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As the clock strikes 12:01am on the 31st of October, people from all over the UK will rise from the shadows and don their most monstrous outfits. Here at Cigara, we are just as excited for Halloween as our customers, and to celebrate this spooky holiday we have created a dedicated page of recommended products. Whether you are looking for a device that compliments your outfit with impressive plumes of thick vapour, or even the perfect all-day-vape option with a twist for when you are carting the kids from pumpkin patches to parties, we have got you covered.

We can point you in the right direction when it comes to high-quality products at cut throat competitive prices. Our online vape shop stocks only the best vape kits and e liquid uk options, and we believe that a national celebration of all things ghoulish is as good a time as any to try a selection of our fan-favourite products.

There are no tricks at Cigara. Each and every one of our customers can expect to find a surprise gift in every purchase that they make in the Halloween period. What’s more, we offer a free UK delivery policy on all orders. Treat yourself to shocking flavour sensations, stylish electronic cigarettes, and dense vapour this Halloween with Cigara.


Our extensive range of sleek, stylish, and portable vape kits have never been more relevant than in the Halloween period. As well as maintaining a collection of technologically advanced vape kits, we make sure to cater to our style conscious customers who want a variety of skin options.Whether you want to customise the e cig kits in our collection to match your outfit or choose a skin that blends into the background, we have a product for everyone in our online vape shop.

We have chosen to highlight Smok because this vape industry giant never disappoints when it comes to creating high-quality devices with eye-catching exteriors. Vapers love Smok because their research and development team listen to customer demand and create reliable and powerful devices time after time. The new Smok Scar-18 kit can withstand even the most hectic Halloween celebration. It boasts dust proof, shockproof, and waterproof capabilities, which means that you can depend on this device no matter where the night takes you. It also features an in-built chipset IQ-X, which provides a stable power output.

We love the Smok Scar-18 because the leather and zinc alloy frame adds a hint of style to the compact device, and the choice between six different ultra-modern skins opens up a world of customisation options.

The Smok T-Storm vape kit is perfect for people who want a high-power output device. It contains an astounding 230w max expenditure and comes in two aesthetically pleasing colours. We recommend this product for sub ohm vapers because it pairs perfectly with the Smok TVG-Mini tank to create unforgettable cloud plumes. 


Here at Cigara, we know that Halloween can often mean coordinating events for the little ones, parties for the adults, and travelling further afield than usual to meet loved ones. Disposable vape pens are ideal for Halloween because they act as emergency S.O.S. devices that fill in for your main vape kit when it unexpectedly breaks or loses power.

We are proud to stock Nasty Juice’s Nasty Fix disposables because they are the perfect on-the-go option for people who cannot live without their vape fix. Each vape pen comes pre-filled with an e liquid flavour of your choice and 20mgs of nicotine strength. This strength is suitable for
people who used to smoke ten or more cigarettes a day. You can depend on these pens for up to 300 puffs, depending on your personal vaping style.

The nature of these disposable vape kits means that you do not have to worry about chargers, tanks, or refills. They slot unobtrusively into your back pocket. Whenever your main device fails, reach for a Nasty Fix disposable to see you through the day. You can start vaping from these draw-activated disposables with a simple puff.

Choose between eight different Nasty Fix flavours and treat yourself to an unforgettable e liquid experience. Shock your senses with the unforgettable sensation of Slow Blow. This combination of juicy pineapples and zesty limes packs a punch and delivers a refreshing all-day-vape. If you prefer a fruity mango burst, you can vape the day away with the fan-favourite Cushman disposable. 


Viscous e-liquids, fearsome flavours, and plumes of ghostly vapour await you at every corner of our online vape shop. If you want to cause a stir this Halloween, look no further than our vape juice selection. We stock a wide range of e liquids that contain unforgettable flavour profiles and VG/PG ratios that will impress even the most adventurous cloud chaser.

Any reference to Halloween-inspired vape juice flavours would be incomplete without mentioning our trio of ghoulish brands. Vampire Vape, Buddha Vapes, and Vampire Blood are known for creating delicious flavour sensations that focus on the spookier side of life.

Sub ohm vapers know that they can create the best clouds when they order from our range of high VG e liquids. VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin, a compound which has a thick, sticky consistency. Vape juices with high VG compositions are best suited to cloud chasers because sub ohm coils contain holes that are large enough to pull through viscous VG liquid.They also ensure a smoother throat hit, which is vital for sub ohm vapers who need to draw on their device for longer.

Do not be fooled by this brand’s chilled out appearance.Buddha Vapes creates dense, immense plumes of thick grey vapour. Cloud chasers can get into the Halloween spirit with a wide selection of tongue tingling flavours, all of which come complete with an 80VG/20PG composition. Choose Twisted Melon for a summer-inspired taste that includes honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelons. Or, if you’re looking for an authentic Halloween sensation, opt for Candy Crush Shake & Vape e liquid. This vape liquid has a hard-candy base which is complemented by sweet red berry overtones.

Heisenberg vape juice by Vampire Vape is a flavour that you can really sink your teeth into. The inhale will spark your senses with a combination of summer red berries, whilst the minty ice menthol shock introduces itself on the exhale. This e-liquid has won five different vape industry flavour awards, which makes it the ideal choice for people who want a product that stands the test of time.

Our selection of Vampire Blood vape liquid has been tailor-made to provide our customers with the best 100ml e cig liquid options. These enormous bottles mean that you can keep vaping for longer. Choose Red A for the nostalgic taste of sweet and sour red cough sweets filled with an unforgettable gooey centre paired with a burst of menthol freshness on the exhale. Or, if you prefer a fruity sensation, discover the delicious taste of Blue. This e cig liquid includes fresh blackcurrants, blueberries, and a hint of aniseed followed by a menthol kick. Both e liquids contain a 50VG/50PG composition, which means that they do not compromise on flavour or quality. 


Here at Cigara, we never miss an opportunity to engage in fun events and seasonal celebrations by providing our customers with the hardware and e liquids that they need for every occasion. For Halloween2020, we want to point our customers in the right direction with the best sub ohm devices and the most shocking e liquid flavours on the market.

To give back to our loyal customers, we will add a mystery prize to each order placed in the Halloween period. With so many new and innovative flavours and hardware devices added to our online vape shop every week, your surprise gift could be your new favourite vape kit essential. For more opportunities to win the best products that the vape industry has to offer, keep an eye on our social media platforms. 

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