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Juul Prefilled Vape Pods  

Juul pods are one of the leading brands of vape pods. For use exclusively with the Juul family of vape kits, these prefilled vape pods are an excellent choice for adult smokers looking to finally ditch cigarettes and quit smoking for good. Filled with nic salts e-liquid, Juul pods deliver a smooth MTL-style vape that expertly replicates the sensation of smoking with smooth throat hits and fast nicotine relief.

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Juul Pods UK Vape Deals

At myCigara, we offer a one-stop online vape shop, perfect for picking up a range of UK vape deals on Juul pods, alongside the rest of the Juul range and a host of other vape products. If you’re still a loyal user of the original Juul device, you’re in luck — we still stock the full flavour range of first-generation Juul pods, and they’re all part of our 2-for-20 discount offer. That means 2 packs, for a total of 8 Juul pods, for just £20!

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Is Juul good to quit smoking?

Juul were an early innovator in e-cigarette technology, and they have remained one of the best choices to help adult smokers quit smoking. As a total package, the Juul system is designed specifically to simulate the sensation of smoking to help you transition away from cigarettes, for good.

The Juul device is sleek and subtle, slipping easily into your pocket for on-the-go use. Juul pods come ready filled with nic salts, the best kind of e-liquid for smokers, as they replicate the smooth throat hits and fast-acting nicotine relief of traditional cigarettes.

How many cigarettes in a Juul pod?

Juul pods are intended to be the equivalent to a 20-pack of cigarettes, since Juul made their product specifically to help people quit smoking. The first-generation Juul pods held a lower volume of e-liquid than the newer Juul 2 pods — however, because Juul 2 pods are sold in packs of two and original Juul pods in packs of 4, it works out to the same amount overall. While puff count may vary somewhat from user to user, the general rule of thumb is 1 Juul Pod = 20 cigarettes.

Juul Pods FAQs

1. Do Juul pods have more nicotine than cigarettes?

Yes, Juul pods typically have a higher nicotine content than cigarettes. Some of the original Juul pods were available in a 9mg nicotine strength, however the new standard for Juul pods and Juul 2 pods is 18mg nicotine. This is intended to help effectively curb and reduce nicotine cravings, so you won’t need to use your Juul as frequently as comparative cigarette use.

2. How long does a Juul pod last?

A Juul pod can last between 1-4 days, but this always depends on how frequently you vape. Older Juul pods had a puff count of 200, while Juul 2 pods have 300 puffs. As noted, a single Juul pod is intended to replace a 20-pack of cigarettes, so you can use this comparison to gauge how long a Juul pod will last you.

3. How to refill Juul pods

Juul pods cannot be refilled. Juul is what’s known as a prefilled pod or closed pod system. This means that Juul pods are sold already filled and ready to use; when your current pod is empty, simply swap it for a fresh one. Attempting to refill a Juul pod will void your product warranty and may render your Juul device permanently unusable!

4. Where to buy Juul pods UK

myCigara is a licensed retailer of Juul UK products. You can easily checkout with us online and get your fully tracked order delivered straight to your door with free shipping. Alternatively, you can find your nearest myCigara vape shop and shop in-store or order online for click & collect.

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