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Freshly baked, ready to vape. Here at myCigara, we know that vape users love dessert flavoured e liquid. That’s why we launched My Bakery in 2018, to provide vape fans with a range of classic dessert flavours, produced right here in the UK. My Bakery’s range of e liquid is small, but carefully curated - focusing on quality over quantity. Offered as high-VG shortfills, My Bakery e liquid makes a great option for vape users looking for big clouds, rich flavours, and a customisable strength experience.


What flavours does My Bakery make?

My Bakery focuses solely on classic dessert flavours we all know and love. Putting a new spin on old favourites, these e liquids give you a premium taste experience with every puff. Flavours like Raspberry Doughnut give you bakery-fresh aromas on the go, and a little taste of sunshine is never far away with Key Lime Pie.

Whatever your sweet tooth has you hankering for, My Bakery has something to tantalise your tastebuds.

Who do we recommend My Bakery e liquid for?

Classic dessert e liquids by My Bakery come as shortfills, also known as shake and vapes. Boasting a high-VG composition, they offer a rich and intense flavour experience, smooth direct-to-lung hits and massive vapour production. All of this combines to make My Bakery shortfills an ideal choice for sub ohm vapers.

All our My Bakery shortfills are nicotine-free, meaning you can easily customise your vape hit with your choice of nicotine shots. The handy bottles make it simple to pour in your nic shots, for a hassle-free experience every time.

What makes My Bakery unique?

My Bakery is one of our exclusive home brands. Available exclusively at myCigara, these delicious e liquids are produced right here in the UK, and specially catered to british taste buds. Inspired by classic time-tested desserts, this premium dessert range gives you a full-scale flavour experience with each hit.

Whether you’re after warm, comforting Banana Crumble, or the mouthwatering mix of Cookies and Cream, My Bakery’s selected range of e liquid will have your tastebuds crying out for more.

My Bakery e liquids at myCigara

Experience layers upon layers of delicious flavours with My Bakery e liquids, available exclusively at myCigara. Sold as 25ml shortfills, these shake and vape e liquids come nicotine-free, allowing you to customise the strength of your vape hit. We stock a range of powerful nic shots from Nic Nic in 11mg, 18mg and 20mg strengths. That way, you can back up these bold flavours with an intense nicotine experience just the way you want it. To further sweeten the deal, we offer free shipping on all mainland UK orders.

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The high-vg composition of My Bakery e liquids makes them an ideal choice for sub ohm vapers. MyCigara are proud to offer a fantastic range of vape kits aimed at connoisseurs and cloud chasers. For a reliable vaping experience under any conditions, pair a My Bakery e liquid with the waterproof, shockproof, dustproof Vaporesso Forz. Want to experiment with a range of styles? Check out the Voopoo Argus Pro, and enjoy full control of every single hit. If you prefer a pod style experience, the Voopoo Drag Max gives you the practically of a pod with the power of a box mod, so you’ll be ripping fat clouds in no time.

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