Stoptober 2020: Meet Jess Millward

by Theo Wilson

Stoptober 2020: Meet Jess Millward

We know that Stoptober is full of obstacles. People who have decided to take on the 28 day smoke free challenge will come head to head with a long list of smoking triggers, and being able to combat those pesky nicotine cravings can seem like an uphill battle.

Every single person who enters our stores or shops online with us benefits from our twelve years of industry experience. All of our staff members have extensive vape industry knowledge, and they are always on hand to listen to your personal preferences and suggest the best vape kit or e liquid for you.

We are taking part in Stoptober 2020 because we know that smokers in the UK are more likely to accomplish their smoke free goals when they transition to vaping. Our range of pen style kits, starter kits, and disposable options are ideal for people who want the familiar feel of a cigarette-like device without the negative side effects.

To mark the mid-way point of Stoptober 2020, we have spoken to one of our customers about their own experience of transitioning from smoking to vaping. Jess Millward from Attercliffe only decided to quit smoking when she ventured into one of our brick and mortar shops and spoke to the friendly, informative, and reliable staff members on site.

What made you consider quitting smoking?

My younger brothers didn’t like to see me smoking. I decided to stop smoking so that I could be around them more often.

Have you previously tried to quit smoking?

I’ve tried to quit smoking so many times, but it never worked. I went cold turkey and tried to cut down gradually, but nothing stuck.

Cigara says

Research suggests that going ‘cold turkey’ may be a good short term approach to quitting smoking, but people who want to go without nicotine on a long term basis should consider gradually reducing the amount of nicotine that they consume. The NHS explores both sides of the debate when it comes to going ‘cold turkey’.

Government research has found that e cigarettes are by far the most effective treatment to help smokers quit the habit. Out of an estimated 2.5 million vape users in the UK, 51% have quit smoking entirely. The other 49% still smoke but say that they are using vaping as an aid to transition away from nicotine.

Did vaping make quitting smoking easier?

Definitely! Vaping made transitioning away from nicotine a lot easier, and I haven’t smoked a cigarette since. I don’t even like the smell of cigarettes now.

When did you hear that vaping might be a suitable alternative to smoking?

I went into my local Attercliffe Cigara shop and spoke to the staff. They informed me that vaping is a good alternative to smoking and told me how vaping can help me along my journey.

Cigara says

There are several benefits to transitioning to vaping when attempting to quit smoking. We offer e liquids in several nicotine strengths, which means that you can begin vaping with your preferred amount of nicotine, and then gradually decrease the amount that you consume. Choose between 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 10mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 20mg strength options to begin weaning yourself off nicotine and avoid those unpleasant ‘cold turkey’ side effects.

Whilst most people focus on the physical withdrawal symptoms that come with a smoker reducing their nicotine intake, the psychological impacts should not be understated. Many of the ex-smokers we have spoken to say that they struggled to readjust to not having a cigarette between their fingers. Our range of vape pen kits solves this problem.

What did you notice about your health when you quit smoking?

I found that the condition of my skin was much better and my sense of smell and taste both improved.

How much money have you saved?

I have saved roughly £100 so far.

Cigara says

Our customers cannot believe the amount of money that they have saved by simply transitioning from smoking to vaping. People who smoke ten cigarettes a day can expect to save just over £2,000 after an entire year smoke free.Visit the NHS’s handy stop smoking calculator to discover how much you can save.

How did myCigara support you in your goals?

The staff in my local Attercliffe shop have pointed me in the right direction. Tom asked me a few questions and then suggested a few kits that he thought would suit me. I now have a sub ohm kit and a JUUL kit.

Would you recommend any of our products for beginners?

Yes, 100% I would recommend the JUUL kit for beginners.

Cigara says

Our beginner vapers love the JUUL starter kit because it comes complete with an ergonomic and slimline design which allows them to vape discretely throughout the day. It also features four JUUL refill pods in royal crème, golden tobacco, glacier mint, and mango nectar, which allows new vapers to experience the full spectrum of delicious JUUL flavours on offer.

How has your goal of quitting smoking impacted those around you?

Because I’ve quit smoking, I can see my younger siblings more often and take them on days out. They love the fact that I don’t smell of cigarette smoke anymore! Quitting smoking has also meant that I don’t need to take smoke breaks at work anymore.

How has your life changed overall?

I feel so much healthier in myself. These days, I’m not always thinking about when I can have my next cigarette, and I don’t have to take time out of my day to sneak away and have a cigarette.

Cigara says

Having helped so many people from all over the UK stop smoking, we know that our customers are often surprised by how much better they feel without nicotine in their system. Many of our clients have smoked for a decade or longer and forget how drastically smoking has impacted their physical health.

Stoptober 2020 at Cigara

Here at Cigara, we are dedicated to making the UK smoke free. Our Stoptober 2020 campaign focuses on all the health benefits that our customers can expect to experience when they make the transition from smoking to vaping. We are proud to be part of an ongoing project that encourages people all over the country to decrease their risk of heart attacks, heart diseases, and lung cancer. There is a world of positives that come from kicking the habit for good, and we are here to help you along your journey. To discover more about the positive effects of quitting smoking, read our Stoptober stop smoking timeline blog.