Top 5 Geekvape Vapes

by Theo Wilson
Best Geekvape Vapes: Reviewed 2021

Best Geekvape Vapes: Reviewed 2021

Geekvape are well-known among veteran vape fans as one of the absolute top manufacturers of vape kits. As an early innovator in e-cigarette technology, they really set the bar for what a vape kit could be and do.

Although best known for their powerful, advanced sub ohm vape kits, Geekvape make a variety of e-cigarette devices to suit a variety of tastes. No matter how far along you are in your quit smoking journey, a key factor in finding the right e-cigarette is discovering what device suits your lifestyle. After all, kicking it on the couch in the comfort of your own home is a whole different vibe from clubhopping, and you’ll want a kit that matches your métier.

For some, thick clouds of vapour are a priority above flavour, and others still just want something to quickly and quietly deliver a reliable nicotine hit. Drawing on feedback from our loyal customers, plus expert opinion from our staff, let us guide you through some of the top vape kits from this top brand. We’re here to help you find the right fit for you, wherever your journey takes you.

5. Geekvape Wenax Stylus Pod Kit

The first device on our list is somewhat of an outlier in the Geekvape range, but still bears the hallmarks of this brand; sleek design seamlessly fusing safety and satisfaction. If you’ve started your quit smoking journey with a disposable vape, and are looking to take the next step up the hardware ladder, the Geekvape Wenax Stylus pod kit may be just what you’re looking for.

An ideal device for users who are always on the go, the Geekvape Wenax is perfectly portable and unobtrusive, courtesy of its sleek, pen-style design. This pod vape provides a cigalike level of convenience, but packs more of a punch and grants users an increased level of control. An excellent starting point for new users; the Wenax is compatible with shortfill e-liquid and starter liquids alike, including both a 1.3Ω coil for smooth MTL vaping and a 0.6Ω coil for a DTL experience. What’s more, you can smoothly cycle between draw-activated and button-activated firing modes for maximum comfort and ease of use.

●Smart Wattage feature
●Includes coils for both MTL and DTL
●Robust 1100mAh battery
●Dual firing modes
●Easy refillable open pod system

Despite an increased level of customisation, the Geekvape Wenax doesn’t allow user-friendliness to fall by the wayside; a smart wattage feature automatically selects the best output based on whichever coil is installed, so your vaping experience is always as satisfying as possible. Keeping with the theme of compact design, but stepping things up on the hardware front, let us introduce the next device from Geekvape.


4. Geekvape Aegis Solo

The Geekvape Aegis Solo is a classic sub ohm vape kit, with a nifty twist. Expect the typical levels of Geekvape control, customisation, and raw power, but packaged into a more compact casing. Likely the most modestly-sized device in the Geekvape Aegis sub ohm range, the Solo is a great choice if you want to trim the fat from your vaping setup, as it were.

As much as many users adore the comforting bulk of a classic box mod, it’s clear to us that many of our customers desire that same strength in a slimmer style (and at a lower price tag!) —if that sounds familiar, the Aegis Solo may be just what you’re looking for. The Solo is both shorter and about half as broad as its bulkier brethren in the Aegis range, which makes it excellent if you want a supreme sub ohm experience while out and about, without the excess baggage.

●Max output 100W
●Single 18560 battery
●Ideal for high-VG DTL vaping
●Dual-adjustable airflow

Fear not, slimming down doesn’t have to mean stripping back. The Geekvape Aegis Solo still gives you a full-force sub ohm experience, delivering outputs up to 100W. Running off Geek vape’s AS100 chipset, the Solo ensures superfast coil activation and a precise temperature control mode. Combine this with the dual-adjustable airflow of the iconic Geekvape Cerberus tank, including Geekvape Supermesh coils, and you’re looking at an enviable level of power that can be customised easily to your perfect preference. Let’s take a step back now, and look at the smallest, lightest piece of hardware on this list —a simple pen, yes, but one that’s effectively caused shockwaves in the industry...


