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by Jemma Wolfe
Best Voom Pod Flavours: Ranked

Best Voom Pod Flavours: Ranked

Despite being relative newcomers to the vape industry, Voom Labs have made a strong first impression by focusing their efforts on quality and convenience. A pod vape kit is a great way to help new users quit smoking for good. With no complicated setup or refilling necessary, you can just attach a prefilled pod and you’re good to go!

These pods are designed to be used in collaboration with the all-new pod vape kit from Voom, providing users with a fuss-free and seamless vaping experience in a wide range of exciting flavours.

Voom vape pods come prefilled and ready to use, with each pod holding 1.2ml of potent 20mg nic salts, equating to 300 puffs of soothing throat hits and rapid nicotine satisfaction. This blog will cover some of the most popular Voom pod flavours, with a healthy mix of fruity favourites and timeless classics, there’s sure to be something to suit everyone’s tastes.

5. Roasted Coffee Voom Pod

Kicking off our countdown is a cool and classic flavour profile, one that’s sure to put a spring in your step in the mornings. If you’ve ever tried coffee flavoured eliquid, you’ll know how hard it is to get it just right, but Voom have proven themselves to be master baristas with the release of their Roasted Coffee prefilled cartridges.

Perfectly replicating a hot cup of Joe, this Roasted Coffee pod is packed full of velvety richness, layering naturally dark and complex notes to create an authentic arabica-inspired blend.

Serving up a bittersweet mix of black coffee blend with a generous dash of sweet vanilla creme, coffee lovers can enjoy that velvety, fragrant flavour any time of day or night, without the caffeine rush!

The dark java notes shine through loud and clear in the form of powerful, crisp, full-bodied throat hits. Thanks to the use of high-strength nic salts, which provide fast-acting, long-lasting nicotine satisfaction, this makes a perfect blend for coffee-junkies trying to quit smoking.

4. Ice Mango Voom Pod

Next up on our list is the first of many fruity favourites from Voom, one that’s bursting at the seams with delicious juiciness for a refreshing all-day vape. Ice Mango takes this tropical taste we all know and love to a whole new level.

Voom Ice Mango is a delectable exotic fruit cocktail made with an abundance of delicious mangoes that will tingle on your taste buds. The cooling yet mild touch of crushed Ice on exhale complements the wonderfully juicy sweetness of mangoes on inhale.

Sun-drenched waves of succulent mangoes and Ice keep things fresh, delivering delicious clouds of concentrated joy. The heavenly nectar is sure to leave you salivating and dreaming of a beachside paradise.

This Voom pod contains a nic salt formula boasting rich flavour and fast absorption, making it perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping. Try this luscious mango mixture for a sensation you'll never forget.


3. Shisha Double Apple Voom Pod

We couldn’t make a list of the best Voom pod flavours without throwing their famous shisha blend into the mix. Shisha Double Apple harnesses the unmistakable taste of this classic hookah flavour so you can enjoy it anywhere, any time.

Doubling down on the crisp and refreshing sweetness of this luscious fruit, Voom Shisha Double Apple features the fresh, acidic tones of Green Apple, which are wonderfully harmonised with the mouthwatering richness of red apples.

A perfect choice for fruit lovers searching for an extra kick of flavour, this double helping of freshly picked orchard apples is sweet and just a little bit sour, ideal for all-day vaping with a zesty twist.

This lively profile never fails to brighten things up with a tangy surprise. The robust nic salt blend is perfect for delivering a rapid revitalising vapour whenever the mood strikes you.

2. Ice Strawberry Voom Pod

Our runner up is a scorching summertime favourite, brimming with a sweetness that vape fans and fruit lovers alike just can't get enough of.

Strawberry abounds in the delectable eliquid inside this prefilled Voom pod, with its delicate, soft sun-kissed fragrance that epitomises summer. Ice Strawberry combines a luscious strawberry base that tastes amazingly realistic, producing a mouth-watering rush of tart flavour that is swiftly followed by a fresh dose of ice.

If you’re a fan of strawberry laces, you’re going to love the taste of Ice Strawberry. This succulent flavour will transport you back to simpler times, capturing the syrupy sweetness of strawberry candy with a unique mentholated twist to keep things cool.

Perfectly replicating the taste of summer, each pod comes packed with a strong nic salt formula to chase away those winter blues and keep your nicotine cravings at bay.


1. Mint Voom Pod

Finally, it’s time to crown the reigning champion. Our top spot for the best Voom Pod flavour is a cool classic that we just couldn’t ignore, serving up a traditionally crisp and clean blend that’s sure to invigorate your airways.

Mint Voom cartridges produce enthralling, refreshing swirls of fresh mint flavour. Dazzling, instant notes of snappy peppermint and sharp spearmint are balanced with gentler undertones of calming menthol to create a crystal-clear profile that is pleasantly complex.

Just like the rest of the pods on this list, Voom Mint is made with nic salts to ensure an unparalleled rich flavour, silky-smooth and bold full-bodied throat hits, and immediate nicotine satisfaction that keeps you feeling refreshed for longer.

Whether you’re looking for an immediate pick-me-up or a cooling palate cleanser, the mouthwatering goodness of Mint Voom pods have got you covered.

Voom Pods at myCigara

Here at myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We believe that by offering customers options such as a pod vape kit from Voom, we’re that much closer to achieving our goal. If you need a quick lesson on vaping, have a look at some of our essential beginner pages, new to vaping, and facts & stats to find out more.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and ditch the cigarettes for good, get your hands on the Voom Pod Kit, the all-new compact vape starter kit, and pair it with your favourite Voom Pods. Aside from the flavours mentioned above, Voom offers a wide selection of pod flavours to suit everyone’s taste. If you would like to get more detailed device insights then why not head over and read through our Voom Pod Kit Review that offers a full device breakdown and our verdict.

Not sure which flavour to choose? Take advantage of our bundle deal: 4 packs of Voom Pods for £35 and try them all today! We also have multipack options available, giving you the freedom to try out 3 different Voom flavours in just one pack.

If you have any questions or just want to chat, don't hesitate to get in touch or visit your nearest store, where our friendly, knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in your quit smoking journey.

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