Top 5 Halloween 2020 E Liquids: Trick, or Treat?

by Theo Wilson
Top 5 Halloween 2020 E Liquids: Trick, or Treat?

Top 5 Halloween 2020 E Liquids: Trick, or Treat?

The Halloween season is filled with things that are not as they appear to be.On the 31st of October, a trick is never far around the corner. Here at Cigara, we guarantee our customers a treat with a wide range of delicious e liquids.

We stock juices that surprise and shock with unexpected flavour combinations. Our online vape shop is filled with industry-leading products that suit every occasion. In this article, we set out the top five Halloween liquids along with a detailed description of their flavour profiles.

Flavour profiles tell you everything you need to know about the taste sensations in each vape juice. We pride ourselves on including weird and wonderful combinations that are sure to tempt your taste buds with the promise of complimentary sweet and sour blends. You can expect to find fan-favourites like Vampire Vape, Dinner Lady, and Vampire Blood in this list.

Dinner Lady Blue Menthol Vape

Dinner Lady are perhaps best known for their lemon tart e liquid, which gained so much traction that it is now available in a shake and vape option, nic salt compositions, and even a disposable kit. Lemon tart is such a fan-favourite juice that it can often overshadow Dinner Lady’s newer, more shocking creations.

Blue Menthol e liquid is perfect for Halloween because its combination of different sensations will creep up on you. On the inhale vapers can expect to experience a powerful, fruity mixed berries compote. Then, the sharp, cool, icy note on the exhale highlights the sweet and sugary notes in each berry.

This flavour profile is ideal for people who want a refreshing all-day-vape to see them through the Halloween season. What’s more, Blue Menthol contains a 70VG/30PG composition that is ideal for people who do not want to compromise on flavour.

It also comes in a shake & vape bottle, which means that you can customise your vape experience based on your preferences. Add in your preferred amount of nicotine, shake well, and begin vaping.

Vampire Vape Heisenberg Vape Juice

In the vape UK Olympics, Heisenberg reigns supreme. This delectable juice has won five vape industry awards. It has been applauded as the best mint/menthol 2017 Euro Vape and the best mint/menthol 2018 Vapouround winner.

Any article claiming to have found the best Halloween vape juices would be incomplete without mentioning Vampire Vape. No other vape brand evokes the seasonal spirit of Halloween better than this industry giant. Vampire Vape’s themed flavours focus on combining sensations that other, more traditional brands might avoid.

One puff of this fan-favourite e liquid reveals the satisfying taste of sweet and tart summer berries. And Heisenberg does not stop there. On the exhale, an unexpected burst of menthol freshness ensures that you have an unrivalled vape experience. Treat your taste buds to the unrelenting freshness of Heisenberg this Halloween period.

Vampire Blood Red A Vape Juice

Vampire Blood are known for having a carefully curated selection of juices. Our customers love Red A and Blue because each e liquid comes in a 100ml bottle, which means that they are the ideal option for people looking for long lasting and economical vape juices.

Red A e liquid has been turning heads since Vampire Blood first created it. This shortfill bottle does not disappoint when it comes to flavour. In fact, new vapers are often surprised to taste the sweet-inspired sensations that Red A offers.

This 50VG/50PG composition does not compromise on flavour, quality, or vapour production. It is a perfectly balanced blend which you can add your own preferred nicotine amount to.

We recommend this e liquid for our customers who appreciate the nostalgic taste of hard candy. One puff on this juice can feel, surprisingly, like biting into a red cough sweet and being shocked and delighted by the thick gooey centre.Order Red A now and take yourself back to simpler times with this nostalgic liquid.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Wonder Worm

We know that Halloween would be incomplete without recommending a sweet treat. Charlie’s Chalk Dust are a fan-favourite vape brand that is known for creating unusual flavour combinations that stand the test of time. They focus on sweet-inspired and dessert-inspired flavours that evoke a sense of nostalgia. Their customers love being transported back to the past with sensations like Uncle Meringue and Big Belly Jelly.

Wonder Worm is no exception. This e liquid contains the tart taste of sherbet paired with a classic Halloween staple: gummy worms. Wonder Worm offers an unusual combination of both sweet and sour elements that create a delectable taste sensation.

This vape juice comes in a shake and vape bottle which leaves 10mls of space. You can add in a nic shot with your preferred amount of nicotine to complete your vape. People who used to smoke more than ten cigarettes a day will be more comfortable with a 20mg shot, whereas less frequent smokers might prefer a weaker shot. Once you are happy with your mixture, simply shake it and begin vaping.

Ohm Sweet Ohm Black Jack Vape Juice

Create your own sense of mystery this Halloween with thick plumes of vapour. Fit in with the crowd on the 31st of October with Ohm Sweet Ohm’s Black Jack e liquid. Like the name suggests, this brand is ideal for sub ohm vapers who want to ensure that they get the best cloud experience this Halloween.

Every cloud chaser in the UK knows that high VG liquids are perfect for creating dense, immense vapour.Vegetable Glycerin is a thick compound that creates impressive clouds, and it is an essential component of a sub ohm vaper’s experience.

This e liquid is the perfect all-day-vape for people who have a sweet tooth. It recreates the classic taste of black jack sweets by combining aniseed and liquorice sensations. Take a trip back in time with this childhood favourite.

Halloween e liquids at myCigara

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