Top 5 Elux Disposable Vapes

by Theo Wilson
Best Elux Legend Mini Disposable Vape Flavours

Top 5 Elux Legend Mini Disposable Vapes

Best Elux Legend Mini Disposable Vape Flavours

Elux disposable vapes are a new name on the scene, but they’ve quickly grabbed our attention thanks to their range of vibrant flavours and eye-catching e-cigarette design. Boasting a chunky, futuristic look and a selection of flavour profiles you won’t find across other brands, it’s no surprise that these disposables are becoming a hot commodity.

The Elux brand puts customer comfort at the forefront, the name itself being a portmanteau of ‘e-cigarette luxury.’ Founded on the belief that enjoying a safer alternative to smoking shouldn’t be a hassle, Elux have dedicated their energies exclusively to disposable vape products. The focus for this blog is their flagship disposable vape for the EU and UK markets, the Elux Legend Mini. Holding 2ml of robust nic salts in a 20mg/ml strength, these are a perfect vape starter kit for new users looking to finally quit smoking for good, deftly delivering 600 puffs of flavourful, fast-acting nicotine relief. This makes them ideal for enjoying whenever you’re out and about, and need a straightforward, satisfying nicotine fix.

So far, so good, but with so many fun flavours to choose between, you may be wondering where to start. Fear not. Our best Elux disposable flavours blog is here to take you through exactly that, looking at some of the most notable, unique, and popular flavours from this exciting e-cigarette brand.

5. Elux Unicorn Shake Disposable

First up on our list is a flavour profile as unique as its name would suggest, evoking a Legend you can truly believe in. While the fabled Unicorn is a rare thing indeed, hopefully you’ll have no hassle getting your hands on this tasty treat.

Elux Legend Unicorn Shake is a majestic mixture of flavours that’s certain to appeal to both fruit fanatics and candy connoisseurs.

Mouthwateringly sweet and sour, a tingly temptress for the tastebuds, the lead notes of this flavour come in the form of hard, fizzy Berry candy, sure to set your spirits soaring and have you riding high. Smartly saving you from a sugar crash, Unicorn Shake follows up with a blissful burst of Banana; cooling, creamy, and cosseting, it strikes an ideal counterpoise to the frenetic fizziness of its candy compatriot.

This dynamic duo delivers a dreamy concoction you won’t soon forget; no more choosing between fresh fruitiness or sugary sweetness, Elux Legend Mini Unicorn Shake gaily grants the best of both worlds, for a supremely satisfying disposable vape experience.

If that sounds a bit saccharine for your liking, you’ll want to stick around for this next Elux flavour…


 4. Elux Sour Apple Disposable

This flavour may be Sour, but if that’s your thing, then it will have you feeling anything but. A crisp classic that keeps recurring across all good vape brands, for everyone who feels like flavour ranges can get a bit too cloying, this sharp stalwart is sure to hit the spot.

Elux Legend Mini Sour Apple delivers a crispy, crunchy kick to your taste buds, coming through loud and clear with the unmistakable flavour of gloriously green granny smith apples. Perfect for giving you a quick invigorating inhale whenever your mood begins to drop, this perky profile never fails to liven things up with a scintillatingly sour shock.

Bright and bold, exhilaratingly zesty, this Sour Apple disposable from Elux is a shiny standout amongst so many sweet same-old, same-olds. Exhilaratingly zesty, there’s little of a gentle calming caress to this concoction, but if you can appreciate a vape that’s a little bit of centering slap to the senses, Elux Sour Apple may be just the ticket.

If the sound of that has you reeling, let’s all calm down as we look ahead to the next flavour…


3. Elux Blackcurrant Menthol Disposable

Coming into the top three now and the race is heating up, making it the perfect time to cast our glance toward this cooling, contemporary classic. Regal relaxation meets a rippling rush of refreshment in this flavour profile, as ripe, juicy currants cross currents with the crisp caress of tingly mint.

