robust contender. Lost Mary has carved its place in the prefilled pod kit landscape, and the Tappo is a testament to their expertise.

Lost Mary Vape at myCigara

At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We believe that offering customers viable alternatives, such as a pod kit from Lost Mary Vape, helps bring us that much closer to achieving our goal.

Not only are prefilled pod kits easier to use than traditional vape kits, but you also won't need to concern yourself with the hassle of refilling vape juice or changing coils. This makes them an ideal choice for beginners embarking on their journey to quit smoking.

Curious to see what Tappo pod flavours are up for grabs? Head over to my Lost Mary Tappo Flavour Guide today to see the full list of 15 flavours! Or, if you want to find out more about this iconic brand before jumping straight in, head over to my Lost Mary Ultimate Guide to get the inside scoop.

We want to make sure that all of our customers have the greatest possible first vaping experience, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Or, head down to your local myCigara vape store, where our expert staff will be happy to help you.

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