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20700 Batteries


We know that our customers want reliable vape batteries that stand the test of time. That is why we are proud to stock the best 20700 battery UK options in our online vape shop. These batteries are known for their large dimensions, enhanced capacity, and effective cloud production. Sub ohm enthusiasts love these batteries because they always deliver enough power for dense, immense vapour. We only stock the best quality products for our customers, and the iJoy 20700 battery is no exception. This product boasts a number of innovative features that our customers love.


What is a 20700 battery?

Complete with 20.4mm x 70.1mm dimensions, 20700 batteries are one of the largest on the market. They are designed with high-drain features which means that they produce a current output that does not damage the integrity of the cell itself. What’s more, a 20700 battery comes with high-capacity capabilities so that you can enjoy high-powered bursts of energy whilst you vape.

Who do we recommend 20700 batteries for?

No group of vapers love a 20700 battery more than sub ohm vapers and people who prefer vape mods. The best 20700 battery uk options have a relentless 3000mAh power source which means that they can power even the most advanced vape mods. Our customers love the fact that they can depend on 20700 batteries throughout the course of their busy day. People looking for a vape mod battery should note that this battery size is not compatible with every device on the market.

What does the iJoy 20700 battery do?

Since its release, this battery has proven itself to be a reliable piece of vape hardware. We are proud to stock iJoy because it is an industry leading brand renowned for its track record of creating reliable vape products that stand the test of time. Alongside the 3000mAh power output and 40amp feature, this battery comes with both high-drain and high-capacity abilities. The massive power source means the iJoy 20700 battery is ideal for vapers who appreciate immense plumes of vapour.

20700 batteries at Cigara

Despite being small, our range of 20700 batteries has been tailor-made with our customers’ needs in mind. Ijoy is a vape industry giant which is known for consistently improving on the specs of their last product. The iJoy 20700 battery in this collection is no exception. It boasts a number of modern features and an astounding 3000mAh battery which guarantees an intense flavour experience and immense cloud production.

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