Element Fresh Squeeze E-Liquid Review

by Jemma Wolfe
Element Fresh Squeeze: Orange Flavour Reviewed

Element Fresh Squeeze: Orange Flavour Reviewed

Element are well known for making some of the tastiest e liquid around, and their Fresh Squeeze juice is no exception. It’s a high-VG shortfille-liquid,and as such is ideal for cloud-heavy MTL vaping styles, pairing perfectly with sub ohm vape kits. So, if you consider yourself an advanced vape fan, look no further.

This US brand first hit the market back in 2014 and has taken the vaping world by storm ever since, specialising in all-natural compositions and tasty juice blends. Each bottle of Element e liquid is carefully crafted with precision and only the highest quality ingredients, so you’re guaranteed a premium vaping experience every time. Element prides themselves on producing unique and innovative blends that are sure to satisfy any flavour craving.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Element Fresh Squeeze e liquid, including how it tastes, what goes into each bottle, and if it’s suitable for your vaping style.

Element Fresh Squeeze Flavour

Offering a tangy yet refreshing combination of fresh orange juice and citrus,Element Fresh Squeeze e liquid serves up an unforgettable vaping experience.

This all-natural vape juice provides a sweet and tangy burst of flavour on inhale and a full-bodied zesty taste on exhale, making it perfect for those who want to recreate the feeling of sipping on a tall glass of OJ.

While the taste is vibrant and intense, it’s far from overpowering thanks to a lack of artificial ingredients and flavourings. If orange flavours are your thing, you really can’t go wrong with Fresh Squeeze.

Now that you know how good it tastes, it’s time to take a look at the composition and how to best use this juice.

Element Fresh Squeeze Composition

Crafted to an 80/20 VG:PG ratio, Element Fresh Squeeze is a suitably viscous vape juice,perfect for sub ohm vaping and generating large, flavoursome clouds. The high VG content means that this liquid is thicker than most, which helps to provide dense plumes with a full-bodied flavour that packs a lot of punch.

●0mg nicotine
●100ml bottle
●Space for 20 ml of nic shots

Don’t forget, this shortfill e liquid will require added nicotine shots as this product has 0mg nicotine content. The 100ml shortfill leaves enough room for 2 x 10ml nic shots and once blended will provide a smooth and refreshingly light vape at a 0.3% (3mg) strength. Of course, you’re free to ditch the nicotine and simply enjoy this e-liquid on the merits of it vibrant flavour and opulent vapour.

Now that you know what goes into each bottle of Fresh Squeeze, let’s move on to the final verdict.

Element Fresh Squeeze Verdict

Put simply, Element Fresh Squeeze is a shortfill e liquid, which makes it suitable for sub ohm vaping and advanced cloud chasers looking for a dense vapour and powerful citrus flavour.

So, if you’re a fan of MTL vaping and can appreciate intense juice flavours, consider using this e liquid on your journey to sub ohm vaping. Before you jump straight in, it’s important to note that Element Fresh Squeeze isn’t suitable for use with vape starter kits as a result of its high VG content.

This e liquid must be paired with an advanced vape mod and the appropriate coils in order to deliver the best possible vaping experience. If you’re already an advanced and experienced vape fan, then you’re sure to love the thick clouds and intense orange flavours that Fresh Squeeze has to offer. The sharpness of this juice provides you with that all-important throat hit you'd want from a high VG liquid, yet you'll still be left with a pleasant, warming citrus exhale that will leave you craving more.

Element E Liquid at myCigara

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If you want to see more of what Element has to offer, be sure to check out their full range of products, including a large variety of tasty shortfills and nic salts.

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