Top 5 Pod Vape Kits

by Theo Wilson
The Best Pod Vape Kits for 2022
The Best Pod Vape Kits for 2022

The Best Pod Vape Kits for 2022

Pod vape kits have become an increasingly popular option amongst vape fans of all stripes. Pod vapes strike a deft balance between the straightforward ease of disposable vapes and the longevity and customisation of classic vape kits and vape mods, offering a variety of forward-thinking ways to enjoy a smooth, satisfying vape experience.

This blog aims to highlight some of the top performers in the pod vape kits category, and includes both prefilled pod vape kits and refillable pod vape kits. (If you want to take a deeper dive into these two types of pods, check out our refillable pods guide and its companion piece on prefilled pods!)

Either type of pod vape kit offers a variety of benefits; typically, prefilleds are a tad more practical, where refillables have a little more customisation. In any case, you’ll be getting a smooth vaping experience that’s as satisfying for beginners as advanced users. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best pod vape kits the market currently has to offer!

Smok Nord 4

5. Smok Nord 4

First up on our countdown is one of the biggest names in vape kits, regardless of type. The Smok Nord 4 is the latest iteration of the ever-popular Nord series of pod kits from hardware heavyweights Smok. Initially known as a go-to brand for more advanced pod kits, alongside essential components like vape coils and tanks, Smok have shown themselves to be equally adept at pod vape kits, staking their claim with the now-ubiquitous Smok Nord series.

● Refillable Pod
● 80W max output
● Mesh coils
● Adjustable airflow
● Allows for both MTL and DTL

Despite its sleek stature, the Smok Nord 4 is actually one of the most powerful vape kits on this list. Delivering a hefty maximum output of 80W, the Nord 4 comes bundled with two Smok RPM pods each preinstalled with mesh coils, rated at 0.4Ω and 0.16Ω. These low coil resistances, paired with a higher maximum wattage, mean that the Smok Nord 4 gives you freedom to move from MTL vaping to DTL vaping—and back again.

The Smok Nord 4 boasts impressive output, smart detection and other safety protections, adjustable airflow and the capacity for various vaping styles and modes. All of these standout features require standout power; thankfully, the Nord 4 is powered by a 2000mAh internal battery, and USB-C fast-charging capabilities mean you never need to wait around to get topped up again.

The Smok Nord 4 is a true all-rounder, striking a stunning balance between user-friendliness and personalised optimisation. Versatile and vibrant, it shows why Smok remains a force to be reckoned with, and serves as a great intro to the wider world of pod vape kits.

Moving on from an industry-spanning name like Smok, our next top pod kit comes from a much more specialised brand.

Vuse ePod 2

4. Vuse ePod 2 

An industry innovator and undeniably one of the biggest names in prefilled pods, Vuse — formerly known as Vype — weren’t content to rest on their laurels after the runaway success of their first generation of vape starter kit. As the old adage goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Thus, Vuse simply opted to upgrade it — which is just to say that the ePod 2 is much the same as its predecessor, but overall improved.

Every single aspect of the Vuse ePod 2 points toward subtle regiment and a total command of craft; lean and streamlined, stylish and stripped back, all in service of straightforward satisfaction. Where the previous vape on our countdown could pride itself on versatility, Vuse have always done one thing — but they do it to perfection.

● Prefilled Pod
● Unique, angular design & soft-touch feel
● Premium build
● Ceramic wick technology
● Ideal MTL experience

The Vuse ePod 2 is a masterpiece of MTL vaping. In tandem with its looks and design, the way it feels in your hand, you get the sense that this is a mature and refined piece of handiwork, designed in service of a clear goal; providing a proper, viable, grown-up alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.

As delicious and effective as ever, the Vuse ePod 2 boasts a couple of key technical improvements; alongside increased water-resistance and a smarter battery life indicator, this model uses USB-c rapid charging, going from 0% to 85% charge in just 35 minutes, and you can even continue to vape while charging.

Refined and streamlined, the Vuse ePod 2 is an undeniably strong choice of pod vape kit for anyone who wants a surefire device to help them give up cigarettes for good. Continuing in the same vein, our next vape kit on the list is equally as sleek, but swaps prefilled pods for refillables.

Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod Kit

3. Uwell Caliburn A2

Coming into our top three, our bronze medal winner is from a brand that’s been on vape fans’ lips for a while now — both literally and figuratively. The Uwell Caliburn range has become a go-to for new and old vapers alike, providing smooth and satisfying MTL goodness through understated, pocket-friendly vape kits. The Uwell Caliburn A2 advances the design of its predecessor, the original Uwell Caliburn, with a few key technical tweaks for improved reliability.