Elux Blackcurrant Menthol is tart, treacly, tempting treasure, twisting together two terrific tastes to deliver a crisp, complex flavour profile, full of rich sophistication and carefully considered complexity. A perfect balance of yin and yang, dark and light, the natural, earthy depth of Blackcurrant is perfectly complemented by a welcome wave of bright Menthol. Enjoy the dreamy darkness of Blackcurrant on the inhale, and let yourself be lifted toward the light by the Menthol notes on the exhale. This pairing of point/counterpoint allows for a smooth, soothing rhythm of back and forth, ideal for encompassing the twin poles of any good vape profile: relaxation and reinvigoration.

Elux Blackcurrant Menthol is a must-try for anyone who can appreciate a vape flavour that’s both crisp and complex, yet still refreshing, relaxing, and—above all—refined.

However, if sleek sophistication doesn’t suit your style, this next profile prepares to get the party pumping for your palate…


2. Elux Jungle Juice Disposable

Arriving at our silver medal spot, get ready for a wild and wonderful tropical trio, a disposable vape that’s a perfect partner in crime, a pocket-friendly, portable party for whenever you need a pristine pick-me-up.

Elux Jungle Juice is a thrilling, tantalising triptych of tropical tones that’s destined to get your senses shaking and your taste buds tingling. Leading the charge is the uniquely zesty taste of Pineapple, already a full-spectrum flavour, combining as it does joyously sweet notes along with a tart, almost fizzy sourness. Perfectly placating these sharp and lively tones of Pineapple is a soothing cocoon of Coconut, effortlessly granting that briskly floral, coolingly aromatic and fragrant flavour that simply screams “tropical paradise.”

Wrapping things up nicely, this fruity dynamic duo are lovingly swirled into a bed of fresh, thick Cream, creating a luscious mouthfeel that’s both soothing and stunning; think Piña Colada, but without the hangover.

A gregarious crowd-pleaser, this pocket-ready, portable party-starter is in prime position as our number 2 Elux vape flavour, proving that everyone loves a little hit of fun in everyday life. No matter where you are or what you’re up to, a delicious draw of Elux Jungle Juice is sure to transport you to your own tropical, private paradise.

That said, sometimes all that’s required to get fans raving is a fresh spin on an old classic…

Elux Jungle Juice Disposable
Elux Blueberry Bubblegum Disposable

1. Elux Blueberry Bubblegum Disposable

Finally, our number one pick for the best Elux disposable vape flavour is one cool customer; crisp and clean, classic yet contemporary, a reliable stalwart with just enough of a new touch to make it magical, new and wonderful all over again…

Bold and bright, this bad boy may be blue by name, but it’s sure to leave you feeling anything but. Elux Blueberry Bubblegum is one flavour profile that definitely won’t burst your bubble. A gentle but clear-eyed drizzle of luscious, fragrant Blueberry sends up soft, natural sweetness, a perfect topnote for the no-holds-barred sugary, giddy minty freshness of cheery, chewy Bubblegum.

Mouthwatering, minty, majestic; this fruity and fragrant flavour provides lavish lusciousness with every puff, but still manages to strike an effortless equilibrium between sweet and refreshing. Fresh and fun at every draw, without ever devolving into tiresome gimmick; Elux Blueberry Bubblegum is an ideal everyday vape that you can always rely on to put a smile on your face and to deliver sweet, swift, surefire satisfaction.

This delicious dark blue dream is an excellent example of what has made the Elux Legend Mini such a must-try e-cigarette; forward-thinking whilst staying respectful of vaping traditions, it dishes out classic, undeniable flavour that still keeps things fresh and with just the right touch of new-school cool.


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If you’re new to vaping, a disposable vape such as the Elux Legend Mini is ideal as a vape starter kit, thanks to their combination of effortless operation, straightforward design, and affordable price tag. If you want to see more of what this brand have to offer, make sure to have a read through of Elux Disposables Review or browse of our Elux flavours guide. We also pit Elf Bar Vs Elux against each other to see which takes top spot. Once you know which flavours suit your fancy, you can easily stock up with our mix & match 5-for-£20 deal on Elux and other disposable vapes.

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