VooPoo Vinci Royal Edition Review

by Theo Wilson
VooPoo Vinci Pod Royal Edition Pod Kit Review

VooPoo Vinci Pod Royal Edition Pod Kit Review

Voopoo are a stalwart in the world of vape kits, having carved out their niche as probably the premium producer of mod pod vape kits, burnishing their reputation with a series of ingenious devices that combined the customisation and power of a vape mod with the practicality of a pod vape kit. However, where many of their marquee mods were bulkier, designed for DTL vaping and aimed at advanced, sub ohm fans, the new Voopoo Vinci Royal pod kit offers something a little different.

Moving more toward the realm of a vape starter kit, the question starts to become: how does the Voopoo Vinci stack up against its bigger brethren in the Voopoo range? Fortunately for you, our in-depth vape kit review is here to hold your hand, walking you through the ups and downs of this new device—its focal points, its appearance and design, how it works and who it’s for—hopefully helping you to answer that most crucial of questions: is this the right vape kit for me?

Voopoo Vinci Royal Features

Voopoo Vinci Royal Features

Perhaps the most striking feature of the new Voopoo Vinci pod kit, when compared to its siblings in the Voopoo range, is its much more streamlined user interface. Where earlier models feature a broad array of dials and dashes, buttons and LCD displays, the Vinci has been stripped back to make things more accommodating for beginners. Removing the possibility for accidental misfires, this device is button-free, instead offering easy, ergonomic inhale-activation.

● Draw-activated
● 800mAh internal battery
● Adjustable airflow
● USB-C fast-charge
● 2 separate pods (2ml TPD)

However, whilst things may be straightforward and user-friendly for this sleek, stylish pod vape kit, you don’t have to completely kiss goodbye to customisation, either. The sole button on the body of the Voopoo Vinci is a simple slider, allowing you to effortlessly adjust airflow for a tighter or looser vape hit, depending on where your mood takes you. This customisation is further backed up by the inclusion of two discrete pod cartridges for two distinct vaping experiences.

All in all, you’re looking at a device that deftly balances straightforward user-friendliness with an ideal level of customisability. Now that we’ve got to grips with this kit’s innards, let’s examine its exterior.

Voopoo Vinci Royal Ergonomics and Design

Not only does the Voopoo Vinci pod kit pack a potent punch, but it also manages to pack this potency into a petite, portable, pocket-friendly package. The Voopoo Vinci Royal really stands out on the design front. Being basically free of buttons and technical display elements, the body of this kit serves essentially as a blank canvas for a pure æsthetic expression, most obviously highlighted by the unique raised decal designs; carefully and painstakingly hand-crafted, you won’t find these anywhere else.

● A range of unique, handcrafted decal designs
● Military-grade aluminium and zinc-alloy casing
● Premium in-hand feel
● 93.5mm x 24mm x 14mm (H/W/D)
● Clear e-liquid viewing window
● Tricolour LED battery indication

Sleek and stylish, the Voopoo Vinci presents all its prettiness across a shell not much bigger than the average disposable vape. Fusing functionality to form in a most pleasing manner, all its other visual pleasantries belie further practical value. Namely, the discreet yet direct triple-colour LEDs indicative of battery life, or the crystalline clarity of the pods’ viewing window, letting you easily eyeball your e-liquid levels.

Pretty, practical, pristine, the Voopoo Vinci is a technical and æsthetic marvel that’s sure to catch the eye of many a discerning vape fan. Yet let us look a little deeper and see how it actually performs.

Voopoo Vinci Royal Ergonomics and Design
Voopoo Vinci Royal Performance

Voopoo Vinci Royal Performance

You could be forgiven for thinking that a device as slight as the Voopoo Vinci pod kit is a straightforward MTL kit, and little more. While it is indeed a vape starter kit, aimed primarily at beginner to moderate vape users, it still has a little more proverbial gas in its proverbial tank. As mentioned, this vape kit comes with two distinct pods with distinct coil resistances; a higher-ohm for a richer MTL experience and a lower-ohm for a slightly cloudier RDTL vape.

● 11-15W output
● 1.2Ω pod for MTL
● 0.8Ω pod for RDTL
● Leakproof, topfill pods
● slider button for easy airflow adjustment

Combined with the adjustable airflow feature, the Voopoo Vinci pod kit grants you a much more customisable draw than your average vape starter kit, helping you to find your groove if you’re a new user, unfamiliar with the world of MTL and DTL vaping. While they may vary in resistance, what both pods share is a robust leakproof construction and easy top-fill system; in conjunction with the clear e-liquid viewing window, this takes all the stress out of staying topped up.

Throw in a robust 800mAh battery with USB-C fast-charging, and you’re looking at a kit that you can always rely on to deliver swift, steady vaping satisfaction when you’re out and about. So, having now run through the key aspects of the Voopoo Vinci pod kit — its features, its design, and how it performs — let’s summarise our findings.

VooPoo's Vinci Royal Edition Verdict

All in all, it’s hard not to be impressed by the Voopoo Vinci pod kit. The first thing you’re likely to notice is its stunning, eye-catching, hand-crafted exterior design. Thankfully, this device is more than just a pretty face. Packed into this pocket-friendly parcel is a deft balancing act of form and function, every element given the utmost consideration to deliver a smooth, satisfying vape experience, time after time.

The Voopoo Vinci pod kit is easy to use — thanks to draw-activation and an airflow slider — and easy to stay on top of — thanks to a clear e-liquid viewer and fast-charging. Thus, it’s not only ideal as a vape starter kit to help new users looking to quit smoking, but it’s also an excellent choice as an on-the-go backup device for vape fans looking for something a little meatier than a disposable. Sure, if you’re a DTL, sub ohm zealot, this device probably won’t be your bag, but for vapers of all other stripes, this pristine pod kit is well worth checking out.


Voopoo Pod Vapes at myCigara

Here at myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We believe that by offering our customers a range of premium products and quality vaping guidance, we can help more and more people give vaping a go and quit smoking for good. A device such as the Voopoo Vinci in particular make an ideal vape starter kit to get you started on your quit smoking journey today.

If you like the sound of this device, make sure to check out our range of starter e-liquids and nic salts, perfect for delivering a smooth MTL vape to help you transition from smoking. Don’t forget to stock up on replacement pods either, to ensure that you can continue to enjoy your vape kit for even longer.

However, if this is all too much, too soon, don’t worry! Check out our handy beginner pages, new to vaping and facts & stats, to help you get the lowdown on all things vape. It’s important to us that everyone has the best possible first-time experience with vaping, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions. If you prefer a little facetime, head to your nearest myCigara vape shop for a friendly chat with our expert staff.