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Summer has never tasted so sweet. This brand was born when our team noticed a lack of premium quality products that combine the intensity of ice with a tasty flavour profile. Do not be fooled by the select nature of S:LUSH. Despite being small, this e-liquid range is bursting full of fruity flavours that complement the brand’s signature menthol blend. With six shortfill vape e-liquid options to choose from, there is something for everyone in this innovative catalogue. Sub ohm vapers love these products because they are weighted in favour of vegetable glycerin, which is known for creating dense, immense clouds.

What flavours does S:LUSH make?

S:LUSH focuses on fruity vape juice flavours that complement menthol undertones. Although this brand only stocks a select few flavours, all of them have amassed a large following for their use of premium quality ingredients. Fan favourites like Tropical Slush stand head and shoulders above the competition with a taste that takes us back to days spent on the beach. Other flavours like Lemon and Lime combine sweet and tart sensations to make a layered vape experience. Made to put a pep in your step, S:LUSH never fails to deliver a satisfying e-liquid experience.

Who do we recommend S:LUSH shortfill E-Liquid for?

Shortfills are perfect for people who know exactly what they want from their vape experience. These products can be tailored to your personal preferences with our premium quality selection of nic shots. With 11mg, 18mg, and 20mg variants, our collection is on the strong side, which is ideal for advanced vapers who need an intense vape hit. 

Sub ohm vapers favour S:LUSH products because they contain a 70VG/30PG composition. With more vegetable glycerin comes an increased amount of vapour. When you choose S:LUSH products, you can rest assured that you will experience dense, immense clouds. Pair S:LUSH vape liquids with sub ohm vape kits like the Voopoo Argus Pro for a satisfying vape experience.

What makes S:LUSH unique?

S:LUSH is our own brand, and it shows. Each vape liquid in this collection comes with 70% VG, which is perfect for sub ohm vapers. Vegetable glycerin is an ingredient that is known for creating dense, immense clouds. As well as reacting to customer demand, S:LUSH e-liquid products are so sought after because they combine high-quality flavours with coolada, an ingredient that is known for creating an icy finish.

S:LUSH at myCigara

There is no denying that S:LUSH has become a sold-out sensation. Even we could not anticipate how much our customers would love the exotic flavours in this delicious range. Fan-favourites include Tropical Slush and Lemon and Lime Slush e-liquid, both of which combine sweet and tart sensations to create a layered vape juice experience. The icy twist on the exhale binds all these complementary tones together, meaning you get a full-bodied hit that has been tried and tested for quality and flavour.

Recommended Products

There is no denying that shortfills and nic salts are the best pairings in the business. To complement your preferred S:LUSH e-liquid, you need a nicotine salt that packs a punch. Luckily for you, our online vape shop contains the best quality products on the market. We are proud to stock Nic Nic products because they are known for their ability to deliver a satisfying vape experience time after time. The ice shot and 100% VG variants mean that there is something to suit every taste bud.

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