3. Geek Bar By Geekvape

If you’ve been paying any attention at all to vaping in the past year, you’ve probably already heard of Geek Bar, the device that has become synonymous with the term ‘disposable vaping.’ Trying to discern just what has caused this vape’s enviable success would really just be conjecture on our part —but we reckon it certainly doesn’t hurt that it was bestowed upon us by one of the most rock-solid hardware brands in the industry.

For users who are looking to use vaping as a tool to quit smoking, there’s no getting away from a disposable e-cigarette as the best place to start. More than that though, they’re also unbeatable as an on-the-go backup device for more serious and advanced users —none more so than the Geek Bar, a cigalike that has raced ahead of the competition to become the leading product in this sector. To read more about how it stacks up against competitors, check out our blog, Geek Bar vs Elf Bar.

●Ultimate convenience industry titan
●Filled, charged, ready to rip
●Approx 575 puffs per pen
●2ml of 20mg nic salts

Part of the appeal of the Geek Bar surely comes, too, from it’s relatively unique design; a little more rounded than other “bar-style” devices, but easily discernible from the cylindrical look of more traditional cigalikes. The Geek Bar e-cigarette is a pristine pick for any active, agile vape user; free of fuss yet full of flavour, you can rely on it to deliver swift, straightforward satisfaction, wherever life takes you. In the same vein, our next entry is another kind of pod system; a little more advanced, but with the same mass appeal that looks to be a winning quality across Geekvape...


2. Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus

The Geekvape Aegis Boost Plus is quite possibly the best Geekvape pod mod yet. Perfectly pairing the portability and practicality of a pod vape with the power, control, and customisation of a classic box mod, the Aegis Boost Plus is a vibrant, versatile all-rounder.

User-friendly enough for beginners who want to level up their hardware, a perfect choice for intermediate users who want the best of both MTL and DTL vaping, and it’s a welcome, practical addition to the well-stocked lineup of any serious sub ohm fiend.

●Pod vape practicality meets box modpower
●AS Chipset provides rapid coil activation and precise TC mode
●IP67-rated protection against shock, dust, and water
●Adjustable airflow ring
●Handles MTL and DTL styles with equal aplomb

The practicality of a pod system is a worthy bonus for new and old fans alike; paired with two distinct Aegis Boost coils, new fans can jump straight into smooth MTL satisfaction whilst also getting the chance to test out DTL vaping. Sub ohm fans will find more than enough strength in this kit, while also benefiting from a pod system’s easier refill system, making it an ideal device for travelling.

What’s more, the handy adjustable airflow ring means you don’t need to know your TC from your VW in order to pinpoint your perfect hit.Expertly bringing together practicality and power, this pod vape is more than worthy of its high ranking on this blog —but for the ultimate in power, we’re pleased to present the gold medal winner on our Geekvape countdown...


1. Geekvape Legend 2

The number 1 top spot on our roundup is an iconic device which more than lives up to its name; a leading sub ohm device that truly stands out from the pack, it’s the new and improved Geekvape Aegis Legend 2. Showcasing all the best elements of the Geekvape approach. Its design is rugged, robust and resilient, yet still sleek and showstopping, combining as it does patent leather, military-grade silicone and a lightweight, long-lasting zinc alloy, all providing increased protection against the elements, now IP68-rated against water, dust, and shock. Massive power and in-depth control are must haves.

●Comes fitted with a revamped Geekvape Zeus/Z-Series Tank (2021 Edition)
●Huge max output of 200W
●Dual 18560 batteries
●USB-C fast charging
●IP68 protection rating

Fitted with a revamped version of the classic Geekvape Zeus tank. The protective capabilities of the Legend 2 have been ramped up; a shift from IP67 to IP68 protection rating against dust, water, and shock damage make this the most hard-wearing hardware from Geekvape thus far.

What’s more, it’s fully operational at temperatures from as low as -20°C up to 50°C, so you can rely on extreme satisfaction even in the most extreme conditions. The Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 does what any successful vape kit should do; it builds on the strength of its predecessors, enhancing what made them great whilst adding in scintillating new touches. Boldly showcasing all the hallmarks of Geekvape quality —not least that winning combination of strength and security —we have no qualms about making this claim: the Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 is their best vape kit yet.


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