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Juul Pods

Juul Pods


Backed by years of success in America, JUUL burst onto the UK vape scene with a slimline starter kit and a host of prefilled e liquid cartridges. They soon found their feet by producing fan-favourite e liquid flavours such as royal creme, golden tobacco, mango nectar, and many more. Vapers from all over the UK love JUUL products because they are made with high quality materials and ingredients. People with a penchant for minimalistic design ideas and simplistic functions favour this brand’s signature device. Its slimline style pairs perfectly with the magnetic click-in prefilled pods to create a seamless vape experience.


What is a JUUL?

A JUUL is a slim vape device that first gained popularity in America. It gained such traction that the term ‘JUULing’ was created to reference the act of using the device. JUUL built on their success by maintaining ergonomic and stylish design principles throughout their product range. Their easy-to-use vape pen can be paired with equally unobtrusive prefilled pods which click-in to the device via a magnetic system.

Who do we recommend JUUL products for?

JUUL products are suitable for beginner, intermediary, and advanced vapers. Beginners and intermediate users love the JUUL vape device because it proves to be a hassle-free way of receiving the nicotine hit that they crave. Advanced vapers appreciate the stronger pod options, as well as depending on the device for an unobtrusive vape experience. JUUL pods come in 9mg and 18mg strength options, which opens up a world of flavour sensations for ex-smokers who want to transition to vaping. 9mg nicotine strength is perfect for people who used to smoke ten or fewer cigarettes a day, whereas 18mg nicotine strength products are more suitable for people who smoked ten or more cigarettes a day.

How long does a JUUL pod last?

Due to nicotine regulations, JUUL UK products differ slightly from their American counterparts. It is important to consider how your personal vaping preferences impact the longevity of your pods when buying pre filled products. Each pod is designed to give you 200 puffs of intense e liquid flavouring. Of course, this depends on your vaping style. Sporadic vapers will find that they must stock up less frequently than those who prefer a heavier drag. Our research has shown that pods can last anywhere between 1-3 days. Explore our range to browse through intense flavour sensations like menthol, alpine berry, and rich berry.  

JUUL at myCigara

Here at Cigara, we are always on the cusp of vape industry innovations. When we heard about JUUL’s success in America and their migration to the UK, we carved out a place for them in our online vape shop. Our customers know that we only stock products from brands which use the highest quality materials. JUUL is no exception; their procurement team works hard to get ingredients and hardware parts that create a satisfying vape experience time after time. Browse through our JUUL catalogue to discover the JUUL charging case, JUUL USB charger, and a range of eight delicious e liquid flavours.

Recommended Products

We love JUUL pods because each one guarantees an intense flavour profile. Do not be fooled by their small selection. Each pod in JUUL’s range is designed to satisfy different tastes and provide a much-needed nicotine hit. Vapers who prefer more traditional flavours will love menthol and golden tobacco, whereas people who prefer crisp, refreshing sensations should opt for apple orchard and alpine berry pods. Whichever flavour your choose, you can rest assured that JUUL uses only the highest quality ingredients in their pre filled pods.