● Refillable pod
● Clear viewing window for e-liquid
● Toggle between button activation / inhale-activated
● USB-C fast-charging (35 mins to full charge)
● 0.9Ω mesh coils, ideal for MTL vaping

For the Uwell Caliburn A2, one of its clearest improvements (pun intended) over its immediate predecessor is the addition of a clear viewing window in the device’s body. This lets you easily eyeball your pod’s current e liquid levels, so you can quickly refill before you run out. The Caliburn A2 pods are also preinstalled with high-quality mesh coils; rated at 0.9Ω, these are ideal for delivering a smooth and satisfying MTL vape that puts flavour first.

Additionally, the 520mAh internal battery has ample charge for a day’s worth of use, and USB-C fast-charging means you can be topped up again in a jiffy. Another welcome feature of the Uwell Caliburn A2 is the option to switch between button-activation and inhale-activation, granting you a vaping experience that always feels tailored to you.

Proudly carrying on the lineage of its parent brand, the Uwell Caliburn A2 is another contemporary classic, perfect for anyone who wants a no-frills pod vape kit that always lets you vape your way. With customisation in mind, let’s move onto our penultimate pod vape kit.

Voopoo Vinci Royal

2. Voopoo Vinci Royal

Voopoo are a big name in advanced vape mods, but they’ve also proven to be a formidable brand when it comes to pod mods. The vape kit that takes our silver medal spot is a smaller, sleek device, but packing no less of a punch than its bulkier brethren.

Coming in hot, the Voopoo Vinci Royal edition pod vape kit combines eye-catching aesthetics with effortless technology for a forward-thinking approach to pod vape kits. With a body constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, the Voopoo Vinci may feel light in your hand, but it’s heavy on unique detail, with a range of impeccably designed engraved finishes to choose between.

● Refillable pod
● Adjustable airflow
● Draw-activated
● USB-C fast-charging
● LED battery life indicator
● Includes two pods (0.8Ω and 1.2Ω)

Beyond its stunning exterior, the Voopoo Vinci subtly serves up a range of technological advancements—and, like the best tech, you’ll hardly even notice that they’re there. Sit back and relax with six in-bulity safety protections, and enjoy easy refills with the new and improved leakproof, top-filled Voopoo Vinci pods. You get two pods bundled with the device, letting you enjoy a slightly different draw with each. Plus, the unique airflow adjustment slider on the side of this device means it is easier than ever to make each puff your own.

With finely calibrated, super-fast inhale-activation, and backed up by an 800mAh internal that supports fast charging, the Voopoo Vinci Royal is as easy to use as it is easy on the eyes. Exquisite design meets effortless ease of use; the Voopoo Vinci pod vape kit is a milestone in modern vape engineering.

That being said, there’s still a winner left to be crowned — and our pick may come as no surprise to up-to-date vape fans.

Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Vape Kit

1. Elf Bar Mate 500

Our choice for the absolute best pod vape kit in 2022 is the Elf Bar Mate 500. Yes, for anyone who's been paying attention to the wider world of vaping over the past year, there’s probably little shock that an Elf Bar vape comes out on top. After all, the Elf Bar Mate 500 is simply a longer-lasting, reusable, overall improved version of the now-ubiquitous Elf Bar disposables — so what’s not to love?

● Prefilled pod system
● The first reusable device from the leading disposable vape brand
● Delivers consistent output for a flavour that doesn’t fade
● Military-grade aluminium body in a sleek colour gradient finish
● USB-C fast-charging
● P1 Prefilled Pods available in all your favourite Elf Bar flavours

The Elf Bar Mate 500 has a sleek and shiny body, constructed from light yet robust military-grade aluminium, finished in an eye-catching, hypnotic metallic gradient. The soft-touch, brushed metal finish guarantees a pleasingly soft in-hand feel and reassuring grip, for what feels like a premium upgrade to its disposable equivalent.

The Elf Bar Mate 500 is designed in tandem with the Elf Bar P1 prefilled pods. Featuring a unique dual-coil system, these pods deliver a consistent vaping experience, feeling fresh and flavourful from the first puff to the last. Even better, they feature Elf Bar’s own mouthwatering nic salts in many of the now-classic flavour profiles that disposable vape fans have come to love.

Final Verdict

In our view, the Elf Bar Mate 500 does everything this brand’s leading disposable does, while delivering an improved flavour experience, better battery life and device reliability, and just simply giving you more value for money. For anyone who’s a fan of Elf Bar—or anyone who wants an effortless transition into the world of pod vape kits—you owe it to yourself to check out the Elf Bar Mate 500 prefilled pod kit.

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